Friday, January 8, 2021


"Good Morning world. Are you HANGING ON? Or ARE YOU FALLING APART? And with the Election being robbed. While our country IS LOSING ITS MIND And a lot are losing jobs! WHILE EVERYTHING AROUND US IS BREAKING OUR HEARTS! WITH ALL OF US BARELY HANGING ON. AS EVERYTHING AROUND US IS FALLING APART! ADDITIONALLY WITH THE DAMN VIRUS IN ITS PART ALSO TAKING DOWN EVERYTHING ELSE MORNING TO DARK. IT IS OBVIOUS THAT THE WHOLE WORLD IS BARELY HANGING ON! So Starting off this new day in PRAYER, wondering what is coming next for me or you! In those END OR BEGINNING CLUES. I feel like a lot of things are FALLING APART, AS ALL OF US ARE BARELY HANGING ON! So, feeling like EVERYTHING AROUND US IS FALLING A PART. Whether you are in the UN-UNITED STATES or NOT. Asking you those HANG IN THERE questions, as the old has again become new! WITH EVERYTHING FALLING APART AROUND ME AND YOU! WHICH ARE YOU DOING? Bottom line, are you HANGING ON? OR are you FALLING APART? And those are more good HAVE OR HAVE NOT inquiries that have to do, with TIME COMING DUE! Because just as STOP HAS STARTED over once more too.... In that LIFE CHANGING clue you must have noticed by now that JUST LIKE ME AND YOU…. TIME…. FREEDOM, also PEACE are still Barely HANGING on TOO! So, KNOWING THAT IS ALL TRUE AS THE DAYS ARE PASSING BY ONE BY ONE! NOT KNOWING IF THE FUTURE WILL BE AN AWESOME OR BAD THING going into 2021! RIGHT NOW AS YOU ARE TRYING TO HANG ON! YOU ARE INSTEAD FALLING APART! So, in that HANG IN there review! Or in that FALLING APART AND END IT ALL CLUE! Not knowing how you are feeling about the two...while Hiding behind your closed doors. Also not sure if you want to be LIVING ON EARTH anymore! Here are some more things you need to know if you want to be Happy NOW and Forevermore! So, AS YOU ARE DECIDING WHETHER YOU ARE HANGING ON! OR IF YOU ARE IN FACT FALLING APART! What I want to know your Resolutions LEADING TO YOUR INNER REVOLUTION, as you have been seeking Solutions! Have you ever wondered if YOU and the NEW year will be able to HOLD ON for dear life, while singing your old sad songs? OR RUNNING OUT OF TIME WHILE UNABLE TO HANG ON IS EVERY GOOD THING GONE WITH TIME! So what I am really wondering is… Has the Old year dropped off something New AND MORE FRIGHTENING? And wondering if the OLD YEAR OF TEARS AND FEARS IS STILL HERE.... MEANING THAT 2020 DID NOT DISAPPEAR! WITH THAT CONTIUNING MISERY MEANING THAT 2020 IS STILL HERE! DOES THAT MEAN 2020 IS JUST BEING CALLED SOME NEW FOUR LETTER NAME ….THIS YEAR! AND WITH NOTHING BEING CLEAR. Do you feel like you are HOLDING ON OR FALLING APART from here to there? BOTTOM LINE, ARE YOU LIVING IN FAITH OR FEAR? So, following those Old and New clues, while not knowing if things are really at the beginning or the end for you..... How do you feel about STARTING OVER, HANGING ON, or FALLING APART? And not knowing what you have to say about things commencing or completing........ Today in so many different ways I am still writing about something Old and something New...... that will solve all those clues. So, in review, since all of those HANG IN THERE thoughts are confusing.... Here are some more beginning also ending HANGING ON, OR FALLING APART questions for you. Number one. In your life have you ever felt like you were BARELY HANGING ON? Have you ever felt like if you let go for one second you would FALL APART and go where you don’t belong? And feeling that FEARFUL way have you ever felt trapped in that EVIL drop off... bathed in tears... Bottom line. Have you ever feared if you turned loose...that you would simply DISAPPEAR! So, as you fight NOT to lose everything especially your soul. While needing to have GROWING FAITH… that will get you through your days, and will get you where you want to go...… You must know what the REST OF US KNOW WHO ARE NOT FALLING APART! THAT MEANS TO HOLD ON TO WHAT WE HAVE GOT! AND TO FIND FREEDOM AND PEACE EVEN IN A WORLD COMING APART AT THE SEAMS! YOU MUST ALSO KNOW THAT YOU NEED TO BE HANGING ON TO JESUS CHRIST EVERYDAY FROM NOW TO ETERNITY! That way you too will be able to escape SATANS LIES, and HELLS Pain! BUT WAIT WHAT IF YOU DON’T KNOW JESUS TODAY. WHAT IF YOU DON’T KNOW, TO ESCAPE THE PAIN OF YESTERDAY AND TODAY THAT YOU NEED TO BE SAVED! WHAT IF YOU DON’T KNOW THAT THERE IS A WAY TO HANG ON EVEN WHEN EVERYTHING IS GONE! WHAT IF YOU DON’T KNOW THAT THERE IS A WAY TO KEEP FROM FALLING APART! WHAT IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO HANG ON Well if you don’t know any of the ABOVE. Then I have some AWESOME HANG IN THERE NEWS FOR YOU! Because Living in HELLS HAUNTED PAST WITH A PAIN THAT LASTS. Not believing that the GOOD THINGS COMING CAN LAST! TO FIND A WAY TO SURVIVE THE PAIN IN THE PAST. YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO GET OUT OF SATANS TRAP! That’s why to keep from FALLING APART in everything you do..... ALSO TO KEEP FROM FALLING APART. YOU MUST KNOW WHO TO HOLD ON TO! AND TO KNOW WHO TO HOLD ON TO! HERE ARE SOME MORE GOOD NEW HEADLINE CLUES TO HELP YOU MAKE IT THROUGH! BECAUSE GUESS WHAT FALLING APART IS NOT WHAT JESUS WANTS FOR YOU. And, if you want to end it all, SINCE EVERYTHING IS FALLING APART. GUESS WHAT AGAIN….LIVING WITH A BROKEN HEART IS NOT WHAT JESUS WANTS BECAUSE IF YOU ARE FALLING APART THAT MEANS YOU ARE NOT LIVING IN FAITH! After all.... the definition of FAITH! Is ALWAYS KNOWING THAT THINGS WILL GET BETTER DAY AFTER DAY! FAITH is also knowing that THERE IS A WAY TO HANG ON EVEN WHEN YOU ARE FALLING APART! Faith additionally means knowing THAT THE BEST IS YET TO COME YEAR AFTER YEAR! WILL MAKE EVERYTHING CLEAR. Bottom line, FAITH IS THE END OF FEAR! So, being Afraid and Barely Hanging on as you are wanting to drop off the face of the Earth while drowning in your tears..... When you GIVE UP BECAUSE YOU CAN NOT HANG ON... FALLING APART IS NOT OF JESUS CHRIST! BECAUSE FALLING APART AND WANTING TO END YOUR LIFE. Will ETERNALLY BE the definition of EVIL, SATAN, FEAR, AND HELLS LIES! Therefore if you are hiding behind Fears door, while living your life HOLDING ON SO TIGHT TO YOUR TEARS THAT YOU ARE BLINDED TO THE LIGHT...... You will eventually lose control as you fall into SATANS endless PAIN filled night when you release your hold at the end of your Life! BUT WAIT MY FRIEND ONE MORE TIME! WHAT IF GOING TO HELL AT THE END! IS NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO FACE NOW OR AT THE END OF EVERYTHING! WHAT IF INSTEAD OF FALLING APART, YOU WANT TO BE HOLDING IT ALL TOGETHER! WHAT IF INSTEAD OF FALLING APART YOU WANT TO BE HANGING ON RIGHT NOW, AS YOU TRUST THAT THINGS WILL GET BETTER! WHAT IF INSTEAD OF FALLING APART AT THE END OF EVERYTHING THAT YOU WANT TO BE HANGING AROUND IN HEAVEN! WHAT IF YOU KNOW HANGING ON IS BETTER THAN FALLING APART! WHAT IF HANGING ON IS BETTER THAN WHAT YOU HAVE GOT! So again thinking about things that ARE FALLING APART AS YOU ARE STILL TRYING TO HANG ON. At the end getting closer to the BEGINNING OF EVERYTHING day to night..... YOU TOO MUST KNOW, TO FIND THE WAY TO HANG ON NOW AND THROUGH OUT THE AFTER LIFE YOU MUST KNOW JESUS CHRIST! So, knowing that you are not wanting to live in Hell.... While thinking less about your Earthly situation, and more about your soul’s destination as well.... That’s why, you need to know how to UNRING SATANS Bell! Bottom line. In your coming PAINFUL drop off that will slowly send you to the Satan's jail With everything FALLING APART…............ YOU MUST STOP LIVING IN FEAR! AND INSTEAD TO KEEP HANGING ON DAY AFTER DAY! TO NOT FALL APART YOU MUST LIVE YOUR LIFE IN PEACE, FREEDOM, AND FAITH! Therefore TO FIND PEACE EVEN IN MIDDLE OF AN EVIL DAMN PANDEMIC you must realize.....that HANGING ON WHILE LIVING ON EARTH WILL GET BETTER IN EVERYWAY! Because KNOWING NOTHING ON EARTH HOLDS ANY WORTH! ALSO KNOWING THAT HANGING ONTO FAITH THAT THINGS WILL GET BETTER KNOWING THE BEST IS YET TO COME IN 2021 Will always be the ONLY WAY TO KEEP FROM FALLING APART! And those statements will always be more good RESOLUTION SOUL-UTIONS that will BLESS YOUR HEART! BECAUSE KNOWING HOW TO HOLD ON! AND WHO TO HOLD ON TO, WILL KEEP YOUR WORLD FROM FALLING APART AROUND YOU! THAT’S WHEN YOU WILL FIND THE WAY TO HANG ON TO WHAT YOU HAVE GOT! AND HANGING ON TO WHAT YOU HAVE GOT YOU MUST KNOW THAT JESUS CHRIST WILL ETERNALLY BE THE MEANING TO LIFE FROM THE START. AND KNOWING THAT JESUS WILL BRING YOU PEACE EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF A DAMN PANDEMIC! YOU WILL ASLO KNOW THAT JESUS CHRIST WILL CATCH YOU WHEN YOU FALL! And all of the ABOVE WILL ALWAYS BE GOOD TO KNOW Because knowing AS YOU HOLD ON TO THE MEANING OF LIFE That one will be flying away on an Angel’s wing singing on your way to HEAVENLY PARADISE. YOU WILL NEVER BE FALLING APART NOW OR IN HELLS FIRE..... That’s why to go to HEAVENLY PARADISE YOU NEED JESUS CHRIST! AND TO FIND PEACE NOW AND FREEDOM IN THE AFTER LIFE YOU MUST FIND THE WAY TO HOLD ON! AND TO KEEP FROM FALLING APART YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU HAVE GOT! So, KNOWING HOW TO HOLD ON TO WHAT YOU HAVE GOT, EVEN AS THE WORLD IS FALLING APART! Those Earthly reflections leading to Eternal Revelations THAT WILL END YOUR INNER REVOLUTION will guide you directly to your HEAVENLY Eternal Destination.... Therefore to see the BEST IN THINGS THAT ARE YET TO COME. AND TO KEEP FROM FALLING APART IN 2021… LIKEWISE TO FIND THE BEST IN LIFE ALL YEARS THROUGH DAY AND NIGHT! YOU MUST HANG ON TO JESUS CHRIST!” Joslin Fitzgerald ….The Mary Author

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