Sunday, November 4, 2018


"Good morning world . Well Hello! Or should that be Hell-No?!

So, Not knowing which way to go with my seasonal themes, or how your day is going.....this morning I know that we are all still caught somewhere in-between many things.

 That means, we are all caught in-between a play on words,  also nightmares connected to thoughts about the election, losing, or victory, and a Neat Sweet Treats Dream.

Therefore not knowing how you are feeling,  closing October's door after getting ready for the election, and saying Good Bye to the Demons connected with the Tricks found in many things...... I have also realized that we are all  in-between many things .

So,  likewise saying Hello to what we don't know..... we are additionally trapped in-between the sweet transitioning of the holidays and this mean spirited election and political show. 
That means, just like you I too know, we are all trapped somewhere in-between that high and low.
That's why, we all need to figure out what all of that in-between means.
Because I know that some of you are still caught in-between your indecision and decision of who to vote for.
That's why, taking a slight detour from my normal writing, I am hoping that you vote Republican.
Because I feel with a Christian President who continues to do great things for our country that would be a great thing for you to do.
But now thinking less about politics and concentrating much more about your soul,
I also know if you don't know Jesus that you are additionally caught in-between going to Heaven or going to Hell!
So not quite ready to leave politics behind...while we are just beginning to think about Thanksgiving.... as I am still reflecting back on Halloweens recent Hollow-day attached to
Hell's-No...I was wondering..... have you ever noticed that Hell is actually a Big part of life?
And knowing Hell is a part of life....... have you also noticed that Hell  is likewise a part of many of our normal everyday words.....
For instance Hell is a part of hello, hellaish, hellbent, bombshell, shelter, hellfire's direction,
and sadly Hell is also a part of the Election.
Bottom line. With the Devil Temporarily in control of a lot of things in this world,  .... before Jesus comes again....there will be a Hell in everything!
That means, looking back there’s also Hell found in Halloween.
Actually the word Halloween contains many things.
And some of the words trapped in-between its name and theme are….also Hello, low, allow, Hell, and Hallow.

 So still thinking a little bit more about the passing of Hallow-een or the fading away days of hello-ween, or the evaporating hours of hell-oween, or the transitioning minutes of hel-low-een, connected to the coming Election..... many things seem to be happening.
And with the Heavenly Sweet Treat welcome of Hell-o, or the other Tricky decision attached to the fear of Hell with nothing in between....many things need to be changing.
So needing things to change, while constantly seeking the Treat throughout our life....(knowing that Hell is the real painful deal) is time for us to find the treat...... and End the Trick for the last time. 
That's why, we need to realize in everything Satan says, and all that Hell their D-EVIL, Devilish hello, lows, cuts, and their gutting Hell-Low of us, we each need to agree that those Hellish things leading to Hell are Mean, and Life Ending! 
So you should know as you are trying to go to Heavens home by following the Devil, while going to Hell...... that rocky road will be very bad for your soul!
Therefore you must also realize in everything the Demons instigate as Hell and the Evil Upper Level Democrats ….
deceive you, as the Devil LIES to you that  you must see there is NOTHING the Tricky Tormentors won’t do, or have Already done too, that has been.... or will ever be a sweet treat! 
And that includes what the Evil one is trying to do with the Elections tomorrow evening.
That means, just like the Evil that meanly puts terror into our mind, you need to change things before our country and you run out of time.
Saying that, while seeing Treats like the horrific drugs that Satan loves to get you hooked on.... each sugary treat attached to His Lies, 
in that Demonic Democratic Tricky tie...... that will never be a good thing if you let Satan lead your life! 
Miserably in their UPPER LEVEL Demonic Democratic Tricky HELLo,
with solo tricks that Hell is perpetrating on you that makes you sick….there is nothing...... but sadness and lies for you to pick. 
Therefore facing that fact, let’s leave the Democrats out of  it!
And staying on track let’s say good-bye to Hells HELLo by saying Hell No!
Yes let’s take the Hell out of the election for the last time!
And here’s another great idea too...come spring, summer, fall or winter .
Let's take Hell out of everything we do!
Yes indeed for Heavens-sake…. HELLO….Please say HELL-NO to Hells gate!
Because, leaving the Democrats out of it ...right now is the time to say Hell NO to Satan's Mean tricks, simply by saying HELLO to our sweet treat! ” Joslin Fitzgerald

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