Sunday, May 30, 2021


“Good morning world. What are Wars for? And asking you that MEMORIAL question in many different ways. We need to remember that WE ARE ALL FIGHTING SOME KIND OF WAR EVERYDAY! So making that SURIVING THE FACTS OF LIFE Statement Knowing that EVERY DAY WE WILL ALL BE IN SOME KIND OF WAR AND PAIN! Still thinking about Memorial Day in different ways, I have some more things to say about the coming HOLLOW or holiday. And I also have more things to say about what wars are for. So, in my follow up coming from near or afar ,since everybody has been touched by war in one way or the other in their life! I thought I would ask you some more insightful questions about DYING or SURVIVAL... Likewise I thought I would make some more insightful inquires that will each mean the same thing..... yet something different all together! So, shore to shore, while catching up with my EVERY DAY Memorial thoughts that will always be surrounding our MIA reflections, and broken hearts. In order to SURVIVE the LEFT BEHIND WARS, and to know what Memorial Day is really for. Also to MAKE SURE THAT YOU SURVIVE THE FACTS OF LIFE SHORE TO SHORE! Once again with MEMORIAL DAY on its way, I am wondering What are wars for? What is the purpose of war? What does it take to go to war? What will it take out of be in a war? Oh and one more thought about now and before. CAN YOU EVER WIN A WAR? Therefore, in the final countdown with some people around us MISERABLY knowing what Wars are for…. And the rest of you out there partying on unscathed by the PAIN, while getting ready to enjoy yet another.... MEANS NOTHING TO YOU.... HOLLOW Day. Sea to Sea, while having no clue what the next HOLLOW DAYS break from life will be for..... my continuing REMEMBERING thoughts are for you! That's why, knowing some of you are still clueless about what an EVERY DAY Memorial day really stands for! With a new MEMORIAL DAY coming Now like before. I figured a few of you still need to read on to find out what an EVERY DAY ….MEMORIAL really means to those who have gone and died in War! So, asking you those warring questions.... we all know Memorial Day has always been a holiday to Memorialize, Appreciate, and Commemorate Our Brave Hero's fights and plights. That's why, behind many closed doors we need to appreciate the fact there are wounds and scars some seen, many unseen, that EVERY DAY still remind those of Combat..... (Including their friends and families) what’s at the PAINFUL core of war. That means, behind many closed doors there are some who have gone into battle physically or mentally who are still EVERY DAY FIGHTING A LOSING WAR! Miserably, those are the ones who really know what wars are for! Because, DEAD OR ALIVE those are our Veterans, their friends, also their family who EVERY DAY are still secretly crying, and silently bleeding, in so many different ways..... since everyday..... they continue to be injured more and more. Yes, those are our wounded Vets who EVERY DAY, are still wondering with all of their friends dead or missing...… AS THEY ARE SUFFERING WITH PTSD..... WHY ARE THE ONES LEFT BEHIND STILL BREATHING? Yes those, are our brave ones inside and outside who EVERY DAY are still Wounded, Scared, Scarred, and Silently Grieving. Sadly those, are also the FAMILY MEMBERS WHO EVERY DAY keep sitting by a flag in a dark box, since they will never stop grieving! BECAUSE MEMORIAL DAY AND EVERYDAY IN-BETWEEN will always be about those who figuratively or literally DIED IN WAR who will never find Peace. AND UNABLE TO SLEEP THOSE will always include the ones..... who WERE LEFT BEHIND DYING INSIDE... who will Always be silently crying. So WHETHER THEY ARE DEAD OR ALIVE UNABLE TO SURVIVE! MEMORIAL DAY WILL ALWAYS BE ABOUT WHAT IS LEFT OF A LIFE! Because those, are the BRAVE ones who EVERY DAY as ghosts, will always be sitting in the empty chair with no plate set there to host. Yes MEMORIAL DAY will always be about the LIVING AND DEAD ones seen in pictures of the lost and gone, but Never forgotten who are just a MEMORY OF A FACE. Because those, are the MIA who ran out of time. Sadly, those Veterans who are DEAD OR ALIVE..... Will always be our soldiers who EVERY DAY know what it's like to FIGHT through the flames of war's fire. That means, in many families behind many closed doors on the day when you were partying and celebrating while NOT REMEMBERING. BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT WAR WILL ALWAYS BE FOR! There will be some, who will know that MEMORIAL DAY will always be about those who are still falling apart while quietly dying inside! So, since that’s true in so many ways in ALL OF OUR LIVES…. EVERY DAY we all need to remember why THE ONES LEFT BEHIND are still silently crying. And, EVERY DAY we likewise need to REMEMBER why so many of our Vets are still fighting in PTSD wars while privately dying inside! Because, those are the ones who also know what war was for. And since they also know what war was for.... we all need to know........ THAT NOBODY EVER WINS A WAR! Therefore SINCE NOBODY WILL EVER WIN A WAR. Shore to shore we each also need know what it takes..... and what it will take out of someone to go to war. That means, every-body must know the purpose of war. And, saying it again.....everybody must also know THAT YOU CAN NEVER WIN A WAR! So, to find the purpose for war you need to ask any veteran.....What's war for? Yes ask a Vet , or their friends and family.... WHO WEAR THE REMEMBER ME VET CAPS....EVERY DAY! Because they will tell you their Story in their own way! And in that truth they will say..... THAT THEIR LOVED ONE LIVED AND DIED TO STOP SATAN AND END HATE! And, DEFEATING THE DEMONS WHO LOVE WAR, and BEATING SATAN WHO MAKES THE WARS. You also need to know that our Veterans.... who are now dead and wounded.... OR WHO ARE MIA went to war for YOU! That's why they will all say...that they were fighting for their homeland, families, and FOR WHAT THEY KNOW TO BE TRUE! So, in wars high and lows they were fighting for people who don’t have a clue! Yes all Vets have always been fighting for people who they didn’t know like me and you! Therefore knowing that statement to be true….since those in my land... where we stand.... all fight for TRUTH. That Patriotic calling brings up the EVERY DAY thoughts of the people who have fought and people who are still fighting to support our FREEDOMS! Therefore by ENDING HATE, WHILE DEFEATING SATAN, AND THE DEMONS shore to shore.... by fighting in the wars. Those EVERYDAY Shore to shore Commemorative, and Appreciated Statements above will always let us all know EVERY DAY.... what Wars, Freedom, Love, and MEMORIAL DAYS are for!” Joslin Fitzgerald...The Mary Author

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