Saturday, June 17, 2017


“Good morning world. Have you ever heard a love song? Have you ever sung a song of love? Have you ever had a love song sung to you?
Asking you those lovely questions I thought, since Father’s Day is coming along, I would take a break from talking about birds. 
And in that break while thinking about something other than the waiting game, today I thought I would write about what you are hearing and listening to . 
So knowing Father’s day is tomorrow and there had to be a song of love attached to that situation….. I think you will agree with me ...that we each need a song of love to get us through all of our important days too.
Therefore, since songs of love are so important to our soul, here are some words to a favorite love song about summertime that you might know.
"Summertime and the living is easy. Fish are jumping and the river is high. Daddy's rich and your mama is good looking. So hush little baby don't you cry."
Yes indeed there is nothing quite like hearing a familiar comforting summertime song of love on the radio as it stirs up passionate childhood memories of long ago. 
And there's something even sweeter when that summertime love song is sung to you by somebody you know.
No, there's nothing like a comforting song of love, especially when we are all singing along.
But Wait! How important is a love song, if the one you used to love is gone. 
How important is anything in your stay if everything has passed away!
Bottom line day to night how important is anything on this earth in it misty evaporation?
And asking you that vaporizing question all of the time.... you must know one day.... there will be no radio. 
That means all that's left will be the peaceful glowing Heavenly rest up there.... or No rest in hell below.
So if you want to hear the Heavenly Eternal song of love you don't need to worry about the rising summertime degrees or the dropping winter temperatures . 
You don’t need to worry about the fish not jumping, or the river being too high.
You don't need to worry if your mothers good-looking. 
Bottom line it will never be important if your earthly daddy is poor, or if time seems to have no reason in life.
Because Hush little hear the Heavenly song of love from have the most important thing that you need to survive!
Therefore knowing the reason for all of the seasons will always be found in Heavenly forgiveness celebrated through prayers....listening to the Eternal Salvation Song of Love…… we will always have the sweet lullaby found in Jesus’ love coming from above all day long!
So knowing it doesn’t matter what your earthly father is doing, or has already done….let's keep singing Heavens love song!
Yes Let’s keep listening and praying as we go along.
And leaving earthly disappointment in the past, by concentrating on what is yet to come, in your prayers, you will keep hearing the Eternal Sweet Melody of Salvation, while listening to the never forgotten lullaby of redemption ..... sung about in the perfect Heavenly Song of Love…...” Joslin Fitzgerald

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