Monday, October 19, 2020


“Good morning world. As you know yesterday we were chatting about Misery. So today lets also think about Icky Tricks! So, since it is the Haunted and election season. Today I will be continuing on with my HOLLOW-day thoughts..... Circling around The Holidays, HALLOW-een, Hollow-een, Icky Tricks, and Misery. So writing about sweet and sour things.... each representing good and bad endings, While always thinking about where you are headed for Eternity. Once again. I am wondering about your Happy or Sad destination. And wondering about your Salvation or Damnation those are all good inquiries to make. Because knowing there are, and there will Eternally be....only two ways to go..... at the End of Everything.... Before you you are right now running out of time. While you are trying to find a new beginning at the end of the line ...... I know that a lot of things will always be crossing your mind. That's why, thinking about Heaven's celebration or Hell's horrification.... while getting close to frying or flying as well.... KNOWING THAT YOU WANT TO SURVIVE SATANS LIES! I still have more questions for you, since we all have a Happy or Sad story to tell. So asking you some more life and death questions from the beginning to the end of your tale to tell....I am wondering...…. Do you want your life to be full of sinful Icky Tricks? OR do you want your time to be brimming with Sweet Treats? Do you want things to be sour and stinky? OR do you want your days to be neat? Do you want to your spirits life to be fleeting? OR do you want your soul to ETERNALY be whole and complete? Do you want to be in Hell screaming lost and alone? OR do you want to live with Everybody Else while partying Heavens home? Bottom line. While thinking about your soul’s goal, are you stupidly and blindly lying to yourself. Thinking that there will be a HOT Party in Satan's following the Devil to Hell? While Not realizing that you will instead being frying alive in the Demons jail.. Or On the OTHER NICER SIDE OF LIFE AND THE AFTER LIFE BY KNOWING JESUS CHRIST! Will your Eternal time be sweet and easy when you ring Heavens Bell? And in that decision of Sweet and Easy.... OR HARD AS HELL..... As you are screaming throughout Eternity in Satan's Pain all of the time. Are you also wondering as the CROSS is right in front of your eyes..... If today is the right time to bend your knee and to accept JESUS CHRIST! And asking you those singing with the Angels in changing questions..... Here are some more Survival Guide inquiries I will likewise be making again. That's why, beginning to the end...I am also wondering. During your life.... How easy will it be to receive Heavenly Eternity when you have instead accepted SATANS LIES! How easy will it be to be Saved when you are still enjoying the Devils enticing squeezing Demonic hugs attached to sins alibi. How easy will it be to have sight if you can not open up your blind eyes! How easy is it or will it ever be for you to accept the sweet treat of Heaven have already sold your soul to the Icky Tricky Devil in your After life...? And if you are going to HELL screaming, day and night! How easy is it, or will it ever be...... to find the Heavenly one way ticket for all Eternity to Paradise! And here's one more inquiry too, While being lost after falling for Satan's Icky Tricks, by Not following the Cross that will take your Soul to Heaven above..... Are you wondering if it is too late for you to find Eternal love! Oh dear me.... wallowing in your sick sin....are you still wondering..... WHAT IF BEING GOOD ON EARTH..... IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO GET YOU THROUGH AT THE END OF EVERYTHING! And in those Icky Tricky inquiries....I am making. I have more interesting interrogations for you today. That's why, I am also wondering as things in your soul are rearranging..... Do you feel like it is too late to change?" Bottom line. As you are facing the grave....are you wondering...... If you are to Evil to be Saved? And those are all good Soulful questions to raise..... Therefore trying to decide between picking Hell or HEAVENS’s door in your spirits hide and seek game of now and before.... You need to know the answers to many more questions....including How Tricky...... is the Sweet Treat to receive? What will happen to your soul when you leave? Bottom line. How hard is it to Believe? And if you are trying to fry alive in Hell for Eternity... Here's another question too that will Save your Life AT THE END OF EVERYTHING. Not wanting to fry alive in HELLS fire....IS IT TO LATE TO CHANGE YOUR MIND? Okay knowing you are thinking that way...... here is yet another concerning consideration following in that thoughts final line ….at work or play. Today right now.....are you likewise wondering.... while falling for the Icky Tricks that make your Spirit Sick that Hell is famous for...... How close you are to closing life's door and running out of time? And those are all good things to know going down the line. Because realizing the answers to all of those questions will make sure your Soul Survives SATANS FIRE…... That's why, verifying that you Are close to running out of time.... Closer still to losing your mind..... Happily I have Good News for you! Yes I have more good news that is True! Because wanting the Sweet Treat that is Eternal Life to come true!.... You too need to or night AS LONG AS YOUR BODY STAYS ALIVE...THAT IT WILL NEVER BE TO LATE TO SURVIVE SATANS ICKY TRICKS OF TIME…. Happily it will Never be too late to see through the Devils Lies! That means..... As long as you ask JESUS CHRIST to come into your life...Right Now....before you run out of time.... Turning your back on Satan's ICKY TRICKS. By finding Eternity's Sweet TREAT named Jesus! Knowing JESUS CHRIST IS THE MEANING OF LIFE...your Time will always be full of Heavenly Sweet Treats! Bottom line, by avoiding SATANS Lying Icky Tricks day and night! One day you too will be happily living in Paradise! Joslin Fitzgerald...The Mary Author........ My web site To reach me: Thank you also for your prayers and support that you are giving me daily. Please know that all of your sweet encouraging words and sweet emails are Uplifting my life, and my writing, as I too am praying for You while going along my Mary way.

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