Tuesday, September 15, 2020


“Good morning world. Are you aware that we just Celebrated another day of fall's call?

Additionally we have ALL come just a little bit closer to The CALL.

And some of you have also come closer to THE FALL!

So, thinking about falling, calling, calls and THE FINAL FALL.

If you are not aware of that transitioning Falling in line fact over all …..

With one season falling back as another one is starting to call.

I can’t say I blame you, for overlooking the falling seasons new beginning at all.

Because overall, with the temperature still sitting at 100 degrees down south or with the water sizzling somewhere around the palm trees …..

And with it being HOT AS HELL sitting in the Hurricane Sea STEAM without any Electricity!...

With the green leaves still hanging on the trees….

To me it is very hard to tell the difference between summer's leaving, and Fall’s call that’s coming.

Or something in between!

That means, over all, I am still wondering is Fall calling?

Or is Fall Stalling?

Bottom line. Are we in for a continuing Long Hot summer?

Or another fall?

So, asking those same starting and stopping questions about summer's transitioning, that has everything to do with now and later in the After Life I agree….

That I am also tired of wondering the same thing about all of the changing seasons in our time line!

That's why, questioning if fall is ever going to arrive.....
While some of you are also wondering what……. THE FALL Really means!

Today I realized the other day marked the time when summer expired…. as stalling fall called.

Therefore, closing another door on life...in the passing by of summer and time.

That rotating return of the new season again started me thinking about what all is involved in THE FALL beginning to the end of it all.

So, answering my own questions again…beginning to the finish ....since you all are mostly silent….

Over all, the first thing that always comes to my mind... as I am thinking about the arrival of Earthly fall....

At the end of summertime, will always be the bouncing seasonal ball !

That means, as fall is calling. Or as fall has been stalling…..

While we are all beginning to slowly see things transforming around us..... Like it or not...things will start changing.

Then pretty soon, everywhere we go in the Fall.....

We will all be looking forward to the cool season that will quickly be calling.

And in the calling revolution connected to summer being over.....

In fall's last call we will begin to see the weather getting colder.

Next we will also spy the leaves starting to rearrange into their beautiful autumn shades, as the days are getting older.

That means, as the seasons trade places.

There have been, are, and there will always be….

Many Changes coming when we think about The Fall that's coming.

So, in that falling reflection over all,

I love thinking about fall!

Because when fall calls, that further means, the bright orange pumpkins will start to sprout.

And the full bright beautiful Harvest moon will come out.

Of course the birds will also be heading south.

And all of the creatures of the earth are right now or soon will be...

Either thinking about overheating, overeating, sleeping, hunkering down, or moving out,

And as they are following their traditional autumn routes.

in the falls call things will soon be starting to change over all.

That means, in the temperature rearrangement, as the little furry creatures are beginning to think about hibernating as they head winters call….

Many events will soon be happening as we welcome in…. Fall.

Absolutely following the thought of The Fall over all….

Many things have been, many things still are, and many things will soon be involved in

The Fall!

And at the same time…. now thinking less about the falling season,


While concentrating on things a different way…

Let’s focus less on falls weather!

And let’s think more about THE REAL FALL that will either make or Ruin your day!

So, as I am always reflecting on the state of your Soul everyday….

BY following along with my THE FALL theme.... from yesterday.

I have already started thinking about THE other FALL coming your way!

That means...… wondering if you know Jesus Christ.....

Yesterday, I started writing more about THE FALL at the END OF IT ALL,


Because All of those FALLING AND CALLING thoughts will Eternally be connected to the Lords second coming!

So constantly thinking about things a different way

I will always be writing about the RISE OR FALL....

Of THE FALL over all….
That's why, once more.... all of those FALLING AND CALLING thoughts started me wondering about your Soul.

And that soulful thought started me questioning,

And asking you these END OF THE LINE questions again ….

Bottom line. My friend if you don't know Jesus at The End of Everything....

How are you going to handle

The Final Call of the LAST FALL?


Because, in the winter, spring, summer, or fall…

You must know how you are going to handle your THE LAST CALL before THE FALL…

And if you have made the wrong choice in your life

And you decided not to follow Jesus Christ’s call.

You also need to know why you were so WRONG!

And knowing the answer to those RIGHT AND WRONG inquiries,

Will always be important to the final destination of your soul...

Because all of those answers will help catch you as you FALL…

So, over all….TO AVOID THE FALL you must know....before you run out of time

That no matter what season we are leaving or going into.... how to Survive Satan's Fire…

That's why, following Jesus Christ...

By finding a way for your soul to Survive the Endless HELLISH Night...

Will Eternally be THE MOST IMPORTANT critical care transitional Decision for you..... that will let your spirit Survive!

That's why, if you don’t know Jesus Christ

Not knowing what you are doing over all… everybody needs to know.... at the end of life….

That there will be another kind of FALL arriving!

Bottom line before you run out of time....

You also need to know…if you answer the SATANS PAINFUL CALL…

In that FRIGHTENING last call before THE FALL…

That will be..... The Eternal ROTTEN FALL..... that will take you to the worst AWFUL PAINFUL FALL of all in the Devils calling.

So yes, in general.... waiting for the cooler weather and the celebrating holidays....

We are all ready to welcome in fall....

But if you have Not accepted your Salvation....

And if you do not have Jesus Christ in your life.... to catch you when you fall....


On your way to Hades with THINGS HOT AS HELL DOWN THERE....



WITH YOU NOT GOING TO HEAVEN! There will be nothing to celebrate day or night when Jesus Christ takes the FINAL ROLL CALL.

Because frying alive in SATANS FIRE....you will NOT be able to answer when Paradise calls.

So bottom line one more time!

You need to know for your soul to answer the HEAVENLY CALL some day or night....


That's why, you need to know Jesus Christ in your life now and in the Afterlife in every way winter, spring, summer, or fall….

If you are to stay away from SATANS PAIN when Evil Calls!

That way... Not going to Hell....and instead RIGHTLY going to Heaven...

Like the rest of us....you too will ETERNALLY be able to Avoid THE Deadliest FALLS CALL of them all!" Joslin Fitzgerald...The Mary Author

Thank you for reading my blog please know that you have just been prayed for( as I am also asking that you are praying for me. ) In that prayer please additionally know that every word I am writing is Spirit sent in its heavenly direction leading you to....

Your Prayer of Salvation

Dear Jesus, I know I have done bad things in the past, and that I have done bad things today, and that I will continue to do bad things tomorrow as I am going along my way. Yes that makes me a sinner, just like everyone else in the world every day, with all of the bad things I am doing and saying.

So, because I am a sinner I know I need a Savior....

Therefore my sins and my unhappiness are why I have come to you today, as I am silently praying, because I want to be eternally happy, and I need to be forever saved.

In saying that Jesus, I believe that you were born on Christmas Day. I believe Jesus, that you lived a perfect life that is written down in the Bible to teach me what is wrong, and show me what is right. And I believe Jesus, in your love for me that you died on the Cross to save me from all of my sins day and night. Yes Jesus I believe you died, and defeated the grave as you arose from the dead on the third day. Yes I believe you are Alive forevermore and that you are living inside my heart and soul eternally night and day!

Thus in believing Jesus, you are the Son of God I am asking for your forgiveness for all my sins that I know, and those I do not know that I have committed, including the ones that I will continue to daily wallow in, as I claim in Your Eternal scriptural promise in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that I am now going to heaven.

Yes I claim in my new faith this very Minute that I am saved, because you died for me on the Cross, and in your arising on the third day, I know I will not go to my endless grave. In that statement that just saved my life Thank you Jesus, I am now whole since the Holy Spirit lives within my soul!

Therefore in this prayer I believe that I am born again into heavens sight, and in your Biblical Promise of salvation written in the scriptures I have received everlasting life! Thus as I am asking you to change my blind darkness to guiding light you are forever my Savior, Jesus Christ.


Absolutely I pray that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your eternal guiding light, and your Savior today. I know I may never meet you here on earth as we are roaming, but if you truly prayed your prayer, to Jesus requesting forgiveness of your sins, and asking for your salvation you are right now this second saved. And I will see you when we go Away back home!

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