Friday, November 9, 2018


“Good morning world. What do you think about when I say, Words often Heard?

And asking you that often heard you know this week started the month of Thanksgiving. 

So thinking about words often heard, what comes to your mind when I use the nice and kind word of Thankful? 

Also what do you think about when I say Thanksgiving? 

And Not knowing your response,  since I am here on one end of the globe.....and you my friend are too far away on the other end of the world to answer those questions..... today I thought I would  fill in the words..... often heard for you again. 
And as I do that.... while thinking about the words often heard , you should silently make a Thankful list of inspiring words you have heard too..... that will contain your own Thankful words that will each see you through.
So, starting off..... first as I said before, I am ETERNALLY Thankful for He who will be making sure that my Saved soul happily goes home!
That means, thinking about words often heard, I am Thankful for JESUS CHRIST all of the time!
Because with Jesus Christ in my life..... I know through out my life also after I will be fine!
And with Jesus sending me in the right way, I likewise know that one Glorious day, while sitting on the wings of an Angel singing, we will all fly away to Heavenly Paradise.
That means,  I am, and will Eternally be Thankful for our Heavenly ride.
Because I know once we ask Jesus Christ to come into our life.... that none of us will ever be a bunch of old missing skin, or cold cracked moldy rotten bones left over in Hells cargo hold. 
Secondly on my list of Thanksgiving. I am Thankful for my family, and friends.
Because beginning to end, without them ……what would I do for Entertainment? 
Saying that I think we will each agree in the traumas, connected to our after school specials, dramas, mysteries, reality shows, comedy series, and soap operas called our life, attached to the hard times that we have already Survived we lived and continue to live through our days and nights.... a lot has been and still is...... going on all of the time.
That means, as we watch our real live TV dramas unfold every day in front of our face……. obviously our lives would have been and would continue to be very boring without the Crazy Loving people, attached to Insane things, also Bizarre events that each daily highlight our sight!
That's why.... I know no matter how many issues I have run into in my life, I would not have learned the definition of Faith, Love or the depth of happiness, and the Art of Survival attached to my timely lessons.......if Heaven had not placed each one of those lovely, slightly deranged, and very Crazy, Insane people in my way! 
Because every second of my day..... I  believe that the ones who come into our days are meant to take us places where we need to be they teach us the life lessons we need to learn in work and play. 
Therefore seeing every person I know and those who I meet on the street..... as either a sweet Treat blessings or a Cautionary Tale with directional Tricky curves….
as my faith has grown and continues to bloom, I am extremely thankful for their love, trauma and drama shared and my lessons learned that all enlighten and define my life.
Additionally writing about words often heard. I am thankful for the Lords light I have seen and continue to see in their eyes.

Yes all of the time I am Thankful for the direction of the right choices attached to my Heavenly guiding light that helps me Survive all of these Crazy people!
And as my Thankful list continues to grow, I am also Thankful for the opportunity to sit in my jammies, with no makeup on, at home and write day into the night.
Bottom line. I am thankful for the time that I talk to you about praising Jesus Christ!
That means, I am Thankful that I can meet You Secretly..... as we Praise the Lord all over the World.
Therefore sitting behind my office a Dictionary Missionary existing in cyberspace  through the world of computer technology....I am very Thankful that I am allowed by the Son, to freely and boldly chat with you as I share my soul and Love for Jesus with everyone.
Yes indeed, Ii the words often heard...I  am Thankful  for many things...... as the Angels spread the Good News about Jesus all over the world.
And being a small part of that witnessing......I am really Thankful .....that You all are out there listening, and receiving your Salvation!
Or if you are already Saved I am Thankful that you are receiving Spiritual Inspiration as you are daily Praising Jesus!.
And Again .....please know that you are not being fed because of me.

Instead your soul is being fed by Heaven, since you are seeing and hearing Jesus in this writing.
That means, I am Thankful  the Lord is using my fingers to press the computer keys !
Therefore thinking some more about words often heard..... while sitting behind your front door reading my blog...... I have to ask you again my friend...
Going around the bend...while trying to Survive....what are you Thankful for in your life?
Because, for me I am Thankful for Jesus Christ who continues to give me wonderful new people to love....and who Eternally blesses also protects my soul on earth also above until the end of time! 
Yes indeed hourly..... I am Thankful for Jesus Christ who guides me with His Son-light.
So in every way, every glorious day...... I know........ what I am Thankful for in life!
Because sitting behind my office door..... I am Thankful for Heavens light that leads me through the dark nights. 
So knowing that one day or night..... while riding on an Angels wing singing after turning right at the morning star, while going over the Rainbow....that I am on my way to Paradise...... for all Eternal life ....
I am Very Thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ for EVERYTHING!
Yes indeed I am Thankful for Jesus...whose forgiving atoning Eternal love will eventually...... see me Safely Home!
That means, I am extremely Thankful, for all of the many words of Thanksgiving...... often heard from now to Eternity!" Joslin Fitzgerald 

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