Monday, August 2, 2021


"Good morning world.. What do you think about when I say Once Upon A Time? And thinking about Time, likewise writing about the seasons that keep flying by. That’s another interesting starting and stopping question of mine. So staying with that TIME FLYING BY LINE. While being a Writer of children's books. This ONCE UPON A TIME line of thought is always on my mind. Because writing about HAPPILY EVER AFTER day and night, I think about ONCE UPON A TIME, all of the time! So as I am finishing up my 17th children's book that will be for sale very soon! While I am trying to get your mind off of the Virus, Fires, Violence, Hurricanes, Tornados, Flu, and all of LIFES OTHER PAINS too. Today I thought I would change things up a little bit in a fun CHILDLIKE way. That's why, connecting my two worlds of thought together, while thinking about LIFE AS AN ADULT… joined in with your PAST TIME as a child! I thought I would write this blog post about…. ONCE UPON A TIME. And making that ONCE UPON A TIME, statement of mine. Knowing that we are all TRYING TO GET TO OUR HAPPILY EVER AFTER! As you know, yesterday I was writing about the last sights and sounds of summertime’s happiness and laughter. So, realizing whether we are all still thinking about the DELIGHTFUL DIVINE LIFE SAVING sounds and sights of our sunrises that still make us SMILE.... Or whether we keep thinking back to the disappointments found in our past childhood sunsets that have left us CRYING.... We all need to realize that everything in our life started out with.... A ONCE UPON A TIME......So realizing, everything in our LIFE is about ONCE UPON A TIME…With all of us searching for our HAPPILY EVER AFTER that needs to be found. In that EVER AFTER line, there will always be a BEGINNING AND AN END TO EVERYTHING. So realizing TIME WILL FLY BY. AND TIME WILL LEAVE YOU BEHIND. You likewise need to realize that the STORY OF YOUR LIFE will always be written IN BETWEEN THE LINES. That’s why, to WRITE THE STORY THAT WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY. To also find your HAPPILY EVER AFTER that will always be good to know. Because LIFE WILL ALWAYS BE ABOUT THE TIME IN-BETWEEN THE LAST SHOW! So, knowing… RIGHT NOW THAT YOU ARE LIVING SOMEWHERE INBETWEEN THE LINES. To connect my thoughts about Earth and Heaven. And to make sure that we all find our HAPPILY EVER AFTER IN PARADISE. I am going to write the next couple of posts like A CHILDREN’S BOOK ABOUT LIFE. And stating that beginning fact, I know that you will agree with me in our STORY LIFE LINE, whether it be fall, winter, spring, or summertime….. That our ONCE UPON A TIMES..... Will always be intriguing, exciting, and yet a little bit TERRIYING, and FRIGHTENING! That's why, changing things up again before we shut summers "before and after" door.... Today I thought I would write a little bit more about, Beginnings and Ends.... Sunsets and Sunrises. I also thought I would talk a little bit more about the NOWS and BEFORES, that have everything to do with our ONCE UPON A TIMES and Once More! So, Happily TRYING TO KEEP OUR MINDS AWAY FROM THE EVIL REALITIES that keep plaguing us shore to shore. This new CHILD LIKE MAGICAL change of my mind, will be falling right in line with my continuing thoughts about my new CHILDRENS BOOK and summertime. And writing this post like an ADULT’S CHILDREN’S BOOK will be a fun time! Because, TRYING TO KEEP YOUR MIND OFF OF BEING SICK, CRYING, AND Dying. I have found that writing children's books, just like looking forward to the BEST THINGS IN LIFE....THAT TIME HAS BECOME A FRIEND OF MINE. And NOT being Afraid of the IN-BETWEEN LINES OF LIFE! I HAVE LIKEWISE LEARNED HOW TO SURVIVE MY ONCE UPON A TIMES! So wanting to pass down that SURVIVAL SECRET for PEACE and QUIET to you! With my mind preoccupied with the release of my new CHILDRENS BOOK too. Realizing all of my original Children’s stories will always begin with ONCE UPON A TIME... LIKE IN LIFE my stories will likewise End with HAPPILY EVER AFTER EVERY TIME.....So, in that familiar writing line Clue, I thought I would switch my blogs theme to something that means a lot to me, and you. Because...… ONCE UPON A TIME we were all childlike! And in the Beginning when we opened up our Eyes ….ONCE UPON A TIME….. TIME WAS ONCE A FRIEND OF YOURS AND MINE! That’s why, searching for HAPPILY EVER AFTER IN BE-TWEEN THE LINES OF LIFE....…as children WE WERE NOT AFRAID OF TIME or LIFE... After all that’s how every delightful STORY OF THE HEART starts out with it’s the first line! So saying that the START OF THE HEART BEAT….. Is where it all begins!.. As we are heading to THE END OF A LOT OF THINGS…. AS ADULTS who are always trying to STAY YOUNG AT HEART. We have already found out that ONCE UPON A TIME…. will forever be very important to you and me day and night. Because just like in a beautiful original fairy tale of mine...... Everybody believes..... That ONCE UPON A TIME…. will ALWAYS make everything alright! That's why, we all know for us to have a HAPPY ENDING to our HAPPILY EVER AFTER…. That Everybody must first have a delightful ONCE UPON A TIME in their life! Therefore closing realities door, TRYING TO SURVIVE THE IN BE-TWEEN TIMES NOW AND BEFORE. While temporarily leaving the Pain and sunburn of my summertime's theme behind. To COOL things off. Today I thought I would do something different once more…, one more time…. That means, still thinking about summertime, as a Professional Author who loves to write Original Fairy tales for young and the younger. I thought I would tell you another kind of new and old story this morning. And as, we gather together, lets listen to a familiar ONCE UPON A TIME tale being told. So, changing my summertime theme to something IN-BETWEEN that also means a lot to you and me.... Like all good stories will do IN THEIR BEGINNING LINES, lets start with ONCE UPON A TIME... And that’s a great place to start, since all stories will always be mixed in with secret SURVIVAL clues and the HIDDEN TRUTHS ABOUT LIFE…. That’s why, this post of mine will also be starting off with the words..... ONCE UPON A TIME …. So, starting this STORY OF THE HEART OFF....with all of us living somewhere in the land of Amazing Fantasy…. and Conjoined Reality…. Searching for our story’s HAPPILY EVER AFTER going along our way, we have all realized that our STORIES ABOUT LIFE have been TRYING to find their HAPPY endings in many different ways… SO TO SURVIVE OUR IN BE-TWEEN TIMES OF LIFE…I thought I would write you a different kind of a short story today that’s about TIME FLYING AWAY. That's why, I thought I would change my post up a little bit, and write you a short ADULT CHILDREN’S story with a hidden Twist....that goes something like this… ONCE UPON A TIME..... There was a little girl in buttons, also bows, with playful curls, who spent all of her summertime’s living at a magical place called Cake-Lake. Merrily from the First second the last school bell finished ringing, and the house in town was shut down. Her memories circled around moving back to the lake on summer break. Therefore closing one door in her HELLISH SCHOOL GIRL REALITY. While opening up another window into DIVINE CHILDHOOD’S FANTASY….. Everyday living somewhere IN-BETWEEN THE LINES OF LIFE...... everything for the little nice girl was Delightful! And as, she was having picnics every day, while making sand castles on the ground, running around chasing fireflies her life was great. Next as she Daily enjoyed the enchanted waterfall sounds things were wonderful all around. That means, living in cabin number 3 playing, living, and eating homemade ice cream, while enjoying her mother’s homemade sweet treats and cakes..... Her life was delightful in every way. That's why, every hour playing with fairies, and catching fireflies she loved the sights she viewed, and the peace and quiet that she found at the lake. She, furthermore adored the delightful sounds she heard, as the ducks quacked and the singing crickets played peek-a-boo. And she likewise loved seeing the sun frolic in the leaves of the old tall oak trees too. Magically every summer hour searching for rainbows. And day dreaming on the piers ledge, while making memories that kept her off of REALITIES CLIFFS EDGE....., was a mystic escape. And as, she dreamed about what was yet to her ONCE UPON A TIME STARTED. Without her knowing what she was doing, while SHE WAS LIVING IN BETWEEN THE LINES WRITING HER STORY. The little girl was searching for her HAPPILY EVER AFTER in her minds Secret Place. So living in her Fantasy THAT WAS FAST CLASHING WITH HER REALITY...The little girl was patiently waiting every-day for her Dreams-to-Come-True after she left Cake-Lake. Yes Indeed, WITH TIME BEING HER FRIEND day and night. That was a special story book time in her life. And as, the little girl was serenaded by bull frogs at night, LIVING IN-BETWEEN THE LINES OF LIFE…she really loved spending her days making Water Lilly pad hats, fishing, and drinking milkshakes with her friends in her special place! Sweetly day dreaming, while sitting next to the frogs on the log, playing in the rain, always walking barefoot feeling no pain, was just great! But WAIT!! THINGS COULD NOT STAY THAT WAY. BECAUSE THAT WAS A FANTASY! SADLY THAT MEANS NOBODY GETS TO BE A CHILD FOR LONG SINCE WE ALL HAVE TO FACE REALITY. So miserably in her Summertime-Story EVERYTHING HAD TO GO AWAY. Because like everybody else in life.....the nice, upset girl was forced to grow up.... as her HEART AGED. That means, after seeing many things leaving, including her mother flying away to Heaven. And her daddy dying inside, while her sister was hiding.....The little girl had to say Goodbye to her great summer days at the lake. And FACING REALITY....her childhood evaporated OVER NIGHT, as she likewise had to leave her great memories and HER LAKE behind. AND THAT MADE HER SAD INSIDE! Because like everybody else who has watched CHILDHOOD EVAPORATE RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES....And what was even worse as she started LIVING IN BETWEEN THE LINES OF LIFE! As she found herself LOST IN TIME she also forgot how to play AND SMILE....Bottom line, putting CHILDHOOD AWAY the little girl learned how to CRY! And as, she likewise forgot how to have fun underneath the sun, sadly her HAPPILY EVER AFTER seemed extremely far away….. That’s when, LEAVING ONCE UPON A TIME BEHIND….While CRYING HER DAYS AWAY.....THE LITTLE GIRL REALIZED IN EVERY WAY IT WAS GOING TO BE VERY HARD TO SURVIVE THE IN-BETWEEN LINES OF LIFE! Because AFTER LOSING HER SMILE. She realized that Her PEACE of mind was going to be very hard to find! So, searching for a HAPPILY EVER AFTER….. where only PAIN REMAINED...After she left Cake Lake's summertime waves her SAFE PLACE seemed to be very far away…………… To be continued...………… So, now I am going to leave you cliff hanging waiting for more of the tale...………… And tomorrow I will finish this Summertime-Story. But in the meantime....I wonder. Have you ever felt the same way? Have you ever had a perfect summer tale, connected to your sweet, flawless summer days Evaporate? Have you ever wished that you had NOT grown up, and your childhood had NOT been taken away? Then in making youthful memories and losing the same….Have you ever sometimes prayed shore to shore that you could once more hunt fairies, chase fireflies, and walk barefoot in the rain without pain once more? And shore to shore here is another question for you as you wait for that answer today. Remembering as a child...... how you felt...... ONCE UPON A TIME .... when you danced wild and happy in the wind…. TODAY are you constantly wondering.... IS IT POSSIBLE TO EVER BE YOUNG, FREE, PEACEFUL, AND HAPPY AGAIN? Well stay tuned, because in that new clue finding out how you too can stay Eternally young forever....tomorrow finishing my brewing summertime story, I have some more Great news for you! Because ONCE UPON A TIME … Happens to everybody who has been, and who still is, looking to find their EVERLASTING HAPPY ENDING underneath the sky of blue. That means, Your Once Upon A Time’s…. True Start-of-the-Heart… has to do with an ETERNAL HAPPILY EVER AFTER BEGINNING that will make all of your IN-BETWEEN THE LINES OF LIFE…. REALITES come true!" ..... Joslin Fitzgerald...The Mary Author…….

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