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"Good Morning World.. As we have been chatting about seeking, and receiving presents. What are you hoping to find underneath your CHRIS-mas Tree? And still talking about the BIG DIFFERENCE between Chris-mas and CHRIST-MAS what does that DISTINCTION mean? Next asking you that Gifted question about an ordinary EMPTY TREE, Or THE EXTRAORDINARY HOLY TREE what does any of that have to do with the CELEBRATION, also PARTY. And after spending a lot of time over the weeks writing about the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHRIS AND CHRIST what does that DIFFERENCE mean to your life! Bottom line, what does the DIFFERENCE that will always be connected to the season and the REASON FOR EVERYTHING mean! And how will that DIFFERENCE HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE PRESENT OF THE PRESENT, LIVING also DYING. And asking those Guiding questions, while following those Insightful thoughts with more inquiries. Those Hollow, and HOLY topics have again started us off, on yet another sweet blog theme THAT WILL MEAN EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY. So, continuing on with that same EMPTY OR FULL seasonal train of thought, come join me today as we think about DIFFERENCES also TREES. And LOOKING UNDERNEATH THE CHRIS-mas Tree as we realize for a few of you that THE SPACE UNDERNEATH THE TREE WILL ALWAYS BE VERY EMPTY. Let’s SEE how TREES and DIFFERENCES have anything to do with YOU Seeking HEAVENLY Eternity! And PUTTING AWAY THE CHRIS-mas Tree! While thinking about the CHRIST TREE where on CALVARY LOVE BECAME AN ETERNAL HOLY SACRIFICE LEADING TO OUR EVERLASTING LIFE. Realizing that CHRIST-MAS HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH EASTER. AND THAT CHRIST HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRIS KRINGLE. Let’s see what BEAUTIFUL HEAVENLY GIFT this special time of our life will be bringing to you and me! Next as we continue to chat about Eternity, as we appreciate THE BEAUTIFUL, DIVINE GIFT OF CHRIST-MAS Eve that has already brought us from the MANGERS CRADLE, TO THE CROSS and BEYOND. While thinking about the same HEAVENLY GIFT that will one day or night be taking us OVER THE RAINBOW to HEAVENS PARADISE. Let’s see what all of that Means TO YOUR SOUL GOING ON AFTER YOU RUN OUT OF TIME! So, knowing as Christian’s EVERY DAY that we are all enjoying The GIFT of CHRIST IN EVERY WAY! I know you will agree with me, that the PRESENT’S PRESENT will ALWAYS be taking us into our Futures homecoming. That means because of the CROSS made out of the HOLY TREE once we have RECEIVED our GIVEN SALVATION we will all be constantly Blessed by the Eternal PRESENTS we have previously Received. THAT MEANS, WE WHO ARE ALREADY FOLLOWING THE STAR….ALREADY KNOW THAT THE GIFT OF OUR SALVATION THAT HUNG ON EASTERS HOLY CHRIST TREE WILL TAKE US TO HEAVENLY ETERNITY! LIKEWISE ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT JESUS CHRIST…WE ALSO KNOW THAT OUR GIFT OF SALVATION WILL NEVER BE FOUND UNDERNEATH an Empty CHRIS-mas Tree! HOWEVER, if you are not yet following THE STAR NAMED JESUS CHRIST FROM THE CRADLE, TO CROSS, and BEYOND TO PARADISE....And if you are still HOPING THAT CHRIS KRINGLE WILL COME TO TOWN and LEAVE A LOT OF PRESENTS AROUND. That means, you are still FUTILELY LOOKING FOR HAPPINESS and PEACE UNDERNEATH AN EMPTY CHRIS-mas Tree THAT CAN NOT BE FOUND! That’s why, with a few of you STILL NOT FINDING THE ONLY GIFT OF CHRIST-mas.... THAT WILL ALWAYS BE FOUND IN THE GIFT OF LOVE’S SALVATION that was sent FROM HEAVEN ABOVE FOR YOU AND ME...... Your blinded life will forevermore be defined by the UN-OPENED PRESENT that you need to find in the PRESENT to be Happy. So, wanting you to be Eternally Merry, while writing about Presents, and THE GIFT OF CHRIST-mas.... To make sure that YOU ACCPET YOUR SALVATION THAT WILL SAVE YOUR SOUL. You must know that the days of your LIFE, will always focus on the PRESENTS IN THE PRESENT, that you are seeking..... that you have already received OR that you keep REFUSING. That’s why, knowing THE DIFFERENCE IN THE TREES that LIFE SAVING insight will always mean EVERYTHING to EVERYBODY. AND SINC ALL OF THE ABOVE MEANS EVERYTHING. YOU MUST ALSO KNOW THAT SALVATION and ETERNAL PEACE WILL NEVER BE FOUND UNDERNEATH AN EARTHLY CHRIS-mas Tree! And instead YOUR HEAVENLY EVERYTHING PRESENT OF SALVATION, WILL ALWAYS BE FOUND ON THE CHRIST TREE that was part of CALVARY and EASTER’S EVERLASTING PROMISE! But Wait! NOT KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CHRIS-mas TREE, and the CHRIST TREE. While also NOT KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HOLLOW OR HOLY. Likewise NOT KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHRIST and Chris. Also NOT KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN ANYTHING. While writing about many things spinning around SALVATIONS clue....WHAT IF you Still don’t know what any of the ABOVE means to you? WHAT IF as you are constantly CRYING. You are Still Not Smiling. WHAT IF YOU ARE NOT following JESUS CHRIST OVER THE RAINBOW TO PARADISE.... And WHAT IF you still do not know what I mean About the DIFFERENCE between a CHRIS-mas and CHRIST TREE! Well that just means with a few of you still LOOKING FOR HAPPINESS UNDERNEATH AN EMPTY EARTHLY CHRIS-mas Tree. While NOT EVER FINDING WHAT YOU WANT OR NEED! This HOLLOW time OF LIFE will be about the EARTHLY Presents you are wanting AND NOT RECEIVING. Additionally this HOLLOW time OF LIFE will be about The Worldly Presents you are expecting AND NOT GETTING. Likewise this HOLLOW time OF LIFE will be about the EARTHLY CHRIS KRINGLE GIFTS THAT YOU WON’T BE FINDING UNDERNEATH YOUR CHRIS-mas Tree!! SO, NOT RECEIVING THE PRESENTS THAT YOU WANT TO BE GETTING! Even with a lot of MATERIAL STUFF SOON TO BE FOUND SITTING UNDERNEATH a tree. YOUR CHRIS-mas Tree and LIFE will both be VERY EMPTY! And that’s just tragic for EVERYBODY. Because that means you won’t be getting the best CHRIST PRESENT THAT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH ETERNITY! Because NOT KNOWING THAT THE MANGERS CRADLE HAS ALREADY LED US TO THE CROSS AND BEYOND! LIKEWISE NOT KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE IN A CHRIS-mas tree…and THE CHRIST TREE. You also DON’T KNOW what CHRIST-mas really means! So KNOWING THAT YOU ARE STILL A LOST, ALONE, CRYING, AND MISSING SHEEP WHO HAS WAUNDERED FAR AWAY FROM HOME WHO IS RIGHT NOW DYING. MEANING AS YOU COUNT SHEEP IN YOUR DREAMS THAT YOU ARE A SHEEP WHO DESPARETLY NEEDS THE GOOD SHEPHERD TO BRING YOU PEACE. Before you GO BELOW. Here are some more INSIGHTS that will help you get things right BEFORE THE LAST, COLD WIND BLOWS. So, first, you need to know if CHRIST-mas is really all about CHRIST! Next you need to know what will be waiting UNDERNEATH THE CHRIS-mas Tree when you RUN OUT OF TIME! Following that you also need to know if CHRIST-mas is only about getting and giving Presents THAT WILL NEVER MAKE YOU HAPPY! After that you also need to know if CHRIST-mas is really all about CHRIS KRINGLE? And NEEDING TO FIND THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHRIST and CHRIS. TO ALWAYS BE HAPPY EVEN WHEN YOU WANT TO CRY. TO SMILE ALL OF THE TIME you need to know what a TREE has to do with YOUR LIFE! And asking you, that PRESENT QUESTION TODAY.......knowing that a few of you are still headed to Hades. Meaning with you going the WRONG WAY that YOUR SOUL IS NOT SAVED! I will always be concerned that a few of you.... still don't know the DIFFERENCE between CHRIS-mas and CHRIST-mas. I will also be CONFUSED why some of you do not know the DIFFERENCE between a CHRIS-mas or THE CHRIST TREE. And thinking that way it will always be upsetting to me to know that a few of you STILL don’t know the DIFFERENCE between a HOLLOW and HOLY CELEBRATION. That's why, to avoid going to you are RUNNING OUT OF TIME AND SIGHT..... IN THAT HEAVENLY CLUE! You need to know that if you keep turning away from the DIFFERENCE found in JESUS..... With you KNOWING that Chris KRINGLE will NOT BE COMING TO TOWN. While staying in the dark.... At the end of your hearts STOP....You will NOT BE SAVED FROM SATANS PAIN! And heading to Hell's inSINeration WITH OUR JESUS CHRIST TO SAVE YOU. You will be incarcerated in Hell's DEVASTATING fire. And IF YOU NEVER RECEIVE THE GIFT OF CHRIST THAT WILL TAKE YOU FROM THE MANGERS CRADLE, TO THE CROSS, AND BEYOND TO HEAVENS PARADISE… Your Soul will Eternally die. Then, trapped in your lost cause of Unforgiven Sin, you will not make it to your Heavenly After-Life destination. And NOT FINDING WHAT YOU NEED UNDERNEATH THE CHRIS-mas Tree. Because you have not yet accepted the PRESENT OF PARADISE that will BLESS YOUR ETERNITY..... YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY! And NOT FINDING WHAT YOU NEED UNDERNEATH THE CHRIS-mas Tree you will never receive The PEACEFUL GIFT of CHRIT’S ETERNITY!...... And NOT finding the GIFT OF CHRIST you will likewise NOT RECEIVE the PROMISE OF HEAVENLY PARADISE! That's why, to make sure your SOUL DOES NOT DIE. And to ALSO make sure that your spirit will Survive Satan's Painful fire...... You must realize that the HEAVENLY past, present, and future Destination in the After Life WILL NEVER BE FOUND UNDERNEATH A CHRIS-mas Tree. That means you also must know that the greatest PRESENT of all …. FOUND IN THE PRESENT…. SLEEPING IN THE MANGER INSIDE OF THE A STALL! WILL ONLY BE FOUND AFTER YOU ACCEPT The GIFT of CHRIST-mas. And that GIFT WILL ALWAYS BE THE BLESSED PART OF EASTERS CHRIST TREE ATTACHED TO A HEAVENLY PROMISE THAT SAVED US ALL! But WAIT what if you DON’T BELIEVE any of this? What if you don’t know the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A CHRIS-mas and CHRIST TREE! What if you don’t know the DIFFERENCE between HOLLOW or HOLY. Bottom line what if you don’t know the DIFFERENCE between CHRIST and Chris! WELL THAT WILL SIMPLY BE DEVASTATING! Because when your Soul falls after SATAN calls.....a few of you will again… AT THE END OF EVERYTHING…. be missing THE POINT TO LIFE OVER ALL! AND IF YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT AND THE MEANING TO LIFE. YOU WILL ADDITIONALLY BE MISSING THE ONLY REAL MEANING OF THANKSGIVNG! AND IF YOU ARE MISSING THE MEANING OF THANKSGIVING! YOU WILL ALSO BE MISSING THE REAL THE GIFT OF CHRIST-mas! AND IF YOU ARE MISSING THE GIFT OF CHRIST-mas you will also be MISSING the ONLY REASON FOR EASTER. AND IF YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT FOR EAST THAT HUNG ON THE CHRIST TREE ALSO KNOWN AS THE CROSS. WITH YOUR SOUL BEING LOST! THEN YOU WILL LIKEWISE BE MISSING THE REASON FOR ALL THE SEASONS! AND IF YOU ARE MISSING THE ONLY REASON FOR ALL OF THE SEASONS! THEN YOU ARE AND YOU WILL ETERNALLY BE..... AN ALONE, MISPLACED, FRIGHTENED, CRYING, DYING SHEEP THAT WILL ETERNALLY BE MISSING THE MEANING AND THE REASON FOR EVERYTHING! That's why, only concentrating on Earthly UNIMPORTANT things THAT WILL ALWAYS BE MISSING UNDERNEATH YOUR CHRIS-mas tree. You need to know that there WILL ETERNALLY be a lot of Buying and Selling going on in the SELL-ebration of the Holiday THAT MEANS NOTHING to your LIFE....And you also need to know that in your EARTHLY messes you will always be unhappily STRESSED OUT WHILE REALIZING THAT EVEN IF THERE IS EARTHLY STUFF UNDERNEATH IT, THAT YOUR CHRIS-mas Tree and LIFE WILL ALWAYS BE EMPTY!.... So, concentrating on the WORDLY PRESENTS of the Present! Connectively in that Present thought while thinking about what you want, and what you are expecting YET NOT GETTING UNDERNEATH YOUR CHRIS-mas Tree. In that EMPTY Present of the Present….. Not knowing the DIFFERENCE BETWEEN a CHRIS-mas and CHRIST TREE. You have already realized THAT SALVATION WILL NOT BE THERE FOR YOU IF YOU DON’T KNOW JESUS. And in that BIG DIFFERENCE between CHRIS, and CHRIST. In that clue that has everything to do with your HEAVENLY Present…Only wanting EARTHLY THINGS… YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MISSING THE POINT TO EVERYTHING. And putting a lot of emphasis on Buying, Selling, and Getting! That means, with you having a list of things you must have, while thinking if you don’t receive that Present thing it will ruin your Chrismas..... Fearing THAT THE CHRIS KRINGLE THING YOU WILL NOT BE GETTING FOR CHRIS-mas will end your life, because you will wish you were dead. With Chris Kringle letting YOU DOWN AGAIN!...… With time and your very breath on the line...... there seems to be a lot of CRAZY INSANE PRESSURE building during the HOLLOW DAY! And that's too bad! Because LOOKING FOR HAPPINESS and PEACE UNDERNEATH YOUR EMPTY CHRIS-mas Tree! WITH SO MUCH MISSING! As, you try to keep up with your Lost concept of happiness. You are daily finding it impossible to achieve the unreachable EARTHLY FANTASY that has to do with Chris Kringle! So, in that sad materialistic commercial poisoning of the Present, THAT REVEALS DISAPPOINTMENTS OF THE PAST…… With all of that connected to the EARTHLY SHORT SUPPLIES THAT WILL MAKE HAPPINESS IN THE FUTURE UNATTAINABLE! There will Eternally be a lot of TRASHED Disappointments associated with, Selling, and the EMPTY CHRIS-mas Tree! Sadly, that means some people out there will actually think their life will be over... and not worth living.... if they don’t get that WORDLY CHRIS KRINGLE THING like a Fancy CAR, trip or a big diamond RING that they perceive they needed. Thus in that mussy fuss, since you WONT BE getting the Trips, Diamonds or the Fancy Car that you desired left UNDERNEATH THE EMPTY CHRIS-mas Tree...... WITHOUT THOSE EXPENSIVE PRESENTS….THINGS in the Present will NOT be very merry. And LIFE will also NOT be PEACEFUL if you do not understand that the PRESENT, PRESENT of CHRIST-mas LEADING YOU FROM THE CRADLE, TO THE CROSS AND BEYOND TO YOUR HEAVENLY ETERNITY WILL NEVER BE FOUND UNDERNEATH An EMPTY CHRIS-mas Tree! And that’s important to know for your SOUL!. Because Sadly in that Disappointment of never having enough, or worse yet getting the things you don’t want, like the lump of coal in your stocking! That PRESENT UPSET..... that will be Focusing on…. the present things of the Past….LEADING TO YOUR FUTURE THAT WILL LEAVE YOU EMPITER THAN THE MISSING PRESENTS THAT WILL NEVER BE LEFT BY CHRIS KRINGLE UNDERNEATH the CHRIS-mas tree! That’s why, only thinking that Chris-mas is about THINGS... Looking for happiness UNDERNEATH AN EMPTY CHRIS-mas Tree. The days in your life will not be going very well it seems. Accordingly in that sharing thought of what you want, verses what you NEED! When you DONT get the PRESENT found in The SALVATION GIFT of CHRIST-mas.....THAT YOU NEED TO RECEIVE SO YOUR SOUL WILL KEEP BREATHING WILL NEVER BE HAPPY! And instead thinking that you need more WORLDY THINGS found UNDERNEATH AN EMPTY CHRIS-mas Tree to be Cheery. By NOT FINDING WHAT YOU REALLY NEED UNDERNEATH THE CHRIS-mas tree YOU WILL NEVER BE MERRY! And not being happy while finding out that FANTASY AND CHRIS KRINGLE have again let you down BECAUSE YOUR STOCKING AND TREE ARE EMPTY! NOT REALIZING THAT YOUR LIFE IS ALSO EMPTY…. IF YOU DON’T KNOW THAT JESUS CHRIST WILL ALWAYS BE THE ONLY GIFT OF CHRISTMAS! Then you will soon NEED to see that once again SANTA BABY is and will always be a fat, MAKE BELIEVE slightly mean creep WHO HAS AGAINNNNN NOT BROUGHT YOU WHAT YOU WANTED! And with CHRIS KRINGLE AGAIN DISAPPOINTING YOU. While you keep looking for happiness and Presents UNDERNEATH AN EMPTY CHRIS-mas tree that will never be. TO BE HAPPY! You must find the PRESENT OF THE PRESENT found in your SALVATION that will secure your HEAVENLY ETERNITY! Bottom line. To FIND PEACE INSIDE YOUR MIND DAY AND NIGHT! AND TO BE HAPPY LIKEWISE MERRY IN THE AFTER LIFE! YOU TOO MUST FIND JESUS CHRIST! Because JESUS CHRIST is and JESUS CHRIST WILL FOREVERMORE be... THE ONLY PRESENT YOU WILL EVER NEED TO RECEIVE! That's why, to find the Perfect Present of the Past, located in the Needed Present of the Present, Found in The HOLY GIFT of CHRIST-mas...… YOU MUST PUT AWAY YOUR CHRIS-mas Chris Kringle Dreams. And you also need to stop WISHING ON AN EARTHLY TREE. Then YOU MUST TAKE CHRIS OUT OF CHRIST-mas! Next YOU MUST PUT JESUS CHRIST FIRST IN CHRISTMAS and FIRST IN EVERYTHING…… That means, to find the real PRESENT of the Present we must put CHRIST back in CHRIST-mas DAILY! Bottom line if you want to RECEIVE the greatest PRESENT in life that will ever be. You must put THE STAR on top.....OF EVERYTHING! Next you must realize that THE GIFT AND STAR OF CHRIST-mas WILL NEVER BE FOUND underneath your CHRIS-mas tree! Because in the present, presence of The GREATEST PRESENT EVER GIVEN....THAT NEEDS TO BE RECEIVED! Everybody must realize that the PRESENT OF SALVATION found in The GIFT of CHRIST-mas in our life..... Will always be THE PRESENT GIVEN to us by JESUS CHRIST. And that HEAVENLY GIFT will DAILY and Eternally be The only PRESENT given to us on CHRIST-mas eve THAT MEANS ANYTHING!.... And that PRESENT called The GIFT of SALVATION will be ALL we ever NEED IN OUR LIFE TO MAKE US HAPPY, and PEACEFUL. That means, TO SAVE YOUR SOUL’S LIFE YOU MUST REALIZE YOUR GIFT OF LOVE FROM HEAVEN ABOVE THAT HAS already COME FROM THE MANGERS CRADLE, TO THE CROSS, and BEYOND TO PARADISE WILL NEVER BE FOUND UNDERNEATH AN EMPTY CHRIS-mas Tree. That means, your GIFT OF CHRIST-mas WILL ALWAYS BE FOUND ON THE CHRIST TREE! ” Joslin Fitzgerald...The Mary Author …… Happily, I know that all of the Above words have blessed your soul and heart with Heavenly Love. And in that Protective, Sharing, Caring Prayer, that will always be full of JESUS’ Amazing Grace that is everywhere. Please know every word I am writing, is Spirit sent in its Guiding direction leading you to.... Your Prayer of Salvation……… Dear Jesus, I know I have done bad things in the past. And that I have done bad things today. Also that I will continue to do bad things tomorrow as I am going along my way. Yes that makes me a Sinner, just like everyone else in the world every day, with all of the bad things I am doing and saying. So, because I am a Sinner I know I need a Savior...... Therefore Jesus, my sins and unhappiness are why I have come to you today, as I am silently praying. Because, I want to be Eternally Happy. And I need to be Forever SAVED. Saying that Jesus Christ, I believe that YOU are Gods Holy Son. Jesus I believe you were born on Christmas Day. And Jesus, I believe that you lived a perfect life that is written down in the Bible to teach me what is wrong and show me what is right. And I believe Jesus that in your love for me that you died on the Cross to SAVED me from all of my sins day and night. Yes Jesus I believe you died, and defeated the grave as you arose from the dead on the third day. That’s why, WITH YOU BEING ALIVE RIGHT NOW! And because of what I believe, as I accept my Salvation. I KNOW you will always be Alive forevermore. And I also KNOW that right now you are living inside my heart and soul! SO BELIEVING JESUS that you are the Son of God! I am asking for your forgiveness for all my sins that I know, and those sins I do not know that I have committed, including the ones that I will continue to daily wallow in…. as well as my sins that I do not even know past, present and future. I claim in Your Eternal Scriptural Promise in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that I am now going to Heaven. I likewise claim in my new faith this very Minute that I am SAVED FROM SATAN’S Fear, Lies and Pain. Because you died for me on the Cross, and in your arising on the third day, I know I will not go to my endless grave. In that FORGIVEN statement that just SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you Jesus Christ, because I am now whole since the Holy Spirit lives within my Soul! Therefore in this prayer I believe AND KNOW that I am Born Again into Heavens sight. And in your Biblical Promise of SALVATION written in the scriptures I KNOW THAT I HAVE JUST RECIEVED EVERLASTING LIFE! So, as asked you to change my blind darkness, to YOUR Guiding Light ….RECEIVING MY SALVATION you are forever MY SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. Amen……………………… Absolutely I pray that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your eternal guiding light, and your Savior today. I know I may never meet you here on earth as we are roaming, but if you truly prayed your prayer, to Jesus… requesting forgiveness of your sins, and asking for your Salvation you are right now this second SAVED. That means I will see you when we go Away back home! And making that SAVED statement as my Heavenly sister or brother…………… Thank You for reading and enjoying my blog that is being written every day… sometimes very LATE at night, through BLEARY eyes. And yes this night time writing continues to be hard for me. Because taking up to SIX HOURS AT A TIME TO WRITE EACH BLOG POST, to reach the people in the states, as well as those living overseas, this inspirational early morning writing has always been very challenging. And in that challenge WHILE UNABLE TO EDIT AFTER THE BLOG IS POSTED…to do things right, Thank You for overlooking the small typos, and tiny grammatical also text errors that you might find in some of my writing. By doing that, knowing just like you, I am an imperfect person too. But likewise knowing that even though I am imperfect. That JESUS CHRIST, is Perfect in his beautiful LIFE SAVING message of Heavenly Eternity! Please know you have just been sweetly prayed for. As I am also asking that you are praying for me all of the time in the same way!............... And on another note if you would like to look at and purchase my 16 Children’s Books that will teach the sweet children in your life funny, important life lessons. And to ALSO buy the coordinating Animated Audio DVD Book MOVIES that when played on your TV, computer ect, will make my one of a kind stories come alive right in front of your child’s eyes!….. Please go to my web site And in the meantime. Thank you for your prayers and support you are giving me daily. Please know that all of your sweet encouraging words and sweet emails are Uplifting my life, and my writing, as I too am praying for You night and day….….. while I am going along my Mary Merry way….…………..

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