Sunday, October 31, 2021


“Good morning world!. What do the words BOO TO YOU, and the GOLDEN RULE too… mean to you? Also what do the words BOO TO YOU, and the GOLDEN RULE mean to your daily routine, and rescue? And to understand the difference between many things those are more insightful WHO YOU NEED TO BE questions, and WHO YOU SHOULD NOT BE inquires! So in review, the words BOO TO YOU, connected to the HOLLOW-een theme, will always mean many things! And starting off that means, the days are getting closer to the end of Fall's scene. And as, the seasons keep evaporating that additionally means, time will always be getting closer to the finish of Octobers SPOOKY schemes. Likewise that SPOOKY BOO TO YOU, and SNEAKY HOLLOWeen theme, also means TODAY IS THE END OF OCTOBER’S HOPES, AND DREAMS. And the end of OCTOBER furthermore means, that we are just starting off into the WEE Beginning hours of HALLOW-een, or HOLLOWeen! Therefore knowing that a few of you still do not know what any of that means TO WHO YOU NEED TO BE! Also knowing that there are still a few of you who DON’T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HALLOWeen-and HOLLOWeen. While peeking behind HALLOW-eens door, by following up with my blogs season themes. Once more.... Thinking about the PAST, PRESENT, and the FUTURE OF THINGS TOO! I want to write some more about THE TRICK OR TREAT RULES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH…. DOING UNTO OTHERS… AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU! That’s why, following along those HALLOW or HOLLOW lines, to TIE THE WHOLE OCTOBER MONTH TOGETHER. TO MAKE SURE YOU WILL BE WHO YOU NEED TO BE! I WILL KEEP TALKING TO YOU ABOUT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HOLLOWeen and HALLOW-een! And trying to find out how the words BOO TO YOU, have anything to do with the GOLDEN RULE... I will also talk to you about the HALLOW rules that you need to follow too! That means, thinking about the words BOO TO YOU.... I will additionally be chatting with you about the GODLEN RULE TOO! So, wondering how the GOLDEN RULE.. Has anything to do with HALLOW-een’s SPOOKY CONFUSED Theme. Since HALLOWeen has NOTHING TO DO WITH HOLLOW een. Because HALLOWeen will never have anything to do with anything that’s SPOOKY, or CREEPY! Knowing that you need to be RESCUED from many HOLLOW things. While Thinking about things that are HALLOW, let’s talk about the GOLDEN RULE….. Which in review will always be A HEAVENLY RULE …. That Will tell us all…. What NOT TO DO….AND WHAT TO DO TOO, every day, especially on HALLOWeen. So, thinking along those SPOOKY, CREEPY, or NICE, POLITE, and KIND lines. Let’s additionally think about what will be happening this HOLLOWeen night! And TAKING THE HOLLOW out of the HAUNTED EVENING. Let’s additionally see how we can put the FUN, PEACEFUL, HALLOW, CLEAN, SAFE, NICE, KIND, POLITE TIMES Back into HEAVENLY HALLOW-een!…. Next in that process of RE-THINKING EVERYTHING that has to do with HALLOW or HOLLOW. Let’s find out how to take the HORROR OUT OF THE HOLLOW day and NIGHT! And to make sure you know what I mean, by following the NICE, KIND, and POLITE GOLDEN RULES FOR ALL TO SEE..... While DOING UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU! TO PUT THE HALLOW back in HALLOWeen,as you take the SPOOKY, EEEEEY, CREEPY things out. LET’S FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE THAT TELLS US WHAT LIFES RESCUE IS ALL ABOUT …YES LETS FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE THAT TELLS US ALL TO DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU! SO KNOWING YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR KIDS TO BE SCARED INTO DECEASING BY SOME BAD ACTING LIFE AFTER DEATH MOMMY MUMMIES BREATH. ALSO KNOWING THAT YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR CHILDREN TO BE SO FRIGHTENED BY SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS TO THEM, THAT THEY GO INTO CARDIAC ARREST! AND KNOWING THAT YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR KIDS TO BE SO TRAMATIZED BY SOMETHING THEY SEE THAT THEY WILL HAVE A LIFE TIME OF NIGHTMARES FULL OF SILENT CRYING AND MISERY. LIKEWISE KNOWING THAT YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR KIDS TO HEAR SO MANY FRIGHTENING SCREAMS AND PETRIFYING CRIMINAL SHRIEKS THAT THEY WILL NEVER SLEEP PEACEFULLY. ADDITIONALLY KNOWING YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR KIDS TO BE HAUNTED BY THE DEMONS POISONED MUSIC TO THE POINT THAT THEY WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO REST EASILY. TO MAKE SURE THAT OTHERS PEACEFULLY SLEEP. AND TO ALSO MAKE SURE BY DOING THE RIGHT THINGS THAT YOU HAVE SWEET DREAMS! EVERYDAY YOU MUST DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY! That means, YOU must NOT meet the Neighbor kids at the door Screaming Bloody Murder, while you are in your lost in your HOLLOWeen INSANITY. That furthermore means, You SHOULD NOT greet the children coming to your door, dripping in your disgusting BLOODY gangrene gauze ANYMORE! Sadly, those are HORRIBLE, FRIGHTENING BUTCHERED Missing Head disturbing images none of us wants! That's why, NOT WANTING TO SEE the CREEPY store bought ooozzing sores on people’s faces YOU NEED TO CHANGE YOUR WAY OF THINKING..... Because TO MAKE SURE THAT ALL OF THE KIDS OF EVERY AGE HAVE SWEET DREAMS! We should Each remember that a Friendly Stabbed neighbor in a Screaming 911 Crisis who is needing to go to the ER for a LIFE SAVING Operation… …. WILL NEVER BE SEEN AS CHILDS PLAY!…AND TO A KID AT PLAY WITH PEOPLE POINTING GUN AT THME….OR RUNNING AFTER THEM WITH KNIFES! THOSE HORRFYING IMAGES WILL ALWAYS BE TERRIFYING AND NOT FUNNY, NOT NICE, OR AMUSING IN ANYWAY!!! Additionally on HOLLOW EEEEK EVE! A nice mother, or kind trusted father showing up at the door wearing BLOOD STAINED clothes SCREAMING THAT SOMEBODY HAS JUST BEEN MURDERED!…Might be delightfully fun for some? But for the SILENTLY CRYING KIDS hiding their tears away behind their masks at night.... all of that THUG BEHAVIOR will soon be a TERRIFYING RECURRING SIGHT THAT THEY WILL NEVER FORGET DAY OR NIGHT. BECAUSE THE INTRODUCTION TO THAT KIND OF FEAR AND PAIN WILL BE A LIFE CHANGING TERRIFYING IMAGE IN THEIR MIND THAT WILL GO INTO THEIR FRIGHTENING MEMORY AS A HAUNTING NIGHTMARE FOR THE REST OF THEIR DAYS! Therefore, seeing somebody they know in the neighborhood..... Who is now sporting a Witches Green wart on their nose....will NOT LEAD TO SWEET DREAMS! Instead THE CANDY SEEKING KIDS ON THE STREET will find NO SLEEP IF YOU ACT LIKE YOU WANT TO KILL THEM!!!..... And reliving a HOLLOW-EEEEKKKING FRIGHTENING DREAM hidden inside all that terror found in an adults troubling SCARY HAUNTING…. THE HIDING KIDS MAY NEVER GET OVER THE FACT THAT YOU WANT TO EAT THEM ALIVE!.... Bottom line, WITH YOU PLAY ACTING THAT YOU ARE DYING.... OR WILL BE MURDERING THEM! TO A CHILD YOUR DISTURBED DEMONIC FANTASY CRASHING INTO THEIR SWEET TREAT HEAVENLY REALITY WILL BE TERRIFYING! AND TO A YOUNG ONE THAT LASTING NIGHTMARE INDUCED HORROR WILL NEVER BE AMUSING as it leads to A LIFETIME of needed THERAPY! That means to a child…. that kind of ADULT WARPED SENSE OF HUMOR is now and will always be very CONFUSING AND TRAUMATIZING! Understandably in the same way a GORE DRIPPING ROPE draped around your swollen neck will SECRETLY SCAR THEM FOREVER AND A DAY. And a BLOODY RUBBER KNIFE THAT LOOKS REAL sticking out of the head of a trusted neighbor, with a caved in bruised chest will never be CleAver! And just like a Mommy dressed as a MUMMY carrying a SHARP PLASTIC HATCHT as she is Saying she wants to EAT THEM ALIVE! In THAT MESSY REALITY AS THE SICK TRICK OF FANTASY AND THE SWEET TREAT OF REALITY COLLIDES there will be no PEACE ON EARTH ANY NIGHT!….. Because none of that WILL EVER BE the best image for SWEET DREAMS! Additionally that will never be a good example on how to behave for the rest of their time! AND IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME WHEN I TELL YOU THAT HOLLOWEEN CAN TERRIFY YOU AND SCAR YOU FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!! JUST THINK ABOUT YOUR TIME LINE. AND THINK BACK TO THE SPOOKY THINGS THAT ARE STILL HAUNTING YOUR NIGHTMARES AND SIGHT! YES THINK ABOUT THE HORRIFYING PAST TRACK MAGES THAT WILL ALWAYS BE TIED TO YOUR CHILDHOODS FRIGHTENING MEMORIES. THEN RECALL YOUR HORRIFIC MEMORIES THAT WILL ALWAYS BE CONNECTED TO PAST SICK TRICKS AND YOUR EVIL NEIGHBORHOOD IMAGES YOU HAD TO SEE WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD OUT AND ABOUT JUST TRYING TO GET CANDY…. AND REMEMBER HOW YOU FELT WHEN YOU WERE TRYING NOT TO MURDERED ON YOUR OLD HOLLOW EEEEKS! Bottom line, just REMEMBER that WE ALL KNOW PERSONALLY HOW TERRIFYING HOLLOWeen can really be! That’s why, as an Adult we also KNOW PERSONALLY…. THAT THE CHILD CAN NOT COMPREHEND ….. WHY THE PERSON NEXT DOOR is all of A SUDDEN a BLOOD SUCKING ZOOMBIE! No a child will NEVER UNDERSTAND why a person next door has all of a sudden started Moaning and Groaning while viciously being Strangled, or Mutilated, then SHOT in a dreadful Stickup..... AND IF YOU COME TO THE DOOR LIKE THAT …DRENCHED IN GORE AND BLOOD. THAT HORROR Will always lead to Many Unsettled SECRET Mentally disturbed scenes IN THAT ONGOING FRIGHTENING AFTER MATH......Because FOR A CHILD Going along YOUR SAME TRICKY CHILDHOOD AFTERMATH PATH, THEY WILL NEVER GET OVER THAT! That means, JUST LIKE YOU WERE TRAMATIZED, while Seeing your best friend’s sister looking like she was dead after a car crash. That DISTURBING image OF DEMISE WILL NOT make an unrestful child happy in their treat seeking quest. And even though for some ODD WEIRD reason ONE NIGHT OUT OF THE YEAR that pretend Horrific PAINFUL misery to some of you is fun or FUNNY!?.... TO A SMALL ONE.... NOT KNOWING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REALITY AND FANTASY..... That Pretending HORROR that YOU ARE ENJOYING? Could stick with the child indefinitely! And just like the SICKENING IMAGES that you NEED RESCUED from, that keep coming from YOUR CHILDHOOD THAT STILL HAUNT YOU TODAY... Seeing your parents playing dead, with knife wounds in their heads..... WILL ALWAYS show up in a LIFETIME OF BAD FRIGHTFUL MEMORIES....BECAUSE THOSE GRUESOME SCENES WILL LAY EMBEDDED IN THEIR MINDS AS HORRIBLE NEVER ENDING NIGHTMARES THAT WILL NOT GO AWAY! So, I know IF YOU ARE BEING HONEST WITH YOURSELF... you TOO have some of those SAME HIDEOUS Scary LIFE TIME Suppressed SECRET HORRIFIC…. HOLLOW-een Memories that have STILL been Mentally HAUNTING you TODAY! THAT’S WHY TO FIND THE ESCAPE FROM THE FEAR AND PAIN so THE KIDS NEVER HAVE TO BE IN THAT SICK TRAP. We all need to remember as the kids come near..... Trembling in fears with their Secretive HOW CAN WE GET OUT OF HERE ALIVE THOUGHTS connected to THEIR HAUNTED DREAMS this year! ….. As HOLLOWeen's SCREAMS become a LIFETIME OF CRIPPLING THERAPY SESSIONS..... Or as HOLLOWeen's SHRIEKS become a FRIGHTENING white coat weekly meeting.... Or as HOLLOW-EEEEEKS and SCREECHES are actually attached to a REAL MURDER and those actions become a SCARY JAIL SENTENCE … REMEMBER YOU WILL BE THE ONE WHO THE KIDS WILL NAME FOR THEIR REQUIRED THERAPY! AND YOU WILL BE THE TORTURED REASON FOR THEIR LOCK UP NEEDED RELEASE! YES YOU (WHO FIRST TORTURED THEM) will also be the one WHO THE ADULT CHILDREN WILL NAME as they blame YOU for their stress, misguided direction, and Misery that happened BECAUSE OF YOU on ONE TERRYING CHILDHOOD HOLLOWEEN NIGHT! So, not wanting to pay that Scary High Mental health bill PRICE after THE KIDS keep losing sleep! AND NOT WANTING TO HAVE TO SEND THEM BAIL MONEY. ALSO NOT WANTING THEIR SCREAMS TO HAUNT YOUR NIGHTMARES! How can you Stop Nice HALLOW-een from being a Frightening HOLLOW EEEEK SCREAM? So, one more time, before we say good bye to October’s time! HOW CAN YOU TURN A TRICK INTO A TREAT OF A LIFE TIME! How can you REINVENT HALLOWEEN’S FRIGHTFUL NIGHT? HOW CAN YOU TURN A NIGHTMARE INTO A SWEET DREAM that will last the rest of their life? Bottom line. HOW CAN YOU MAKE THIS SPOOKY, SCARY, HOLLOW-day INTO A GREAT SAFE HALLOW day MEMORY! Well that too is EASY! And all you have to do IS STOP… SAYING BOO TO YOU! AND FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE! YES ALL YOU HAVE TO DO…TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE AND THE KIDS WILL ALWAYS BE SAFE, HAPPY, AND PEACEFUL… YOUR WHOLE LIFE THROUGH…. IS TO DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU! That means, to keep from being a part of the KIDS NIGHTMARES AND TO STOP THEIR WEEPING! ALSO TO MAKE SURE THAT THEY NEVER NEED JAIL MONEY, OR A LIFE TIME OF THERAPY...… Please remember that CHILDREN AND SOME ADULTS have a hard time knowing the difference between Actuality and fantasy! Therefore, while FOLLOWING THE GOLDEN RULE... TO DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU! Before you open up the door we must remember to be Gentle around the Children no matter how old they are. And we need to watch our mouth and guard our off colored BOOO TO YOU remarks! Because, these impressionable minds are also very tender SWEET HEAVENLY HEARTS. So PLEASE BE NICE AND KIND TO THE KIDS and their accompanying ADULTS AS THEY KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR AND WALK AWAY... AND DON’T MAKE THEM AFRAID OF THE DARK TONIGHT OR ANY DAY! Saying that.... let's all REMEMBER to put the HAPPY, PEACEFUL, CLEAN, SAFETY BACK IN HALLOW-een! And as, we take the Evil HOLLOW scheme out of the Demonic screaming part! Please consider the CHILDREN’S AND THE OTHER ADULT’S BEST INTEREST right from the start! Happily LET’S CONCENTRATE ON THE ANGELS AND NOT THE DEVILS IN OUR LIFE! Then let's offer the TREAT NOT A TRICK to the PEOPLE going by! Bottom line, let's NOT TRAUMATIZE THE KIDS by SCREAMING WE WANT TO EAT YOU ALIVE! AND LET’S NOT SHRIEK BLOODY MURDER in their FACE. And instead let's set GREAT CLEAN…. DO UNTO OTHER GOLD RULE examples showing the children AND THE ADULTS too what’s good, bad, wrong, and right in everything we do. Then in that FOREVER HAPPY CLUE… BY FOLLOWING THE GOLDEN RULE... A GOLD RULE THAT TELLS ALL OF US TO DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU! LETS BE KIND. YES LET’S BE POLITE. LIKEWISE LET’S BE NICE! And lets take the Witch, Ghouls, DEMONS, also BOO TO YOU, and MONSTERS TOO.... out of the HOLLOW HAUNTED night! Next, let’s put the SWEET HEAVENLY TREATS into HALLOWeen's moonlight! And LET’S NOT FRIGHTEN, SCARE OR TRAMATIZE THE CHILDREN THIS TIME….. And when you say Trick or Treat in their life let’s TAKE THE NIGHTMARE OUT OF THE TRICK. And PUTTING THE SWEET TREAT BACK IN AGAIN. Let’s make sure THAT THE KIDS AND ADULTS HAVE SWEET DREAMS DAY AND NIGHT! Bottom line one more time. When you say BOO TO YOU..... REMEMBER IT’S A CHILD OF SOME AGE from 1 to 100 too, who will be STANDING IN FRONT OF YOU..... Yes that IS AN INNOCENT CHILD OF JESUS CHRIST’S who’s learning to be Nice, mean, Cool, or rude who You will be meeting and greeting when you say Hi and Good bye! So taking the SCARY SICK TRICKS, and THE SPOOKY BOO TO YOU out of the night.... Let’s DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THEM TO DO UNTO YOU ALL OF THE TIME! And in review….. Following the ABOVE DIVINE CLUES of life. Let’s put the Cool Sweet HEAVENLY TREATS back into HALLOW-een! While TAKING THE BOO…. OUT this time! Then following the GOLDEN RULE…OF DOING UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WANT THINGS DONE UNTO YOU all your life through.... You, will FIND your time on Earth will be much Nicer, Politer, Happier, and Kinder TOO! " Joslin Fitzgerald….The Mary Author.......

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