Monday, October 2, 2017


"Good morning world. In a time where we are all living with so many Disasters that are coming in faster and faster.... as you are trying to Survive Time.....away from home..... have you ever felt lost and alone?

And that's yet another good question!

Because knowing in one way or the other, that we are all lost and alone a way from home.....with some of you hearing bad news, as some of you are suffering with pain day after day, are you feeling like you are by yourself in every way?

And as some have Thrown away everything they ever owned, after the fires, tornados, and hurricanes called your name and you lost your home....are you feeling abandoned today?

Additionally as some are laying dead on a concert floor, while their family members are trying to figure out what happened.

And in that same horror, as others are in shock  bleeding on the Las Vegas strip street and others are in harms way in many other ways today....... in middle of so many disasters.....are you also feeling like you too are missing in action?

Well thinking about The End of Time, and the End of Everything in that line..... as I have been writing my blogs lately...I really never have considered how bad those things have been until I found myself  lost and alone in thought........again.....
wondering what the Hell is happening! 
So today as I have been bowled over by the terrible news of the shooting in LOST Vegas, trying to write my blog, realizing I couldn't do that because I was crying....I realized there will be many who feel lost!
And today when I have been trying to watch the Gory TV, and I couldn't do that either that also devastated me because I realized that there are some out there who are also feeling alone!
That's why today knowing there is Nothing we can do to stop the DEMONIC DISASTERS from happening as those horrific acts are coming in faster and faster...I realized that many people are feeling  frightened, scared, and really lonely....
So knowing that none of us can keep the disaster's from coming. That means none of us will ever be able to stop weeping!
And knowing that sad fact to be true...I Also started considering how many things in our life are taken for granted . 
Then I started thinking about things that we simply assume the next day will be here.
So thinking about close to  1000 people who are either dead,.... injured or wish they were dead .....who just went out last night in Vegas to have some fun ....when I was finally able to stop crying and start writing today....... realizing we all need away to stop the Pain...... that LIFE AFTER DEATH Thought started me thinking about things coming our way.....
Therefore knowing life's door will soon be closing Forevermore I again started thinking about the END OF THE WORLD that is also coming!
And wondering if it was the End of the World last night ........ I quickly realized I was so Thankful that I will Not be left behind when time runs out......because I know and follow Jesus Christ!

Therefore I  know having Jesus Christ as my Savior guarantees me a Heavenly Eternal Ride to Paradise with the Angels by my side!
So knowing all of that ....I started thinking about others of you who are Lost and Alone.....
And as I started reflecting on our DIVINE ETERNAL LIFE LINE that sadly for some, has been cut off, and cut short ....... I again started thinking about Jesus Christ, also Eternal Life! 
And as I was praying in the daytime..... while also praising the Lord at night..... I realized even though we don't know what new disaster will be arriving..... we don’t ever need to feel lost or alone in our lives. 
We also don’t have to worry about the End of the World, or the removal of Time!

Because with Jesus Christ protecting our souls...... after Heaven picks up the demon's pieces of what's left of us on Earth...... with Jesus Christ guiding our souls to our Heavenly home…. we will never be lost or alone.” Joslin Fitzgerald

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