Monday, May 9, 2022


"Good Morning world.. Was your Mother's Day Happy? And asking you that Happy or Sad question.... While knowing that not all days will be HAPPY! Realizing that for some of us….. INCLUDING ME….in different ways MOTHER’S DAY will ALWAYS be FULLFILLING, and DEPRESSING! Yesterday as I ended my blogs thoughts, I left you with A QUESTION MARK HANGING OVER YOUR HEART! So, knowing that a lot of you INCLUDING ME….were feeling that QUESTIONABLE WAY. Here are some more inquiries for you about your Mother’s day. So starting off, was your Mother’s Day HAPPY yesterday? Or with your hopes and dreams on the run, as all of your past, present, and future Mothers Days are still coming Undone..... With you being LONELY, OR FEELING UNAPPRECIATED ….WAS MOTHERS DAY ONLY HAPPY FOR SOME? And if your MOTHER'S DAY was not happy ....HOW IMPORTANT WAS YOUR HAPPINESS THAT DID NOT COME? And here's another insightful question about things that are done. Did you have a mother to love? And if you did not have a Mother to call or Hug. WILL IT EVER BE POSSIBLE TO BE HAPPY? And thinking about HAPPINESS OR THE LACK THERE OF. HOW IMPORTANT is HAPPINESS? Also HOW IMPORTANT ARE MOTHERS? And if you did not have a mother to have, hold also, LOVE....... How important is love to have and hold if LOVE HAS GONE MISSING. OR IF LOVE HAS GROWN COLD! Bottom line. If you were Not with your mother.... How important was it TO BE MOTHERED. And missing your MOTHERING.... how important is it now in every way, to have somebody to have, hold and touch you every day. And if you don't have a Mother to kiss the hurt and pain away. IF YOUR MOTHER IS MISSING… CAN YOU EVER HAVE A HAPPY MOTHERS DAY? Bottom line one more time. In all ways, while searching for HAPPINESS along your way..... HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO HAVE A MOTHER? Bottom line one more time…. how important WAS MOTHER'S DAY? Then asking you those OTHER Mothering questions I am also wondering…. If you don’t have a Mother to Love..... CAN YOU BE HAPPY ANYWAY? And If you don’t like or love your mother..... WILL THERE EVER BE SUCH A THING AS A MOTHERS DAY? Bottom line one more time while thinking about things in a different ways, if your mother has died and her body is disintegrating in the grave..... OR in other DISTANT DISJOINTED WAYS IF YOU AND YOUR MOTHER HAVE RUN OUT OF TIME.... CAN ONE EVER HAVE A HAPPY HOLIDAY IF LOVE IS NOT ALIVE? And thinking about things in a SURVIVING THE FACTS OF LIFE way. HOW IMPORTANT IS HAVING A MOTHER TO CELEBRATE MOTHER’S DAY? And asking you those Mothering questions, from yesterday, since I know THAT NOT ALL OF YOU INCLUDING ME WERE COMPLETELY HAPPY…. I thought I would put out some different SURVIVING THE FACTS OF LIFE thoughts for you to contemplate. Because like it or not…YOU NEED TO FIND A WAY TO BE HAPPY ON THIS HOLLOW DAY. And that HAPPINESS will always be Important TO YOUR SANITY...., since MOTHER’S DAY NEVER GOES AWAY! So, knowing THAT LIKE THE OTHER IMPORTANT DAYS THAT MOTHERS DAY IS ALSO EVERY DAY. While realizing, since you are ALIVE…..THAT AT ONE TIME OR THE OTHER YOU HAD A MOTHER! Also knowing if you have children….. who are right now breathing…. THAT YOU ARE A MOTHER! TO SURVIVE THOSE OTHER DEPRESSING FACTS OF LIFE….AND TO FIND HAPPINESS DAY AND NIGHT…EVEN IF LOVE IS GONE. YOU MUST FIND A WAY TO KEEP LOVE ALIVE ALL DAY LONG! AND TO DO THAT YOU MUST REALIZE..... THAT BEING UNHAPPY IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR TIME! OKAY LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN BEING UNHAPPY IS A COMPLETE WASTE OF YOUR TIME! THAT’S WHY, FOR YOU TO BE HAPPY IN YOUR LIFE. YOU NEED TO FIND A WAY TO CO-EXIST WITH YOUR MOTHER. OR YOU NEED TO FIND A WAY TO SURVIVE YOUR MOTHER'S MEMORIES DAY AND NIGHT! And that’s also important if you want to SURVIVE THE FACTS OF LIFE! Because making those SAVING statements, in one way or the other when YOU LOOK IN THE MIRROR…. Whether you like it or not in some way your Mother will always be there EVERY DAY. BOTTOM LINE, THERE WILL NEVER BE AN ESCAPE FROM YOUR MOTHERS FACE! So thinking about things in a normal way…. KNOWING WHETHER YOU LOOK LIKE HER OR NOT, THAT SHE WILL BE SEEN IN YOUR LIFE AND FACE… SINCE MOTHERS DAY WILL ALWAYS BE EVERYDAY! Let me be one of the first to AGAIN say…. 365 DAY OUT OF THE YEAR…. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL OF YOU MOTHERS OUT THERE. And I Pray Yesterday, today, and EVERYDAY that you all HAVE A GREAT MOTHERS DAY, EVERYDAY OF THE YEAR! I also hope that you spoiled the mother who gave birth to you..... As you TWO prayed, praised, and played too. And stating that fact, while combining your Mother's Day thoughts with mine, I think you will agree with me in a Mother's beautiful love, and steadfast soul that we have all discovered our purpose and rest. Because, in our Mothers eyes we have each found our Happiness, and realized we will always be the best. YES JUST BECAUSE WE HAD A MOTHER….. WE WILL ALWAYS BE BLESSED! And PASSING THAT LOVE ON… WHILE BEING A MOTHER we also passed one of our major life’s tests. Because just saying the word MOTHER.... and with some of us BEING MOTHERS! Our souls have Eternally blossomed and bloomed like a beautiful rose. And in the GROWING LOVE that we have now, or have had before…. Physically or in MEMORY just to hold her hand, or feel the touch of her heart that MOTHERING adoration has never grown old! BUT WAIT A MINUTE !!! WHAT IF THAT IS NOT YOUR STORY TO BE TOLD. WHAT IF IN HAVING A BAD MOTHER, YOUR SOUL IS COLD. What if you have not seen things that lovely way? What if your mother abandoned you one dark day. What if your mother was mean to you? What if your mother STILL makes you angry, sad and blue? OR what if for no good reason YOU WALKED AWAY FROM HER TOO! Bottom line again. What if your mother does not make you happy in everything you say, and do? WHAT IF THERE WILL NEVER BE A HAPPY MOTHERS DAY FOR YOU! WHAT IF YOU ARE CLUELESS! Well again...…. I have more Good news for you! Because there is a way for you to be HAPPY on Mother’s day AND EVERYDAY too. And all you have to do is RE-THINK YOUR ATTITUDE! Because you need to realize, at one time or the other….. WE ALL HAD A LOVING MOTHER! AND IN HER LOVE ONE DAY OR NIGHT THAT SHE GAVE YOU THE LOVING GIFT OF LIFE! And in her heart of love and garden of devotion JUST BECAUSE SHE GAVE YOU BIRTH SHE PROVED HER KINDNESS, and ADORATION. And in her laughter that will always be there in our soul mates connection......even if it was on the delivery table for a brief second...... WE ALL KNOW in her SAFE AND LOVING Womb.... that Everybody in one way or the other...... has known a Happy Home with their Mother too. Because, no matter what life throws at you or has already thrown in that DELIVERY CLUE… IN THE WOMB OF LIFE….. LOVE WILL ALWAYS REMAIN CONSTANT and TRUE! Because in the WOMB There never was sadness, unrest, unpleasant words, or any needed explanation for her decisions leading to your Disappointments, Messes, Stress, or Tests. Therefore behind many doors leading to many more questions, Even in adoption, Anger, Abandonment, Or deaths calling. WE ALL KNOW BECAUSE SHE GAVE US LIFE..THAT NONE OF US HAVE EVER KNOWN THE SEPARATION FROM THE LOVE OF OUR MOTHER. That’s WHY, sharing blood, mind, and eyes, FACE, and a FAMILY TREES TRACE, that no matter what happens, just by giving YOU life..... UNTIL YOU RUN OUT OF TIME….. that LOVE IN THE WOMB, WILL NEVER DIE! That means, Thankfully no matter if the miles around us are separated by MISTAKES, states, hate, Pain or HEAVENS PEARLY GATES..... FOR AT LEAST ONE MOMENT IN OUR LIFE. As she gave her child breath and she gave us Sight! We have each known from the glorious first day as a CELL OF LIFE when our heart started beating inside our chest! That in our HEAVENLY GIFT OF LOVE from up above we were never alone. BECAUSE IN OUR MOTHER WE FOUND OUR EARTHLY HOME and FOREVER LOVE! Therefore thinking about our Mother’s love...... No matter where she roams, or has gone..... we also know that Being A PART OF OUR MOTHER WE WILL NEVER BE ALONE! That means, whether your mother is here on earth, or watching above... We have all known…. just by HER giving YOU the gift of life, that IN HER LOVE, we were in her prayers...… And as, she RISKED HER LIFE TO GIVE BIRTH TO YOU. That’s when she showed you that she CARED. Because When, she Shared her Love and guided her child from the first cries calling from above That's when YOUR MOTHER PROVED HER FACE AND MEMORY WILL ALWAYS BE THERE TO GIVE YOU COMFORT! So, knowing that to be true, you must realize no matter how you feel about her now…..that sweetly in gentle phrases and varied stages, in review........ At some time or the OTHER in her life.... YOUR MOTHER LOVED YOU! And in the LOVE OF BREATH, that started your life's party at birth.... You will always be the best part of her beating heart. Because just like a ROSE from the start any charming mother was (and always will be) the PICTURE OF GODS PERFECT ART! Bottom line one more time before you miss the point! As you have painted your life canvas together, or watched the paint dry separately apart. We all should be pleased we have seen it all, AND THAT LIFE EVEN HAD A CHANCE TO START! SO NOW THINKING ABOUT THINGS A DIFFERENT WAY. IF YOU FORGOT TO CALL HER YESTERDAY. OR YOU WERE MAD AND HAD NOTHING TO SAY. OR YOU WERE TO BUSY OR TO FAR AWAY. GIVE YOUR MOTHER A CALL OR SEND HER A PRESENT TODAY! THEN DOING THAT, REMEMER IF SHE IS STILL ALIVE, IT’S NEVER TO LATE TO SHOW YOUR LOVE OR APPRECIATION. BECAUSE MOTHERS DAY IS 365 DAYS!!! And that blessed Loving and Beginning statement makes Every DAY.... from the delivery rooms call..... A HAPPY MOTHERS DAY FOR ONE AND ALL!" Joslin Fitzgerald…..The Mary Author……

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