Thursday, April 6, 2017


Good morning world. Here are some new questions for you, that you need to know the answers to. Are you fool proof? 
And more importantly are you Bullet proof too?
So asking you those common protective questions are you aware that somethings coming your way? Yes indeed somethings coming that will test your answers to what you think, what you do, and what you will say!
Saying that have you ever felt like something BIG is coming, but you just don't know what that something is, that coming for you?
And needing to be bullet proof, while feeling like something Life changing is arriving soon ….have you ever had the hairs on the back of your neck stand up a lot? 
Then Knowing somethings coming and you need to be fool proof, have you figured out what?
So in the need to not play the fool and in the need to be bullet proof…. have you realized somethings coming that you have not seen yet.
And have you also verified the something arriving might make you vomit? Because that something coming Will end your breath!
Therefore trying to close another seasonal door, while wondering.... if that something coming is good or bad news now like before…. have you realized yet, that it's almost time to find out if..... what's coming will be good or bad for you!
That means it’s almost time to find out if you are fool proof.
Bottom line its also time to find out if you are bullet proof too!
And those things are important. Because stating the fact that something is coming…. that something will either save or kill you. 
So, since everything is pending on the answer to one big decision, isn’t it time to find out what that something might be?
That means thinking less of your body, I am now thinking much more about your soul. Because knowing which way your soul needs to go will have everything to do with what that something is in your life.
And that something will have everything to do with whether you live or die.
Therefore now and before you must know to be fool proof, you must not be a fool. 
And to be bullet proof you must be able to survive the cruel shot too.
Because there is a time arriving at the end of the line, where you will have to make the biggest decision of your life. 
Bottom line one more time, my friend there will come a time where you will have to decide if you are going to be a crying, dying, fool heading to hell.
Or if being fool proof,  you will be an Eternally living, smiling glowing soul going to Heaven singing!
Because it will be in that Eternal decision, while you choose dying or Eternally living….. that you will find out if you are a lost fool going to hell.
Or are you a smart Saved soul on your way to your Heavenly home. 
Bottom line before you run out of time you need to know. Are you going to be a fool whose spirit is shot through and through? Or being bullet proof protected from satan’s doom, morning night to noon, will your soul be fool proof!” Joslin Fitzgerald 

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