Wednesday, May 29, 2019


“Good morning world. Since, EVERY DAY WILL ALWAYS BE MEMORIAL DAY!

I have some more things to say about war.

And what wars are for... in different ways!

So, in my follow up coming from near or afar ,since everybody has been touched by war in one way or the other....

I thought I would ask you some more insightful questions... that each mean the same thing..... yet something different all together!

So, shore to shore, while catching up with my EVERY DAY Memorial thoughts that have each been surrounding our MIA reflections,

In order to survive the LEFT BEHIND battles and to find the Right direction...…. I am now wondering

what are wars for?

What is the purpose of war?
Bottom line. What does it take to go to war.
And what will it take out of you...… be in a war?
Oh and one more thought about Forevermore......
Can you ever win a war?
Therefore, in the final countdown with some people around us knowing
what wars are for….
And the rest of you out there partying on, while leaving Yet another Hollow day behind ....
shore to shore, while having no clue what the last Hollow Day's break from work was for..... these continuing thoughts are for you…
That's why, knowing some of you are still clueless about what an EVERY DAY Memorial day really stands for....
I figured a few of you Still need to read on while digging deep down in your soul.... ..
to find out what an EVERY DAY ….

Memorial day really means to those who have gone and died in War! 

So, asking you those warring questions.... we all know Memorial Day. has always been one to memorialize, appreciate, and commemorate.
That's why, behind many closed doors we need to appreciate the fact there are wounds and scars some seen, many unseen...…that EVERY DAY....
still remind Those of Combat..... including their friends and families what’s at the core of war. 
That means, behind many closed doors there are some who have gone into battle physically or mentally who are still EVERY DAY fighting a losing war!
Miserably, those are the ones who really know what wars are for.
Because, dead or alive those are our Veterans, their friends, also their family who EVERY DAY are still secretly crying, and silently bleeding, in so many different ways.
Yes, those are our wounded Vets who EVERY DAY, are still wondering with all of their friends dead or missing...…
why are they still breathing?
Yes those, are our brave ones inside and outside who EVERY DAY are still wounded, scared, scarred, and silently grieving.
Sadly those ,are also the ones EVERY DAY sitting as a flag in a dark box…..
who will Always be memorialized beside beds, held in broken hearts.
Those, are the brave ones who EVERY DAY as ghosts, are sitting in the empty chair with no plate set there.
Yes those are the living and dead ones seen in pictures of loved ones lost and gone, but Never forgotten who are just a whisper in the air..... 
Those, are also the MIA who are just a memory of a smile away..... attached to that “Please just say cheese for me one more time before you are gone again” heart breaking missing grin.
Sadly ,those Veterans who are dead and alive.....are our soldiers who EVERY DAY know what it's like to loose.... yet win in the battles fiery flames.
That means, in many families behind many closed doors on the day when you were  partying and celebrating while not going to work...….
those are the ones who left somebody they loved behind in the Dirt....

who are still falling apart while quietly dying inside! 

So, since that’s true in so many ways….
we all need to Remember Why they are still silently crying.
And, why so many of our Vets are still fighting in wars privately dying!
Because, those are the ones who know what war was for.
And since they know what war was for....
we all need to know the price of  war!  
Therefore we each need to answer that EVERY DAY question deep down in our core. 

Because, EVERY DAY we all must know what it takes..... and what it will take out of someone to go to war. 
That means, every-body must know the purpose of war.
And, everybody must also know how to Win the war!
So, to find the purpose for war you need to ask any veteran.....What's war for?
Yes ask a Vet , or their friends and family.... WHO WEAR THE REMEMBER ME VET CAPS....EVERY DAY ….because they will tell you the truth in their own way!
And in that truth they will say.....
And, defeating the Demons who love war, and know what war is for.....
You also need to know that our Veterans....  who are now dead and wounded.... went to war for YOU!
That's why they will all say...that they were fighting for their homeland,  families, and the red, white, and blue! 
So, in wars high and lows they were fighting for people like you....
who they didn’t.... and still don’t even know!
Therefore knowing that statement to be true….since those in my land... where we stand.... all love the red, white, and blue…
that patriotic calling brings up the EVERY DAY thoughts of the people who have fought and who are still fighting to support our country.
Because, to show the kind of commitment, and devotion to freedom that those who have served… (and are still serving)…. have shown….

and in their patriotism that they are still displaying.... EVERY DAY in so many ways.....
shore to shore once more that also Shows all of us...….. what it takes to go to war.

And that will likewise show us what it will take out of you, to go to war.
That means, in EVERY DAY Memories of those who have fought for me also you (and who are still protecting the red, white, and blue )…..
while they are and have been ending Hate, defeating Satan shore to shore.... by fighting in the wars....

those Memorial, Commemorative, and Appreciated statements above will always let us all know …EVERY DAY....  how to win the knowing what LOVE is for!” Joslin Fitzgerald...The Mary Author
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