Monday, January 3, 2022


"Good morning world.. Will the New Year really be Happy? And asking you that Hopeful or FRIGHTENING question in many different ways. Yesterday as we were talking about WIPING THE SLATE, while we keep searching to be Happy tomorrow and today. Loosely using the word HAPPY in different ways. Today I am once again wondering at the end, leading to a new beginning. WILL THE NEW YEAR REALLY BE HAPPY! Or are you SECRETLY FRIGHTENED also VEEERY AFRAID that the New Year will be Sad, and Tragic full of more Misery every day? And asking you those vacillating questions that will always be full of Fears, Tears, History and Happiness also cheers. NEWS FLASH just like that, it’s once again another Slap HAPPY New Year! So, at the end of something, going into a BLIND new Beginning of something else UNSEEN that is coming. While you Keep opening and closing more PANDORA DOORS. Not KNOWING WHAT THE FUTURE HAS IN STORE. LIKEWISE NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE DOING NOW OR BEFORE! Let me SAY IN GREAT FAITH once more, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you in every way shore to shore! And vice versa in the same old way, as the Happy New Year has come to stay...... I am praying that you are also SENDING OUT PRAYFUL BLESSINGS TO ME for a HAPPY New Year too in every way! Therefore hiding behind our doors...wanting each other to be HAPPY! I too like the last HOPEFUL words heard and the first words said attached to HAPPY and NEW YEAR. So, knowing during the NEW YEAR that we all want to be HAPPY! While, realizing that HAPPY means many things to everybody. Let’s start the New Year off RIGHT....And talking about the words HAPPY also NEW YEAR one more time! While trying to do away with the Fear and Pain associated with the OLD NEW YEAR. Let’s find out how the word HAPPY will affect, and infect your year and your awaiting coming days. And that’s another great statement! Because in work also play I know all of that Happy NEW YEAR stuff sounds great! But WAIT! In that HAPPY DIVIDED greeting with TIME FLEETING...… I also know as you are Hiding Away from the Earthly and Eternal truth that will make sure every day is a HAPPY CELBRATION for you...... By taking your old Tears and CONTINUING Fears with you from 2021 into 2022 too. I know that you are SECRETLY wondering........ IF 2021 AND 2022 ARE THE SAME! AND IN THAT REDO Will the New Year really be HAPPY IF 2021 KEEPS FOLLOWING YOU, WHILE 2021 KEEPS COMING UNDONE! Therefore opening and closing many doors saying a New Year is here once more..... Even IF YOU THINK the slate has been wiped clean from last year like before...... NOT COMPLETLY UNDERSTANDING THE WORDS HAPPY AND NEW YEAR! SHORE TO SHORE YOU MUST KNOW that IF YOU KEEP BEING HAUNTED BY THE BYGONE DAYS OF 2021 YOUR NEW YEAR WILL NEVER BE HAPPY. And IF THE ONGOING CONTINUING PAIN COMING FROM 2021 WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE…THERE WILL NEVER BE A WAY FOR YOU TO BE HAPPY IF 2021 WILL NOT LEAVE YOU ALONE! Bottom line if you cannot leave the past FEARS and PAINS behind…. YOU WILL NEVER FIND THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE! So, to be clear, you need to realize by Fearing the New Year another month has come near...... WITH LAST YEAR BEING A PART OF THIS YEAR THAT YOU ARE HEADING FOR MORE TEARS! And with today and tomorrow being the same thing, IF YOU CAN NOT FIND THE WAY TO LEAVE THE PAST BEHIND you will ALWAYS be full of the same fears and sorrows THAT WILL KILL TOMORROW TIME. Bottom line, what I am Saying is this, THERE WILL BE NO WAY FOR YOU TO BE HAPPY IF THE OLD YEAR IS STILL HERE! And those are yet more conflicting HAUNTING statements attached to the transitioning reflections that you have Secretly been asking yourself this year. Because in those EXISTING revealing inquires, at yet another Exciting yet Slightly Terrifying final hour’s destination......NOTHING SEEMS TO BE CLEAR! And with every OLD FEAR still HAUNTNG YOU THAT HAS JUST FOLLOWED YOU INTO THE NEW YEAR! We all know that the last year full of its devastations, leading to Hallucinations, connected to Tears, and Delusions FOR SOME OF YOU ARE STILL HERE! AND AS THE OLD YEAR HAS NOT GONE AWAY! MEANING THAT THE OLD YEAR HAS NOT GONE ANYWHERE, SINCE IT IS STILL IN THE SAME OLD PLACE! With SNEAKY 2021 NOW JUST CALLING IT’S SELF A NEW NAME. Not knowing which FOUR LETTER NAME that is…. Also Still Not knowing if things are going to be Happy or Tragic...…Ending or lasting. A lot of things have been happening, right as we have each done a lot of soul searching, and praying! So, Needing to know more. While unable to forget what cannot be forgotten! Not learning anything from last year LIKE BEFORE. By bringing the UNFINISHED TEARS of 2021 with you into 2022 TOO. Fearfully going into the NEW YEAR CRYING. I KNOW THAT SOME OF YOU ARE STILL HAUNTED BY WHAT 2021 HAS ALREADY DONE TO YOU. AND NOW LIKEWISE FEARING WHAT WILL COME IN SWEET INNOCENT NEW 2022. With some of you thinking that one day going into the next night is still the SAME YEAR. IN THAT FAMILIAR REDO! You are VERY AFRAID THAT THE FEARS AND PAINS OF 2021 ARE STILL NOT DONE WITH YOU! And not knowing HOW TO BE HAPPY! Because, you don’t know WHO HAS JUST GIVEN YOU ANOTHER DAY. NOT REALIZING THAT THE PAST CAN NOT COME BACK IN ANY WAY! MEANING THAT THE PAST CAN NOT HURT YOU NOW OR ANY DAY! WITH SOME OF YOU LACKING FAITH..YOU ARE STILL AFRAID OF SOMETHING THAT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED! AND SCARED TO FACE WHAT IS COMING. UNABLE TO FORGET WHAT NEEDS TO BE FORGOTTEN. YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO SEE THE GOOD NEW THINGS THAT ARE YET TO COME IN 2022! And Without knowing that JESUS CHRIST WILL ALWAYS BE BY YOUR SIDE TO DRY YOUR TEARS AND STOP YOUR CRYING. AND ALSO NOT KNOWING THAT JESUS CHRIST WILL MAKE SURE EVERYTHING WILL EVENTUALLY BE ALRIGHT. WHILE A FEW OF YOU DON’T KNOW THAT JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY WAY TO BE HAPPY DAY AND NIGHT! Sadly some of you STILL DONT KNOW WHAT ANY OF THE ABOVE MEANS TO YOU LIFE OR AFTER LIFE! And NOT KNOWING THAT RIGHT NOW YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! That means, SINCE THE NEW YEAR IS ALSO OLD TOO, that you will continue to do your fair share of crying and screaming until TIME IS THROUGH WITH YOU. To that End or Beginning.... year after DECADE..... If you don’t know that JESUS CHRIST wants to take your tears and fears away you will never be HAPPY. That's why, as time has again gone your land….. While taking a last stand....... TO FIND THE BEGINNING AT THE END OF EVERYTHING...In the ultimate plan you must realize! If you are Not a Christian. That you will NEVER know if the coming year will be good or bad, HAPPY OR SAD! Therefore, as the old year is still HANGING AROUND filling you with its OLD NEW Screams, Fears, Tears...and Doubts. At the end of the year...... as 2021 did not go out.... Just as old Man Winter has coldly snuck in laughing out loud. IF YOU EVER WANT TO BE HAPPY! YOU MUST KNOW WHAT ALL OF THE ABOVE IS ABOUT! So in that revolving and slightly revolting seasonal transition as UNDONE 2021 will not leave you behind. You must know what LIFE has in store, before you RUN OUT OF TIME.. Because right now like it or NOT if you want 2022 TO BE NEW and HAPPY. YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO FORGET THE PAIN, FEARS, AND TEARS FOUND IN 2021! Therefore whether we are HAPPY about the New Year’s arrival or not. Or HAPPY about getting older or not. Or HAPPY about the new wrinkles in our life we don’t want. Or HAPPY about being scarred by time a lot. In that ready or not line up no matter what we want......... YOU MUST FIND OUT HOW TO MAKE 2021 HISTORY! AS YOU LIKEWISE MAKE NEW 2022 THE BEST YET TO COME! And that’s important for me and you! Because, as OLD HAS BECOME NEW, JUST LIKE NEW WILL BECOME OLD TOO…. LIKE AN UNSTOPPABLE FOREST FIRE…. TIME IS COMING THROUGH! So, knowing that our New Year is ALREADY OLD, since NOTHING STAYS NEW. KNOWING THAT TRUE! MAKING SURE 2022 IS THE BEST YET TO COME WILL ALWAYS BE A GOOD IDEA FOR ME AND YOU ALSO EVERYONE!! Because in the last first minutes ticking by in our laughs and cry’s..... LIFE HAS ADDITIONALLY BECOME USED..... Just as the Beginning and the End have once more divided into! Therefore behind our doors. In that meditation transformation, leading to mediation restoration. LIKE IT OR NOT we have all found that The Game of Life has once more taken us to a Restitution, or Execution that will always be FULL OF UPS AND DOWN.... That means, TIME will always be guiding us to an Inner Revolution THAT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH OUR RESOLUTIONS! Therefore to make sure we can SURVIVE what is to come in 2022 as put out the Fire that continually scorches our soul. To keep from burning alive........ We have many New and OLD things we still need to see clearly...... if we want to remain whole! That also means there is A LOT FOR YOU TO KNOW IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SOUL WHOLE! So, now thinking a lot more about the Forevermore Heavenly Destination of your Soul..... If you do not know JESUS CHRIST IS THE MAKER OF YOUR SMILE..... Here are some more things that you need to know SO YOU CAN PUT THE HAPPY BACK IN YOUR LIFE! Bottom line, for your soul to SURVIVE you must know to avoid CRYING and going into HELL’S FIRE…. That means, You need to be thinking about your coming Resolutions in the New Year attached to more of your Hopes, Tears, Happiness, and Fears as well. That’s why, TO AVOID THE ETERNAL FIGHT you need to think about a lot of things..... Before time runs out on your life! Therefore wanting to have all of your years AND DECADES be HAPPY and your days be great... The most important one of those decisions leading to Heavenly transformation and the Golden Gate will always be found when you consider where you are going in your yearly turning around! And that’s also good to know if you want HAPPINESS TO BE FOUND NOW AND FOR YOUR SOUL! Because, where you are going in your YEARLY UP OR DOWN TURN AROUND has everything to do with where you eventually want to be home bound. And that Soulful Solution while you have been searching for a HAPPY NEW YEAR.... has everything to do with FOLLOWING THE STAR AND FOLLOWING YOUR HEART TO THE CROSS. And that LIFE SAVING information of SALVATION THAT WILL FREE YOU FROM SATAN’S PAIN will always be good to know ENDING TO THE BEGINNING! Because for you and your soul to be HAPPY…you both need to know JESUS CHRIST WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL..... That means, Whether this will be a HAPPY NEW YEAR...... OR A CONTINUATION OF THE OLD YEARS TEARS AND FEARS. THAT RESOLUTION WILL ALWAYS BE UP TO YOU! And that REVOLVING decision Will always depend on if you can make 2021 HISTORY! And by making all of the days YET TO COME BETTER ONE BY ONE STARTING IN new 2022! IT WILL ALWAYS BE UP TO YOU IF YOU MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION FOLLOW AND PRAISE JESUS CHRIST! THAT MEANS IT WILL ALWAYS BE UP TO YOU IF YOU WILL BE ETERNALLY HAPPY since one day or night your soul NEEDS to be going to Heavenly Paradise! So to BE HAPPY ON EARTH. And to Save your Soul you need to know that the HAPPY LIFE you are seeking must Always ARRIVE...... BEFORE YOUR YEARS RUN OUT OF TIME Therefore, before TIME RUNS OUT ON YOU my friend. Or you run out of time at the end. You must find a way to Survive SATAN’S TEARS, FEAR AND PAIN! That means, to find Peace Within, even when surrounded by SATAN’S FEARS, TEARS, GRIEF, DEATH, UNREST, and HEART BREAKS THAT THE DEMONS bring...… TO SURVIVE ALL OF YOUR OLD AND NEW YEARS you must know every season HOW TO BE HAPPY AND SMILE EVEN WHEN SATAN MAKES YOU CRY! ....... And to find the Never ending Heavenly HAPPINESS especially on your grey days...… You must know that JESUS CHRIST HAS ALREADY ENDED SATANS PAIN. So, TO BE HAPPY NOW AND FOREVER THAT IS ALSO GOOD TO KNOW! Because in your SALVATION FOUND THROUGH JESUS CHRIST..... that has already been given through THE PERFECT GIFT on CHRIST-mas Day! Starting on CHRIST-mas Night. Knowing the HEAVENLY TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING including TIME! That's when you will be Saved as you make EVERY SECOND OF YOUR LIFE A HAPPY DAY! And that's likewise when you will find Insight, Healing, and Guidance into tomorrow’s coming forever New Year’s light, as you are going along your way. Bottom line one more time. To make sure that all of your OLD-NEW Years are REALLY HAPPY when even your grey days, are Not that Great. YOU MUST KNOW IN FAITH FOUND THROUGH JESUS CHRIST…AS YOU REALIZE THAT THE BEST IS YET TO COME INTO YOUR LIFE EVERYDAY..... Knowing HOW TO BE HAPPY ALL OF THE TIME EVEN WHEN SATAN MAKES YOU WANT TO CRY!..... That's when you too will realize JUST BY TRUSTING JESUS CHRIST TO PICK UP THE DEMONS PIECES THAT THEY HAVE LEFT OF YOUR LIFE. THAT KNOWING JESUS WILL MAKE SURE THAT THE BEST OF EVERYTHING IS ON ITS WAY… all of your Old and NEW YEARS REALLY will be HAPPY in every way during every second of each Decade!” Joslin Fitzgerald...The Mary Author…… Happily, I know that all of the Above words have blessed your soul and heart with Heavenly Love. And in that Protective, Sharing, Caring Prayer, that will always be full of JESUS’ Amazing Grace that is everywhere. Please know every word I am writing, is Spirit sent in its Guiding direction leading you to.... Your Prayer of Salvation……… Dear Jesus, I know I have done bad things in the past. And that I have done bad things today. Also that I will continue to do bad things tomorrow as I am going along my way. Yes that makes me a Sinner, just like everyone else in the world every day, with all of the bad things I am doing and saying. So, because I am a Sinner I know I need a Savior...... Therefore Jesus, my sins and unhappiness are why I have come to you today, as I am silently praying. Because, I want to be Eternally Happy. And I need to be Forever SAVED. Saying that Jesus Christ, I believe that YOU are Gods Holy Son. Jesus I believe you were born on Christmas Day. And Jesus, I believe that you lived a perfect life that is written down in the Bible to teach me what is wrong and show me what is right. And I believe Jesus that in your love for me that you died on the Cross to SAVED me from all of my sins day and night. Yes Jesus I believe you died, and defeated the grave as you arose from the dead on the third day. That’s why, WITH YOU BEING ALIVE RIGHT NOW! And because of what I believe, as I accept my Salvation. I KNOW you will always be Alive forevermore. And I also KNOW that right now you are living inside my heart and soul! SO BELIEVING JESUS that you are the Son of God! I am asking for your forgiveness for all my sins that I know, and those sins I do not know that I have committed, including the ones that I will continue to daily wallow in…. as well as my sins that I do not even know past, present and future. I claim in Your Eternal Scriptural Promise in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that I am now going to Heaven. I likewise claim in my new faith this very Minute that I am SAVED FROM SATAN’S Fear, Lies and Pain. Because you died for me on the Cross, and in your arising on the third day, I know I will not go to my endless grave. In that FORGIVEN statement that just SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you Jesus Christ, because I am now whole since the Holy Spirit lives within my Soul! Therefore in this prayer I believe AND KNOW that I am Born Again into Heavens sight. And in your Biblical Promise of SALVATION written in the scriptures I KNOW THAT I HAVE JUST RECIEVED EVERLASTING LIFE! So, as asked you to change my blind darkness, to YOUR Guiding Light ….RECEIVING MY SALVATION you are forever MY SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. Amen……………………… Absolutely I pray that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your eternal guiding light, and your Savior today. I know I may never meet you here on earth as we are roaming, but if you truly prayed your prayer, to Jesus… requesting forgiveness of your sins, and asking for your Salvation you are right now this second SAVED. That means I will see you when we go Away back home! And making that SAVED statement as my Heavenly sister or brother…………… Thank You for reading and enjoying my blog that is being written every day… sometimes very LATE at night, through BLEARY eyes. And yes this night time writing continues to be hard for me. Because taking up to SIX HOURS AT A TIME TO WRITE EACH BLOG POST, to reach the people in the states, as well as those living overseas, this inspirational early morning writing has always been very challenging. And in that challenge WHILE UNABLE TO EDIT AFTER THE BLOG IS POSTED…to do things right, Thank You for overlooking the small typos, and tiny grammatical also text errors that you might find in some of my writing. By doing that, knowing just like you, I am an imperfect person too. But likewise knowing that even though I am imperfect. That JESUS CHRIST, is Perfect in his beautiful LIFE SAVING message of Heavenly Eternity! Please know you have just been sweetly prayed for. As I am also asking that you are praying for me all of the time in the same way!............... And on another note if you would like to look at and purchase my 16 Children’s Books that will teach the sweet children in your life funny, important life lessons. And to ALSO buy the coordinating Animated Audio DVD Book MOVIES that when played on your TV, computer ect, will make my one of a kind stories come alive right in front of your child’s eyes!….. Please go to my web site And in the meantime. Thank you for your prayers and support you are giving me daily. Please know that all of your sweet encouraging words and sweet emails are Uplifting my life, and my writing, as I too am praying for You night and day….….. while I am going along my Mary Merry Way!

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