Tuesday, June 14, 2022


“Good morning world.. OPEN YOUR EYES! And as, I asked you to do that one more time. While you have been Falling through the Cracks, Praying to Survive the Pain, Fear, and Lies in your life. Have you realized YET if you STAY BLIND….. THAT YOU WON’T SURVIVE! So still thinking about SURVIVING THE FRIGHTENING FACTS OF LIFE! While likewise trying to HIDE AWAY from the Horrifying Virus, Terrifying Violence, and other FRIGHTENING UNKNOWN WARLIKE things that keep happening around us all of the time! To Survive the Fright. And to win the Fight! WHILE SEEING WHERE YOU NEED TO BE GOING IN LIFE! I think you will agree with me that BEING SIGHTED……. WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER THAN BEING BLIND! So, thinking about your actual Eye Sight! While, likewise writing about things from a BIRDS EYE Point of View that will be involving Inner INSIGHT! Writing about things the same... yet differently in that Sighted or Blind line way. What comes to your mind when I say ….IT’S TIME TO OPEN YOUR EYES TODAY! Well, in that OPEN YOUR EYES request that has everything to do with Surviving SATAN’S MESSES, STRESSES, AND DEPRESSIONS OF YOUR FINAL DECISION. You must know if your eyes remain Close to the FINAL INSIGHT that your soul will die. And if you DONT find what you need to find BY OPENING YOUR EYES. That selective BLINDNESS will have EVERYTHING to do with you dying and RUNNING OUT OF TIME! So thinking about SIGHT when you first OPEN YOUR EYES to see the morning light! Exactly what does come to your mind when you think ABOUT HAVING SIGHT! Well first you might think about somebody waking up, who has just been given the GIFT OF LIFE. And knowing that GIFT OF LIFE has a lot to do with them OPENING THEIR EYES. You have already realized… that EYE OPENING SIGHT has just led that person to SEE another day or night. Next thinking about SIGHT, You might additionally think about a new born baby who needs to OPEN UP THEIR EYES to play. And then there will always be the BEAUTIFUL THINGS IN LIFE that we enjoy every day! That means WHEN YOU CAN SEE THINGS CLEARLY! I know YOU WILL AGREE WITH ME THAT IT WILL ALWAYS BE WONDERFUL TO HAVE SIGHT AND TO SEE. BUT WAIT! On the other hand let’s also think about being BLIND. And that’s another good INSIGHT thought process of mine. Because knowing that some of you are still being Blinded by THE LIES in LIFE! ..... Now let’s think about the people Who need INSIGHT to SURVIVE SATAN’S FEARS, LIES, and PAINS Every-day and Every Night! Next with them needing a way to SURVIVE THE FRIGHTENING FACTS OF LIFE. WHEN YOU THINK About BLINDNESS you might likewise think about somebody who needs to find a clue. And thinking about them, you might also be THINKING ABOUT YOU! Because seeing out, and looking within..... Is something that we all need to do! That's why, thinking about the endless night, knowing a few of you are LIVING WITHOUT JESUS CHRIST. That means TO END YOU BLINDNESS you too need to OPEN YOUR EYES…. And that’s more good advice, because Sight and IN-sight will always be such an amazing taste of something Divine arriving! And those are all interesting AWESOME Thoughts, because all of that INSIGHT will Eternally be leading to the CROSS THAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN IN YOUR SIGHT! So knowing that we all need JESUS CHRIST in our life to OPEN OUR EYES SO WE CAN SEE CLEARLY. And realizing that we all need JESUS CHRIST TO OPEN OUR SOULS EYE so we know how to SURVIVE in the After Life. I also know that you will agree with me that seeing what is right in front of your face, while NOT BEING BLIND.... will always be A MATTER OF SURVIVING! That’s why, seeing WHATS GOING ON...... INSIDE! After you OPEN UP YOUR EYES. Will always be something we each need to do, all the time.... IF WE ARE TO FIND THE INSIGHT THAT WE NEED TO FIND! And that's easy....Since AFTER ALL EVERYBODY CAN SEE.... RIGHT? BUT, WAIT! WHAT IF YOU ARE BLIND! WHAT IF YOU CAN NOT SEE INSIDE? WHAT IF YOU HAVE NO INSIGHT? BOTTOM LINE, WHAT IF YOU DONT KNOW JESUS CHRIST IS THE SIGHT OF LIFE! What if UNABLE TO SEE THE LIGHT KNOWN AS JESUS CHRIST your life is full of SIN, PAIN, FEAR, LIES and UN-enlightenment! What if in your BLINDness you have no sight. What if in your cluelessness you have no insight. What if by BLINDLY FOLLOWING SATAN YOU ARE GOING TO DIE. And making those BLIND inquiries at the Beginning of Life WHAT IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO SURVIVE THE FACTS OF LIFE! And believing SATANS LIES, THAT KEEP TELLING YOU THAT GOING TO HELL WITH BE NICE??? While you keep heading to THE END OF TIME….. WHY have you not OPENED YOUR EYES? Why in your lack of IN-Sight are you still BLIND!? And asking you those EXPLANATORY Insightful questions, what if you are NOT SEEING things clearly all the time? What if you don’t want to see…. into the sinful nightmare of your life! What if choosing Evil over Heaven, in your LACK OF SIGHT ..… You are SPIRITUALLY BLIND! And again TO SURVIVE SATAN’S FRIGHTENING FACTS OF LIFE! Knowing that RIGHT NOW YOU ARE DYING WHILE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! Those are more INSIDE HIGH PRICE IN-SIGHT-ful questions that you need to be able to answer about the Afterlife. Because, GOING TO HELL while BURNING ALIVE IN THE DEMONS FIRE You need to know if you end up Eternally crying…..! BECAUSE, YOU DID NOT BELIEVE THE END OF THE WORLD SIGNS! You will have to ask yourself when you get to the END OF THE LINE! WHY WERE YOU SO BLIND! WHY WERE YOU MISSING INSIGHT? WHY DIDN'T YOU FIND JESUS CHRIST! WHY DIDN'T YOU OPEN YOUR EYES! WHY DID YOU RUN OUT OF TIME! WHY DID YOU DIE ...BLIND! WHY WERE YOU UNABLE TO SURVIVE FACTS IN OF LIFE! So, now in the PAINFUL FEAR OF GOING TO HELL! I will tell you this again once and twice as well..... If you are a LOST, ALONE, BLIND, CRYING PERSON AND A WEEPING FRIGHTENED LOST SOUL...…..who does not know that JESUS CHRIST IS THE RIGHT WAY TO GO HOME ! To find HEAVENLY PARADISE IN THE AFTER LIFE AND TO GO OVER THE RAINBOW! YOU MUST OPEN YOUR EYES TO WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW! AND TO SURVIVE SATAN’S PAIN, FEAR, and LIES YOU MUST ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST INTO YOUR LIFE ! BOTTOM LINE, TO SURVIVE SATAN’S FRIGHTENING FACTS OF LIFE BEFORE YOU GET TO THE END OF THE LINE! YOU MUST ACCEPT JESUS CHRIST INTO YOUR TIME! That means, like the baby birds resting in the nest on my front door who Are blind.... Until you crack the chains of sin within, that bind your soul day and night…in order to grow you too need to see the light! And all of the ABOVE will always be important to your SOULS SURVIVAL! Because just like the birds that need JESUS CHRIST’S GIFT OF LIFE TO FLY! TO SURVIVE DYING, AND TO FIND YOUR ETERNAL LIFE You too need JESUS CHRIST to make things RIGHT! Therefore locked behind your FEARFUL Door LEADING TO FOREVERMORE To crack out of the bondage hold, that SATAN, THE DEMONS, HATE, and EVIL have on you now and before. You too need JESUS CHRIST to SAVE YOUR SOUL and be your guide back to Heavens Light! That means, BEGINNING TO THE END without a shadow of a doubt in order to crack out of your EGG. BEFORE YOU DIE AND RUN OUT OF TIME…..AND YOU DON’T MAKE IT TO PARADISE! To find your way to the Angels home one day or night! YOU NEED JESUS CHRIST….. TO OPEN UP YOUR EYES! Therefore, from the moment you are BLINDLY born going off on life's trip. To keep from falling for SATAN’S LIES, and TRICKS! You need to seek your Divine sight and SALVATION QUICKLY! Because AS A BLIND PER-SIN.....WHO CAN SEE BUT WHO IS LACKING IN-Sight! Everybody must discover who gives you Forgiveness of Your Sins throughout Eternity DAY AND NIGHT! So, Bottom line, to keep your Sight! And make everything Alright! You have to accept JESUS CHRIST AS YOUR SAVIOR Beginning... to the end... to the ETERNAL BEGINNING by OPENING UP YOUR EYES! SO YOU TOO CAN BE BORN AGAIN! That's why, to keep from BEING BLIND day and night…and to Break out of your confining sinful shell, while spreading your spiritual wings as well... YOU NEED YOUR SIGHT! AND TO FIND YOUR SIGHT YOU MUST OPEN UP YOUR EYES! BECAUSE TO KEEP WINNING THE SOULFUL FIGHT PROVING THAT YOU ARE NOT SPIRITUALLY BLIND! YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO SURVIVE SATAN'S FACTS OF LIFE! Bottom line one more time. As your Soul Fights the EVIL FRIGHT….. While you keep seeking Peace WITHIN day into the Eternal night.... Everybody must realize TO FIND THE LIGHT OF DIVINE HEAVENLY ENLIGHTENMENT .... YOU NEED INNER IN-SIGHT so that you too can go to PARADISE! Because to GO OVER THE RAINBOW TO PARADISE…you need JESUS CHRIST in your life....YES YOU NEED JESUS CHRIST TO OPEN UP YOUR EYES AND TO GIVE YOU SIGHT!" Joslin Fitzgerald....The Mary Author……….. Thank you for reading my blog. Additionally, thank you for overlooking the small typos and tiny grammatical errors that you might find in some of my writing. Errors by the way that have been made, while I write long hours every day including sometimes late at night, through Blurry also Bleary Eyes! Errors that cannot be changed, erased, or edited after the post has been downloaded no matter how hard I try! By doing that, knowing just like you, I am an imperfect person too. But likewise knowing that even though I am imperfect. That JESUS CHRIST is Perfect in His beautiful LIFE SAVING message of Heavenly Eternity! Please know you have just been sweetly prayed for. As I am also asking that you are praying for me all of the time, in the same way too. And in that Protective, Sharing, Caring Prayer, that will always be full of Love and Amazing Grace from here to there. Please additionally know that every loving, life line word that I am writing, is Spirit sent in its Guiding direction and intention leading you to.... Your Prayer of Salvation… Dear Jesus, I know I have done bad things in the past, and that I have done bad things today, and that I will continue to do bad things tomorrow as I am going along my way. Yes with all of the bad things I am doing and saying that makes me a sinner, just like everyone else in the world every day. So, because I am a sinner I know I need a Savior!....... Therefore my sins and my unhappiness are why I have come to you today, as I am silently praying. Because I want to be eternally happy, and my Soul needs to be Forever Saved. In saying that Jesus, I Believe that you were born on Christmas Day. I Believe Jesus, that you lived a perfect life that is written down in the Bible to teach me what is wrong, and show me what is right. And I Believe Jesus, in your love for me that you died on the Cross to save me from all of my sins day and night. Yes Jesus I Believe you died, and defeated the grave as you arose from the dead on the third day. So, I KNOW you are Alive Forevermore and that you are living inside my heart and soul eternally night and day! Thus in Believing and KNOWING Jesus that you are the Son of God! I am asking for your Forgiveness for all my sins that I know, and those I do not know that I have committed, including the ones that I will continue to daily wallow in, as I claim in Your Eternal Scriptural Promise in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that I am now going to Heaven. Yes I claim in my new faith this very Minute that I am Saved from Satan, because you died for me on the Cross. And during the time when you died that you also defeated HELL after you went to your grave so you SAVED MY LIFE. Then in YOUR AMAZING ARISING ON THE THIRD DAY. PROVING THAT YOU ARE ALIVE… I KNOW THAT AS I KEEP LOVING AN ALIVE SAVIOR THAT I WILL ETERNALLY BE SAVED FROM SATAN! So, I also know I will not go to my endless grave. And in that Redemption statement that just Saved my life! Thank you Jesus Christ because, I am now whole since the Holy Spirit lives within my Soul! Therefore in this prayer of Salvation. I Believe and I KNOW that I am born again into Heavens home. And in your Biblical Promise of Salvation written in the scriptures I also now KNOW Now that I have received Everlasting Life! Thus as asked you to change my blind darkness to guiding light you are Now, and YOU WILL FOREVER be my Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen...... Absolutely I pray that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Eternal guiding light, and your Savior today. I know I may never meet you here on earth as we are roaming. But if you truly prayed your Salvation Prayer to Jesus requesting Forgiveness of your sins, and asking for your Redemption! You are right now this second Saved from Satan’s Endless Hell and Pain! And going to Heaven. That means, some day or night, I will see you when we go home to Paradise! And you will now PRAISE THE LORD all of the time! Thank you for your prayers and support that you are giving me daily. Please know that I have again just prayed and Celebrated with you, because you are Saved ! Oh and one more time, being my Brother or Sister in Christ thank you again for all of your sweet encouraging words and sweet emails that are Uplifting my life, and my writing, as I too am praying for You while going along my Mary way.….... To see my books, and Movies please go to my web site www.joslinfun.com

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