Tuesday, October 31, 2017


"Good morning world. Guess what? Yes its true! In that Guess What clue today is Halloween, and to some of you  that's a dream coming true .

That means ,if you like the frightful yet slightly delightful night of Tricks and Treats tonight will be the time for you to say BOO TO YOU to everybody who you meet!

And as I have just stated that Sweet Treat, Tricky fact,  since we are still located somewhere in-between a Neat HALLOW-day Dream and a Scary Spooky HOLLOW-day Scream.... let me just say BOO TO YOU too again....as we meet and greet another Holiday!

Because in review that BOO TO YOU in our life.....means that we are all  getting closer to the end of fall. And we are also getting closer to another Haunted Halloween's Night while listening to the Withes call!

Therefore peeking behind Halloweens door, following up with my blogs theme from yesterday and before.... I want to talk to you some more.....

about the TRICK AND TREAT RULES.... that will help everybody Survive the Haunted Night! 

Because as we are trying to SCARE our kids to Tears...... past the point of No Return.... we must  talk about the Golden Rule...... A Golden Rule, that tells us all what NOT and what TO DO.

That's why we need to be chatting about what will be happening this evening!

So knowing What and What Not to do ......here are the TRICK OR TREAT RULES for you!

And Rule number one has everything to do with doing unto others as you want them to do unto you!
That means, we must Never meet the Sweet kids who will just be seeking Treats,.at the door while screaming bloody murder in our headless oddness Blunders! 
We should furthermore, Not greet the kids dripping in our disgusting gangrene gauze! Sadly those are Horrible Frightening missing head disturbing images none of us wants!

Therefore as we are hiding behind out front doors with the TRICK..... as we prepare to say BOO TO YOU.....we should remember a friendly stabbed neighbor in a screaming crisis.... or a nice mother, or kind trusted father now showing up at the door wearing bloody discussing Disguised clothes.... might be delightfully fun for some.
But for the silently crying Frightened kids who will be secretly dying inside.... standing in front of you that's a terrifying sight!
That means, seeing somebody who the children know, who is now sporting a witches green wart on their nose.... inside all that terror found in an adults odd but Not Funny troubling haunting....to a young one is Frightening!
Obviously to a child that kind of warped sense of HallowEEEEKKKK humor is also confusing!
Understandably in the same way a rope draped around a swollen neighbors neck is Not amusing!
And a bloody knife sticking out of the head of a trusted friend, with a caved in bruised chess, and beaten face.....that too is not a joke for them.
Likewise a mommy dressed up as a Mummy wrapped up in bloody strips of cloth who is carrying around a sharp hatchet while screaming bloody murder everywhere she goes.......in Frightening reality…..Is Not the best image for sweet dreams !

Bottom line! An adult the child knows ....who is now a strange person moaning, shrieking, and groaning, while being viciously strangled, or mutilated, then torn apart or mashed up in a dreadful deadly play acting stickup......will cause tears. 
And looking dead from a car crash, will never make an unrestful child happy in their treat seeking quest, since being unable to feel safe in a car, .that creepy image could badly affect them for years!
And even though for some Odd reason one night out of the year.... that pretend Troubling misery to us is fun!?....
To a young one.... those Frightening sights could be the Introduction to an irrational  fear!
So knowing all of that to be true, if we are honest with ourselves...we all have Halloween memories that have also badly affected me and you!
Okay you can be honest . Because I know if you could speak to me..... that you too would say that you have at least one TERRIFING memory coming from your old Halloweens!
So knowing that, Halloween fear and Ghastly tears have also affected All of US over the years... we all must remember.......  TO A SMALL innocent CHILD... that Play acting horror could stick with them indefinitely for the rest of their unrestful life....
And that Fear of what they can Not understand....might show up in a million night times full of  bad frightful memories....and horrible never ending nightmares!

So knowing that young children.... DO NOT KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN REALITY AND PREVERSE FANTASY...we must also remember as their very trembling fears with secretive thoughts connected to haunted dreams becomes a crippling therapy session......that You will be to Blame!
And as the images they can not erase bring about many long white coat weekly meeting, or even a jail sentence ...YOU will be the one they name in therapy as they blame YOU for their stress, and misguided direction!

Therefore lurking behind the doors...we all must keep that from happening!
That means, to keep from being a part of their Nightmares.....and Screams......
We each need to be apart of their Sweet Treat Dreams!
So to be apart of the Treat Please remember that ALL children AND most Adults have a very hard time knowing the difference between actuality and fantasy, the truth or a Hoax!
Therefore before we open up the door and tear their world apart, we must also remember to be Gentle around the Children!
Because these little impressionable minds  also have very tender sweet hearts.
So EVERYBODY YOUNG AND OLD PLEASE be nice to the kids as they walk...

Saying that let's all Remember to put the Sweet Treat and HAPPY back in Halloween as we take the Evil scheme out of the Demonic Screaming part! 
And doing all of that..... Please consider the children's best interest right from the start!
Happily let's concentrate on the Angels not the Devils in our life!
Let's offer the Treat not a Trick to the children going by!
Let's not traumatize our children by screaming BOO TO YOU and bloody murder in the night.
And instead let's set good Christian examples showing the kids what’s good, and right!
Bottom line one more time.
Let's be kind!
Let's be nice! 
Yes let's take the Witch also Ghouls and BOO TO YOU out of the Frightful night.
And lets put the Happy cherub song back into Halloween's HALLOWED moonlight!
So knowing the difference between Tricks and TREATS!
Let's NOT scare the children we meet on the street! 

Bottom line one more time. When you say BOO TO YOU, remember that's a CHILD standing in front of you..... whose learning to be nice, mean, cool, or rude who you are meeting and greeting !

So everybody lets have a SAFE, HAPPY, AND FUN....,  SWEET TREAT HALLOWEEN!

And lets SAY HAPPY HALLOWEEN....and NOT BOO TO YOU to the Neat kids we meet!" Joslin Fitzgerald


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