Thursday, November 11, 2021


"Good morning world.. WHEN IS VETERANS DAY? And asking you that odd question in a confusing way. Since VETERANS DAY has again just come to the UN-UNITED STATES TODAY. Here's yet another seasonal question about the HOLLOW-days OR holidays that keep coming our way. Because stuck somewhere in between Halloween, and Thanksgiving it seems like there is yet one more YEARLY ANNIVERSARY that has something to say about EVERYTHING! That's why, realizing that yet another Holiday, or HOLLOW day has just come our way. With some of you not really knowing what any of those things mean, to what you are doing or saying. And with none of us REALLY KNOWING WHAT TIME IT IS, or what is coming. I am now wondering in many different ways. WHAT IS VETERANS DAY? ALSO WHEN IS VETERANS DAY? And realizing THAT EVERY DAY IS VETERANS DAY!..... Here are some more great ideas, and sweet treat inquiries to keep your mind CENTERED on the Right things, while we are going along our way!... So, thinking about things in that WHAT AND WHEN kind of way. That’s also another COUNT DOWN challenge to do night or day! Because NOT KNOWING WHAT TIME IT IS or WHAT TIME IT SOON WILL BE. Also, NOT knowing WHEN or WHY things will be happening. Likewise NOT knowing WHAT any of that means. While needing to know WHY we even have Holidays. To know WHY we CELBRATE the TIMES IN OUR LIFE! We must realize that yet another HOLLOW-day, or Holiday has just come our way. Therefore to know the Difference between a Holiday, and a HOLLOW DAY. Let’s remember that these SPECIAL days THAT COME ONCE A YEAR, WILL ALWAYS BE more than just hours off from work. Or a reason to play! That means, these YEARLY Holidays that keep coming our way…. Will always be much more than the sweet treat, or relaxing days you get to do something cool, like leave work early, or miss school. Because these Holidays will always be so much more than eating a lot, or sleeping late. That means, these Holidays will always be much, much, more than an Old year fading away. Likewise these Holidays will always be much, much, much, much more a PARADE passing by. Or a BUNNY RABBIT hoping into your sight. These Holidays will always be more than nights where you get to look up at pretty FIREWORKS in the sky! These Holidays will always be more than thinking you see WITCHES flying up high. These Holidays will always be more than A FAT MAN IN A SANTA SUIT who drops down the chimney to say Hi! And at THE END OF THE YEAR THESE HOLIDAYS WILL ALWAYS BE MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, MORE THAN A HUGE PARTY filled with Hellos Cheers, and GOOD BYE Fears!. Because these YEARLY CELEBRATIONS THAT MEAN EVERYTHING TO OUR LIFE…WILL INSTEAD ALWAYS BE OUR WAY OF CELEBRATING FREEDOM, SALVATION, TIME, THINGS THAT ARE HOLY, AND THE FACT THAT JESUS CHRIST HAS AGAIN GIVEN US YET ANOTHER NEW DAY AND THE NEXT YEAR TO GET THINGS RIGHT! So knowing WHAT THESE HOLIDAYS REALLY MEAN TO MOST EVERYBODY! It’s sad that these GREAT CELEBRATING AND REMEMBERING DAYS may not mean anything to you. Because to the rest of us THEY DO! So to find out what any of that means! Let’s take the HOLLOW out of life! And, today also EVERY Night in-between LETS REMEMBER what will always be important to EVERYBODY! And THINKING ABOUT another HOLIDAY, like VETERANS DAY! Today and EVERYDAY... LET’S REMEMBER WHAT BEING FREE REALLY MEANS! And KNOWING THAT THE PRICE FOR FREEDOM HERE IN THESE UN-UNITED STATES DID NOT COME FREE, OR EASILY! LET’S REMEMBER EVERYDAY IN EVERYWAY to be Thankful for the BRAVE men and women who have lived also died so you can work, play, and sleep peacefully. And likewise, LETS REMEMBER to be THANKFUL for those who SERVED in our military, who are still alive, as they keep living their NIGHTMARES while silently dying inside. And knowing that OUR COUNTRY WILL SURVIVE! For the many ways we say Thank You night and day. LET’S ADDITIONALLY REMEMBER ALL OF THE TIME to say THANK YOU TO A VET in some way! So taking a slight deviation from my other THANKFUL blog thoughts. But still staying true to my EVERYTHING TO BE THANKFUL FOR theme...… I want to say a special THANK YOU EVERYDAY to our Vets on Veterans Day! I ALSO WANT TO SAY A HUGE THANK YOU… TO OUR VETS EVERYDAY IN BE-TWEEN! BECAUSE I KNOW WHAT THIS HOLIDAY REALLY MEANS! So, making that HUGE THANKFUL statement... during this Remembering relay. As VETERANS DAY once more prepares to come our way, then slowly fades out of sight. While knowing for some of you that VETERANS DAY will again only be seen as ANOTHER HOLLOW UNIMPORTANT DAY where you don’t have to work and instead you can go to PARADES and PLAY! YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT’S NOT RIGHT! And with you RUNNING OUT OF TIME to find what that means! YOU NEED TO GET THINGS STRAIGHT. AND TO SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN EVERYTHING! YOU NEED TO TAKE THE HOLLOW OUT OF EVERY HOLIDAY. And KNOWING THAT VETERANS DAY WILL ALWAYS BE MUCHHHHHH MORE THAN A PARADE…. Let’s remember how IMPORTANT AND SPECIAL OUR VETS are EVERY DAY! AND KNOWING THAT PERSONALLY while PERSONALY knowing about their Sacrifices made..... Many thoughts about my GRANDSON ZACHARY, My LT COLONEL Daddy, My two Sons who SERVED IN THE AIRFORCE, and our other Veteran Family members who have served our country SINCE THE FIRST INDEPENDENCE DAY WAY BACK IN 1776 have come my way! So, knowing in some way that there has been a BRAVE STRONG MAN I LOVED STANDING TALL, WHILE PROTECTING OUR COUNTRY IN EVERY WAR! INCLUDING THE CIVIL WAR, WORLD ONE, WORLD WAR TWO, THE VEITNAM WAR, AND THE WAR IN IRAQ, AND AFGHANISTAN TOO! Next thinking about my other dear Friends AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU TOO! Who have likewise served our country and fought for the RED WHITE and BLUE!... Even more THANK YOU thoughts are still coming to my mind. So, line by line TIME BY TIME thinking about THANKFUL THINGS, while WONDERING WHEN VETERANS DAY IS? Yesterday, today, and tomorrow shore to shore, here are yet more HARD FOUGHT BATTLE WEARY THOUGHTS….hiding behind my minds door... And thinking about things that are involved in this BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY that has just come our way. Here is something YOU can do to take the HOLLOW out of the DAY! And instead of IGNORING OUR VETS WHO YOU MEET ON THE STREET….. In all ways EVERY DAY from far and near! Let’s REMEMBER TO THANK our DEAR VETS ALL OF THE TIME WHILE THEY ARE HERE! Additionally even though this is Not Memorial day. Remembering our Vets in EVERYWAY! Let's THANK OUR HEROS, who have Fearlessly already died and who have gone into the guiding light. And let’s also REMEMBER to THANK those who are STILL HERE. Yes lets THANK THOSE WHO ARE STILL ALIVE, and who are in our sight! And HOLDING THEM ALL CLOSE LIKEWISE TIGHT IN PRAYER DAY AND NIGHT….Lets ALWAYS THANK OUR VETS for STANDING TALL, and Winning the Fight! And as THEY ARE PREPARED TO DIE FOR US that's clearly a great idea EVERY DAY out of the year ALL OF THE TIME! Because, as I am writing this post as yet another VETERANS DAY has come by. I have again realized saying THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU……. to somebody who has served our country. Or who was wounded in battle... Or who died in combat..... Or who will always be a member of a family still crying forevermore. Or saying Thank you to a Vet who is still silently fighting their own wars shore to shore! WHILE ALSO THANKING OUR VETS WHO ARE STANDING TALL RIGHT NOW…. WHO ARE READY TO PROTECT OUR COUNTRY FROM WAR! THAT’S WHEN WE ALL NEED TO REALIZE THAT VETERAN’S DAY IS NOT...... NOR WILL VETERANS DAY EVER BE…. A ONE DAY THING IN OUR LIFE! Therefore KNOWING WHAT VETERANS DAY IS FOR! Sunset to sunrise I am CONSTANTLY saying to all of us ....young or old in line… LET’S THANK OUR VETS ALL OF THE TIME! YES LETS THANK THOSE WHO PROUDLY WORE THE UNIFORMS RAIN OR SHINE! LET’S THANK OUR VETS WHO RIGHT NOW ARE WEARING THE DIFFERENT HATS FROM ALL BRANCHES AND SERVICES ALL OF THE TIME! AND SEEING OUR VETS IN THE STORES AND RESTAURANTS WHILE MAKING SURE THAT WE ARE NOT BLIND TO WHAT THEY HAVE DONE NOW OR BEFORE. WITH THEIR VET HATS REMINDING US IN THEIR OWN WAY WHAT IT IS LIKE TO LIVE UNDER THE GUN WHILE SLEEPING IN STRANGE PLACES... KNOWING EVEN TOMORROW AND THE NEXT DAY WILL BE VETERANS DAY! LET’S MAKE SURE WE ALL KNOW THAT VETERANS DAY IS EVERYDAY NOW AND BEFORE! THAT MEANS, LET’S THANK OUR VETS FROM ALL BRANCHES OF SERVICES ALSO FROM ALL WARS!... AND EVERYDAY… WHILE KNOWING WHAT VETERANS DAY IS FOR. LETS THANK OUR VETS FOR KEEPING US FREE, AND SAFE SHORE TO SHORE!" Joslin Fitzgerald...the Mary Author

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