Saturday, October 30, 2021


“Good morning world.! What do the Clue filled words PLEASE DON’T SCARE THE KIDS mean to you, your family, and friends. And knowing that there is yet another HOLLOWday event that’s coming around the bend. In that HOLLOW day line of guidance that has to do with Everything! To find out what any of that means. HERE AGAIN IS YET ANOTHER CLEAR, NICE, KIND, POLITE REQUEST that has to do with HOLLOWeen....SO LET ME SAY THIS ONCE AGAIN! PLEASE DON’T SCARE THE KIDS!!! And making that SAFE STATEMENT and PROTECTIVE request of you. While still thinking about WHO YOU ARE GOING TO BE FOR HOLLOWeen OR HALLOWEEN too. Additionally thinking about WHO YOU NEED TO BE! Likewise thinking about COSTUMES and MASKS WHO REPESENT WHO YOU DON’T WANT TO BE. To see the DIFFERENCE in many things. Let’s again think some more about WHO YOU ARE GOING TO BE FOR HOLLOWeen! And that’s an important inquiry. Because WHO YOU ARE GOING TO BE FOR HALLOWEEN, DEPENDS ON WHO YOU WILL DRESS UP AS FOR HOLLOWEEN. So as the FALL SEASON COMES TO AN END to know what that means! And to ALSO KNOW WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING! AND WHAT YOU SHOULD NOT BE DOING TOO! Since some of you MISGUIDED BUT VERY NICE People still like to make the HOLLOWeen night and the HOLLOW day all about DRESSING UP LIKE BLOODY ZOMBIES, UGLY MONSTERS, SICK WITCHES, UGLY GHOSTS, and a HOST OF OTHER FRIGHTENING DYING AND DEAD Things. While some of you perfectly lovely people THINK THAT BECOMING TORTURED Creatures AND CRAZY FRIGHTENING MURDERING PEOPLE are okay since that all has to do with HOLLOWeen. PRETENDING THAT YOU ARE WHO YOU DON’T WANT TO BE! You need to realize IF YOU WANT TO TERRIFY YOURSELF, OR HORRIFY YOUR FAMILY, AND TRAUMATIZE YOUR FRIENDS, WHILE BEING SOMEBODY WHO YOU SHOULD NOT BE! THAT’S ANOTHER PERSONAL CHOICE DECISION THAT’S UP TO YOU THAT WILL AFFECT EVERYBODY! BUT EVEN THOUGH YOU THINK IT’S OKAY TO LOOK LIKE A BLOODY MESS ON THAT HOLLOW DAY and HAUNTED EVE. JUST KEEP IN MIND MANY OF US DON’T FEEL THE SAME WAY ABOUT BEING FRIGHTENED. THAT MEANS, JUST LIKE THE KIDS ADULTS DON’T WANT TO BE FRIGHTENED EITHER. THAT’S WHY, IT IS WRONG TO SCARE ANYBODY! So TO MAKE SURE THAT EVERYBODY HAS A GOOD TIME TOMORROW NIGHT! Let me say this again.... PLEASE DON'T FRIGHTEN THE ADULTS OR THE KIDS! And making that PROTECTIVE PLEADING statement, while thinking about the ARRIVING HAUNTED NIGHT HOLLOW DAY. Knowing the word HOLLOW means... Being Empty and having No meaning. Next knowing that the word HALLOW means...being full of LOVE, KINDNESS, NICENESS, POLITENESS, CARING, AND PEACE! While still staying with my same Sweet HALLOWEEN or Tricky HOLLOW-een theme. We all know it is the night before POOR MISUNDERSTOOD HALLOWeen! That means, it is the night before the TRICK OR TREAT HOLLOW day begins again. And that means, it’s actually the day right before we feel like it is Okay to ACCEPT CANDY FROM THE STRANGERS ON THE STREET WHO WE MEET. HOLLOWeen likewise means… its Alright to talk to the EVIL looking people we greet. Additionally HOLLOWeen means…. it is OKAY to play dead AND TO LOOK LIKE YOU ARE DYING in odd TERRIFYING ways that evening. AND HOLLOWeen also means…. WHILE PLAYING SPOOKY MUSIC it’s ALRIGHT TO PRETEND THAT YOU ARE BEING MURDERED, TORTURED, WHILE SCREAMING! But Wait.....IS THAT REALLY A GOOD WAY TO PLAY on HALLOWeen? Because NOT Every-body feels that same way it seems! That's why, WITH MANY OF US NOT WANTING TO BE SCARED TO DEATH! AND WITH MANY OF US NOT WANTING TO BE SENT INTO A CARDIAC ARREST! AND WITH MANY OF US NOT WANTING TO BE TAKEN OFF INTO AN EARLY MURDERED ETERNAL REST! With EVERY BODY WANTING TO HAVE A NICE TIME IN A CLEAN SAFE WAY! Today I want to remind you that TOMORROW NIGHT, as the old and young alike are COMING OUT PLAY. While trying to have GOOD CLEAN SWEET TREAT FUN Each in their own way..... that NOT everybody thinks taking treats from strangers. Or talking to Evil looking people! While SCREAMING! Or playing dead… WHILE LOOKING LIKE YOU ARE BEING MURDERED,TORTURED, OR DYING WHILE BEING FED TO MOANING DEMONS is neat or Okay!... Therefore as we open up our doors. We must understand there NEEDS TO BE A SAFE PLACE for those WHO WANT TO PLAY THE RIGHT WAY! That's why, to show THE KIDS OF EVERY AGE the softer side of life! There are things we need to do and other things we must not say too if we want this to be a safe Holiday Night! Bottom line, there are some special things that we need to do that will make sure everything is alright on HALLOW-een’s Eve! So following the GOLDEN Rule of "DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU!" In review, we must be kind to the kids who are sweetly saying TRICK OR TREAT or BOO TO YOU! That’s why, looking only for tasty treats, praying to avoid any mean SICK ICKY TRICKS that might be highlighted by the Witches flying by in the moonlight. We each need to be Kind to ALL of the KIDS OF ALL AGES tomorrow night. Because tomorrow night there will be many PLAYFUL TINY CHILDLIKE Vampires, Giants, Ghosts, also some Ghouls too knocking on our door, seen out and about on our streets. THAT MEANS, THERE WILL BE THOSE WHO DONT HAVE A CLUE WHAT BEING DEAD, DYING, MURDERED, TORTURED, SCREAMING, OR EVIL REALLY MEANS! YES THERE WILL BE CHILDREN WHO HAVE BEEN UNSUSPECTIVELY, PUT INTO FRIGHTENING BLOODY COSTUMES THAT ARE VERY DISGUSTING! Therefore, to me in that WEIRD Playtime alien invasion we all need to be Cautious, Courteous, and Caring to the little girlie zombies and headless tiny men out there who we meet and greet. Yes indeed, as the SAFE HOMES THAT THEY KNOW BECOME HAUNTED HOUSES. At the same time that the TRUSTED ADULTS NEXT DOOR THAT THE KIDS LIKE AND LOVE, are being weirdly transformed and invaded by witches, vampires, and terrifying ghosts also ghouls and THUGS..... Everybody must realize WITH DEMONS BEING REAL, IN A HIDDEN ADJENDA that there is a WHOLE lot more going on behind-the-scenes on Halloween, while the children are out, and about looking for candy to trade, also eat. That's why, WE all need to be aware that much more will always be happening on this scary day! As the darling masked children also known as neat SWEET TREAT seeking Rockets are playing, and PRAYING TO GET HOME SAFE! Therefore, as THE KIDS are knocking on our door, while innocently walking up to us, or sweetly straying into our webbed nests of HORRIBLE things. We all need to know that much more will always be going on for sure during HOLLOW-or HALLOWeen! So, in that Tricky statement as THE KIDS are asking us for candy, NOT WANTING THEM TO BE HAUNTED BY SCARY NIGHTMARES FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES! We need to know THE DIFFERENCE between a Tricky Hollow-een. And a SWEET TREAT Happy HALLOW-een! So to put THE HALLOW back into HALLOWeen as WE TAKE THE HOLLOW things out! To make HALLOW een NICE, KIND, and POLITE again. We need to ask ourselves…. Do we KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING AS WE ARE CELEBRATING EVIL THINGS. And also thinking about the kids do we really know what issues are hiding behind the children's MASKS? Do we really know how fast their little hearts are beating in their chests? And Without asking, while looking at the weird shadows they cast... Do we know if THE CHILD HIDING BEHIND THE MASK is actually happy to be out and about? Do we really know what's going on inside of their heads, as they walk the streets of the worm filled dead? Do we know if they are painfully shy? Do we know if any of the young ones hiding behind their costumes going on by are silently crying ? And not knowing the answers to those TRICKY questions without knowing why they are shy… or if they are crying…. We need to nicely ask THE KIDS how they are doing! Then asking that “Hi how are you” question as the HAUNTED night try's to pass by....thinking about THE CHILDREN passing our way as they grab the treats and candy then dash away. TO KEEP EVERYBODY SAFE. THE ADULTS NEED TO KEEP WEARING THEIR PROTECTIVE MASKS! And by DOING THAT we NEED TO SAFELY PUT THE PAST SWEET TREAT BACK INTO HALLOWEEN. So, in doing all of those things, we should NOT SCARE OR FRIGHTENED THE CHILDREN. We should also NOT embarrass them on that evening. And if they do not say anything when we hand them their treats. We should NOT lose our temper or scold them as they are leaving. We should also not make fun of THE KIDS, or mock them if they do not respond appropriately by saying "Thank you." right away. Additionally we should not get mad if THE KIDS IN ANYWAY do not laugh or play, while peeking over their see and say mask brims.... looking into our scary unfamiliar faces. And, we should also not demand ANY KIDS to do any tricks for us, or scream, or harass them as the sugary tempting candy is passed! And nobody should try to shoot them, or act like they will eat them, or kill them! BECAUSE WHAT YOU THINK IS INNOCENT PLAY ACTING IS ACTUALLY QUITE REAL TO A CHILD! So, making HALLOW een SWEET, PEACEFUL, AND CLEAN AGAIN in every way. In that HALLOWeen task while silently seeking their safety..... We should GIVE THE KIDS THE REAL SWEET TREAT THAT LASTS EVERYDAY. That means, DRESSING UP LIKE NICE, KIND, and POLITE PEOPLE! WHILE BEING WHO WE NEED TO BE! As THE KIDS walk up and trot away….we should Silently PRAY FOR THEIR SOUL AND SAFETY!!! And that way we should also PRAY for them to stay safe throughout their life, as they grab their candy and dash away! Yes indeed by FOLLOWING THE GOLDEN RULE….TO BE WHO YOU NEED TO BE! AND TO DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT OTHERS TO DO UNTO YOU TOO….. There will always be many things we should NOT do on HALLOWeen eve! And the number one THING is.... WE SHOULD NOT SCARE THE KIDS! Because on that FRIGHTENING HOLLOWeen night filled with Fright. WITH SOME OF YOU BEING WHO YOU SHOULD NOT BE! We need to be SWEETLY reminded that our innocent ANGELIC CHILDREN hiding behind their smiles ARE ALREADY FEARFUL WHILE TRICK OR TREATING on that SCARY FRIGHTENING HOLLOWeen! After all…… Haven't we always told our kids.... Always STAY AWAY FROM THE EVIL looking things that they see! And DO NOT ACCEPT CANDY from the strangers who they meet. Also DO NOT TALK TO THE ODD SCARY PEOPLE who they are greeting. And DO NOT SCREAM, TORTURE, OR MURDER ANYBODY! IN GENERAL HAVEN’T WE ALWAYS TOLD OUR KIDS TO AVOID THE FRIGHTENING THINGS AROUND THEM THAT WILL HURT AND SCARE THEM. AND YES THAT’S WHAT WE TELL THEM….BUT WAIT NOW WE ARE TELLING THEM THE SAME THINGS TO NO APPLY ON HOLLOWEEN….. BECAUSE NOW YOU ARE TELLING THE KIDS ALL OF THOSE SAFTY PRECAUSTIONS WERE A BIG MISTAKE. And ON HOLLOWeen all of THAT IS OKAY!?. WOAH WAIT… now all of a sudden ON THIS ONE WEIRD, TOPSY TURVY NIGHT AND DAY. BEING WHO YOU SHOULD NEVER BE WHILE ACTING LIKE YOU ARE DYING, OR BEING MURDERED, OR BEING TORTURED, OR BEING MEAN, OR BEING EVIL IS OKAY!?..... .Just because it is HOLLOW-ween? Yes to them that HUGE CONFUSING Contradiction of instruction is very Scary and Puzzling! So bottom line one more time... LET’S TURN THE TIDE. AND TOMORROW NIGHT LETS PUT THE SWEET TREAT BACK INTO HALLOWeen.! AND BEING WHO YOU NEED TO BE. That means, please be SWEET to those your meet! PLEASE DON’T DRESS UP AS EVIL THINGS. PLEASE DON’T ACT LIKE YOU ARE BEING TORTURED, OR THAT YOU WILL SOON BE EATING OR MURDERING THE KIDS! And INSTEAD OF ENJOYING EVIL THINGS. LET’S FILL HALLOWeen with NICENESS, KINDNESS, POLITNESS, AND LOVE FOR EVERYBODY. And as we ALL BECOME WHO WE NEED TO BE. While we ALL SWEETLY HAND OUT SAFE TREATS, by NICELY Greeting, and Meeting the CHILDREN as they walk away. Please WHAT EVER YOU DO …. DO NOT SCARE THE KIDS.... OR FRIGHTEN THE ADULTS on Halloween... or any day in-between!” Joslin Fitzgerald. ...The Mary Author…….

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