Wednesday, October 6, 2021


"Good morning world.. Do you believe in Demons, and Other Creepy Things? And asking you that unsettling question what do you think I mean, when I am asking you about the sneaky season! And as, things keep rotating, while the seasons have again started rearranging, trying to put it all together for you and me. Additionally what do you think I am writing about when I say it’s the SNEAKY SEASON OF THE DEMONS! ALSO WHAT COMES TO YOUR MIND WHEN YOU THINK ABOUT OTHER CREEPY THINGS! And, with Halloween getting ready to fly by that's also another interesting Sneaky placement question about the new HOLLOW-day and season that just arrived. So, making that seasonal inquiry..... You are right. Because it is once again time to say good bye to the summer's peaceful breezes and the long hours of sunlight. Likewise its time to say see you later to the fireflies and the crickets in the trees….That means it’s also time to say good bye to the green leaves. Therefore closing another seasonal door as summer has gone Bye Bye once more, just like the spring season had already done before. It’s once again time to say Hello to some very confusing things that have to do with Halloween also things below. That means, shore to shore it’s once more, time to focus less on the hot stuff of the summer season. And it’s once again time to think more about the new Scary month of October that seems to have something to do with A SNEAKY SEASON, CREEPY THINGS, AND DEMONS. So, NEEDING TO TALK ABOUT THIS NEW SCARY SEASON THAT HAS A LOT TO DO WITH CREEPY THINGS AND DEMONS. NOT wanting you to be hurt by the real DEMONS or the OTHER CREEPY THINGS. My transitioning HOLLOW day thoughts will always be necessary during this SNEAKY SEASON, because like it or not, once more, all over again…. beginning to the end…. time has been.... and life still is fly by. That means, more HOLLOW-days will soon be arriving. Therefore opening up the next season’s window and closing yet another month’s door like before. In that Good Bye disconnect to summer, found in a reconnect to another month called October. The season has flipped over again, and just like that summer is officially over. Connectively in that timely conclusion most of the Disasters linked to the hot STORMY weather in the spring and summer are also over and done. And in the RUBBLE of TROUBLE that has been left behind, mornings light has again become autumn’s twilight followed by a brand new shorter lived sun. Bottom line. September has moved on, to come back another day in time. And, as the next SNEAKY month called October has already followed in line, life is still going by and fading away while more HOLLOW-days have to come play. That's why, thinking much LESS about summer. And now writing more about the fall, THE FALL, weather, and the next HOLLOW-day that will soon be arriving. As the LEAVES keep falling. While the DEMONS also keep calling. It’s obvious that another SNEAKY SEASON has just stopped by. That means, as the hot and cold air are colliding into their time, things on the calendar have once again been pleasing our eyes. Bottom line, once again like before….. The temperature has been dipping, and diving while the transitioning trees have already started to fade away with the color of their leaves. And waiting for Halloween to appear for another year…getting closer to the end of the day… Things have again swapped from the friendly beach balls, waves, and lakes to thinking about the Walking dead DEMONS, and the Zombies leaving their CREEPY graves! Therefore, just by looking in the store windows, since the witches, goblins, and the ghosts who all define this spooky SNEAKY SEASON of October the most, have come creeping around the corner to begin a new Frightening Eve. We all can SEE that we are getting closer to HOLLOWEEN! So, stating that CREEPY FACT it’s additionally easy to SEE, with the introduction to the SNEAKY season THAT WE ARE LITTERALLY SURROUNDED BY CREEPY THINGS, INCLUDING DEMONS. That means, as fall and Halloween have once again said Good bye to the butterflies, and the lightning bugs. And THE SNEAKY SEASON has also said see you later to the soft summer twilights …. That’s why, as the new SNEAKY SEASON is coming by to say Hi to the spiders, CREEPY THINGS, and the DEMONS! In that introduction to another HOLLOW DAY, you will notice that many things have changed including that we are all seeing signs of falls latest sights coming our way. So saying that over all, it is very clear to SEE…. as summer has been leaving the sea breezes behind. That those rotations have been leading us all to another HOLLOWEEN’S Night. That means, The SNEAKY SEASON OF THE DEMONS IS COMING. Therefore stating that transitioning fact, as, the arrival of that transitioning HOLLOW-day sight can be seen just from viewing the bright orange pumpkins with crazy faces placed on doorsteps leading us to HOLLOWEEN. The people who we know and meet have started preparing for things to go bump in the Funny yet Frightful night’s scene. And in a disturbing turn of events some people have innocently started to have FUN WITH THE WITCHES, GHOSTS, GOBLINS, AND EVEN THE DEMONS. So not really believing that WITCHES, GHOSTS, GOBLINS, AND DEMONS ARE REAL. In order to have FUN during the SNEAKY SEASON some of you are getting ready to CELEBRATE WHAT IS REALLY EVIL, YET CAN NOT BE SEEN. That’s why we really have to OPEN OUR EYES. BECAUSE THESE CREEPY THINGS LIKE DEMONS REALLY ARE REAL IN LIFE. And that’s something else you need to KNOW! Because DEMONS REALLY DO WANT TO KILL YOU AND TAKE YOU BELOW. SO WITH THE OTHER CREEPY THINGS THAT HAVE TO DO WITH HOLLOWEEN TRYING TO RUN THE SHOW! THAT’S WHY, WE MUST BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT WE ARE DOING AS WE ENTER INTO HOLLOWEEN’S HORROR ZONE. Because during this SNEAKY SEASON with some INNOCENT PEOPLE not knowing what’s REAL OR PLAY. The REAL DEMONS MAY BE GOING INTO YOUR PLACE. That means WITH THESE CREEPY THINGS HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT. SEEN AS TOYS OR SILLY DECORTATIONS SHADOWED IN A CREEPY LIGHT. A lot of SECRET, SNEAKY, CREEPY UNSETTLING things have been, and will always be happening around HOLLOWEEN! AND YES THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HALLOW-WEEN, AND HOLLOW-WEEN! AND THERE IS ALSO A BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A HOLIDAY, A HOLY-DAY, AND a HOLLOW-DAY too. That's why, Hiding behind the masks and funny decorations, also CONCEALED on TV, while hiding on the movie screens, around this season! A lot of SNEAKY EVIL seems to be going on as we are TAKING THE HALLOW OUT….AND PUTTING THE HOLLOW INTO HOLLOWEEN. And as, we prepare to Celebrate the SNEAKY SEASON, WHILE in the PLAY OF THE DAY ITS EASY TO FORGET THAT THE CREEPY THINGS INCLUDING DEMONS ARE REAL. And with a few of YOU LIVING WITHOUT JESUS CHRIST THAT MEANS IN THAT EVIL TRICK DAY AND NIGHT YOUR LIFE WILL REALLY BE CREEPY! Bottom line. As the summer storms have been leaving us behind, while we are all saying HELL-o to October. We NEED TO BE CAREFUL as we PLAY WITH the familiar yet SCARY FRIGHTENING sights that go bump in the night. And, in the SNEAKY SEASON THAT CAN HAPPEN ANY TIME…. WE MUST REALIZE THAT DEMONS ARE REAL. AND THAT THERE IS A REASON WHY THE CREEPY THINGS AND DEMONS WANT TO COME INTO YOUR HOUSE AND LIFE! Because the THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SCREAM IN THE NIGHT want You to be HAUNTED with many SECRETLY EVIL TRICKY Things all of the time! So embracing this HELLISH….. yet slightly happy WEEN time. Trying to SURVIVE THE CREEPY THINGS IN LIFE. Likewise trying to SURVIVE ANOTHER HOLLOWEEN Night! Doing all of this, while we PRETEND that the Scary Bloody Halloween costumes THAT LOOK LIKE DEMONS covered in Spiders and Spider Webs ARE SAFE? Thinking about BLOODY BONES that are showing up on the skeletons that glow... TO PLAY THAT HOLLOWEEN GAME, THOSE CREEPY things are already starting to appear inside PEOPLES NORMAL HOMES AND ON THEIR WINDOWS. Therefore behind and in front of many DOORS…ALL OF A SUDDEN WHILE THINKING COBWEBS, DEMONS, CREEPY THINGS, SKELETONS, GHOSTS, AND SPIDERS ARE AWESOME! WE ARE ALL LIVING IN HAUNTED HOUSES… That means, behind all our HAUNTED doors, while thinking about the SNEAKY SEASON OF THE DEMONS. IN OUR TEMPORARY INSANITY WE HAVE ACTUALLY EMBRACED AND ACCEPTED THE TRICKY, SCARY, CREEPY things that would normally make us RUN, VOMIT AND SCREAM! But for some reason we aren't Screaming, Running or VOMITING. Because the SNEAKY EVIL, AND THE SECRET GHASTLY THINGS LIKE, WITCHES, OTHER CREEPY THINGS, and DEMONS, are a part of a FUN seasonal celebration called HOLLOWEEN..Yes, that’s the same HOLLOW-DAY that has been TRICKING US INTO SEEING WHAT WE ARE NOT SEEING! So only wanting to SEE THE TREAT AND NEEDING TO IGNORE THE TRICK.. We are starting to celebrate yet another HOLLOW DAY FULL OF SICK CREEPY THINGS! And as, we are doing all of that WE HAVE FORGOTTEN TO SEE WHATS REALLY HAPPENING! That means, thinking more about HOLLOWEEN for some reason, as we are all preparing to Celebrate the SEASON OF THE DEMONS AND OTHER CREEPY THINGS….. Doing that we are INNOCENTLY thinking that viewing these Creepy, Spidery, Ghastly, and Ghostly things residing inside our HAUNTED houses are okay. Just because it is HOLLOW-ween! Therefore in the confusing reality… WHILE WE ARE FORGETTING THAT DEMONS AND OTHER CREEPY THINGS ARE REALLY REAL!! Everywhere you look we are NOT OPEING UP OUR EYES TO THE DEMONS TRICKS THAT ARE THE REAL DEAL! AND THAT BLINDNESS TO THE EVIL IN FRONT OF OUR EYES IS REALLY SCARY AND FRIGHTENING. Because all around us there are extreme indications with TRICKS coming! And SWEET TREATS needed!…… That it's almost TIME FOR THE SNEAKY SEASON OF THE DEMONS! That means, with the DEMONS AND OTHER CREEPY THINGS standing right in our sight. Whether they are called the News Reporters. Cartoons, Movies. TV Shows. Or costumes OF FRIGHT! Everywhere we look we are being TRICK INTO THINIKING HAT WE ARE HEARING AND SEEING ISN’T REAL. AND THAT’S WHY WE NEED TO OPEN OUR EYES! So I say THAT’S ENOUGH OF THE CREEPY LIES. AND I ALSO SAY THIS SNEAKY SEASON OF THE DEMONS NEEDS TO STOP TODAY! That means, this month LETS CALL THE REAL DEMONS out and put the REAL Evil DEMONS, also OTHER CREEPY THINGS and WITCHES away ! YES, LET’S GET EVIL OUT OF OUR HOUSE!. And instead let’s DRESS OUR KIDS UP like PRINCESSES, FLOWERS, also ANGELS, AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT’S NICE. And seeing only the SWEET TREATS BY TURNING OUR BACKS ON THE DEMONS TRICKS let’s TURN HOLLOWEEN BACK INTO HALLOWEEN, by FINDING THE NICE THINGS IN LIFE GIVEN TO US THROUGH OUR SALVATION FOUND IN JESUS CHRIST.... Then Every day of our life lets turn our back on the DEMON, Witches, AND OTHER CREEPY THINGS in our sight! And PUTTING THE NICE AND HALLOW THINGS BACK…lets concentrate on the ANGELS IN OUR LIFE..... Bottom line, MAKING THIS A CLEAN HALLOW- WEEN and a SWEET SEASON this time. Let’s LEAVE THE SNEAKY SEASON OF THE DEMONS BEHIND. AND TAKING OUT THE OTHER CREEPY THINGS THAT MAKE US CRY, LETS TAKE SATAN’S TRICKS OUT OF OUR LIFE!" Joslin Fitzgerald…The Mary Author……. Happily, I know that all of the Above words have blessed your soul and heart with Heavenly Love. And in that Protective, Sharing, Caring Prayer, that will always be full of JESUS’ Amazing Grace that is everywhere. Please know every word I am writing, is Spirit sent in its Guiding direction leading you to.... Your Prayer of Salvation……………….. Dear Jesus, I know I have done bad things in the past. And that I have done bad things today. Also that I will continue to do bad things tomorrow as I am going along my way. Yes that makes me a Sinner, just like everyone else in the world every day, with all of the bad things I am doing and saying. So, because I am a Sinner I know I need a Savior.................... Therefore Jesus, my sins and unhappiness are why I have come to you today, as I am silently praying. Because, I want to be Eternally Happy. And I need to be Forever Saved. Saying that Jesus Christ, I believe that YOU are Gods Holy Son. Jesus I believe you were born on Christmas Day. And Jesus, I believe that you lived a perfect life that is written down in the Bible to teach me what is wrong and show me what is right. And I believe Jesus, that in your love for me that you died on the Cross to save me from all of my sins day and night. Yes Jesus I believe you died, and defeated the grave as you arose from the dead on the third day. That’s why, because of what I believe, right now as I accept my Salvation. I KNOW you will always be Alive forevermore. And I also KNOW that right now you are living inside my heart and soul! SO BELIEVING JESUS that you are the Son of God I am asking for your forgiveness for all my sins that I know, and those I do not know that I have committed, including the ones that I will continue to daily wallow in…. as well as my sins that I do not even know of past present and future. And as, I claim in Your Eternal Scriptural Promise in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that I am now going to Heaven. I likewise claim in my new faith this very Minute that I am SAVED FROM SATAN’S Pain. Because you died for me on the Cross, and in your arising on the third day, I know I will not go to my endless grave. In that statement that just SAVED MY LIFE! Thank you Jesus Christ, because I am now whole since the Holy Spirit lives within my Soul! Therefore in this prayer I believe AND KNOW that I am Born Again into Heavens sight. And in your Biblical Promise of SALVATION written in the scriptures THAT I HAVE JUST RECIEVED EVERLASTING LIFE! Thus as I am asking you to change my blind darkness, to YOUR Guiding Light ….you are forever MY SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST. Amen……………………… Absolutely I pray that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your eternal guiding light, and your Savior today. I know I may never meet you here on earth as we are roaming, but if you truly prayed your prayer, to Jesus… requesting forgiveness of your sins, and asking for your Salvation you are right now this second SAVED. And I will see you when we go Away back home! And making that Saved statement as my Heavenly sister or brother…………… Thank You for reading and enjoying my blog that is being written every day… sometimes very LATE at night, through BLEARY eyes. And yes this night time writing continues to be hard for me. Because taking up to SIX HOURS AT A TIME TO WRITE EACH BLOG POST, to reach the people in the states, as well as those living overseas, this inspirational early morning writing has always been very challenging. And in that challenge WHILE UNABLE TO EDIT AFTER THE BLOG IS POSTED…to do things right, Thank You for overlooking the small typos, and tiny grammatical errors that you might find in some of my writing. By doing that, knowing just like you, I am an imperfect person too. But likewise knowing that even though I am imperfect. That JESUS CHRIST, is Perfect in his beautiful LIFE SAVING message of Heavenly Eternity! Please know you have just been sweetly prayed for. As I am also asking that you are praying for me all of the time in the same way!.............. And on another note if you would like to look at and purchase my 16 Children’s Books that will teach the sweet children in your life funny, important life lessons. And to ALSO buy the coordinating Animated Audio DVD Book MOVIES that when played on your TV, computer ect, will make my one of a kind stories come alive right in front of your child’s eyes!….. Please go to my web site And in the meantime. Thank you for your prayers and support you are giving me daily. Please know that all of your sweet encouraging words and sweet emails are Uplifting my life, and my writing, as I too am praying for You night and day…….. while I am going along my Mary way……….

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