Tuesday, August 4, 2020


"Good morning world. Let’s chat about Happily Ever After Again! And making that Happily Ever After Again statement I am now wondering. Do you want to live Happily Ever After? And if you do want to live Happily Ever After. Do you know how to live Happily Ever After at the End of Everything? Also at the END OF EVERYTHING…will you even really know what Happily Ever After is? And, asking you those Guiding Light END OF LIFE questions. Recently we have been chatting about Once Upon A time. We have also been chatting about the dots, dashes,...…. and the Empty Time Lines in your Life. That's why in your Final story....written on your tombstone...…on your way to Eternity... I have been writing about THE NIGHTS AND THE DAYS LAYING IN WAIT SOMEWHERE IN-BETWEEN THE END OF YOUR SIGHT... That means, I have been writing about your Happily Ever After's And Once Upon A Time's Nightmares and Sweet Dreams that you need to Survive. So thinking about Happily Ever After.... and a lot of things in between. Now I want to know what it will take..... to live Happily Ever After for you and me? And, in a world filled with fear, also tears and so much crying is it even possible to be happy? Okay one more time with your days full of crashes, smashes and disasters is there even such a thing as a Nice, Sweet, Peaceful, Happily Ever After? And asking you those disturbing circling questions… while leaving you hanging.... as you know two days ago... I started writing a little summer story about coming and going. So, today at our new daily Once Upon A Time BEGINNING....as we are all looking for a Happy Ending... By going back to Cake Lake...I will now be continuing that little story about summertime. And, in that finishing line, I will end my Once Upon A Time thoughts one more time. By asking you some very important questions that will give you insight into your daily blindness. That's why, while wanting everybody to SEE THE LIGHT … My tale picks up in the beginning.... with that comforting, delightful line that starts with….. Once Upon a Time….. So.... Once Upon A Time..... As the little girl in her buttons, also bows, and curls remembered back to a day at waters’ edge when life was a special story book hour.... Her days and nights were full of love and magical sun shower shows. And on that rewinding day while trapped inside the memories of her mind....She recalled the best time of all..... when she was serenaded by bull frogs at night. Yes, as her summertime's were winding down the little girl remembered spending her days making Water Lilly pad hats, fishing, and drinking milkshakes with her kind friends all of the time! But, sadly as I said before, beginning to the End of Everything in her world.... Her Life changed once more when love Died. Because, like everybody else the little upset girl, lost her buttons and bows at that time. Then as childhood ended she also cut off her curls when she lost her Insight. And as, she finally realized LIFE NEVER WAS A SWEET GAME full of rainbows and candy canes..... Leaving her childhood and Cake Lake behind she was forced to grow older in an adult world FILLED WITH PAIN. So, after throwing up while drinking from the disillusioned cup of broken dreams, like everybody else she had to face the hard reality that fantasy never existed. That means, the little girl who lost her buttons, also bows and who cut off her curls.... Eventually had to realize... if make believe HAPPINESS and PEACE never existed in the first place... That nothing in life would ever be what it seemed. So, missing her curls, buttons and bows... sadly on that unkind day after her mother died and her innocence went away, The little girl... had to abandon her hunt for fairies on that same day. She further had to say good bye to her childhood schemes, while she left behind her enchanted day dreams. And in that passing of time unhappily leaving her nice, kind, childhood behind lost and alone in the past, All she had left were shimmering reminiscent reflections of the rippling water found in her minds mystical summertime’s that could not last. And that's where once again in her mind’s eye, The girl found herself dangling her feet into the waves at, water’s edge hoping she could once more find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! But sadly mentally or physically trying to go back home to the past that desire would never last. That's why, with her spirit missing and her soul broken , while going back inside her mind trying to live in the past things were not fine. And, looking for the Happy Ending she was seeking, She realized to find out why she left so much behind. She first had to discover why Nice things like childhood could not last in her Time. Bottom line, before she permanently lost her Smile... The lady child ...had to find out how to find her HAPPILY EVER AFTER at the end! That means, SHE FIRST HAD TO UNDERSTAND THE ENDING OF EVERYTHING...... BEFORE SHE COULD FIND THE BEGINNING OF HAPPINESS AND PEACE! So, to understand the Beginning. Join me back here tomorrow! Because to find the BEGINNING AT THE END OF EVERYTHING… we first need to keep chatting about HAPPILY EVER AFTER AGAIN" ...Joslin Fitzgerald ...The Mary Author…………………………………..

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