Sunday, May 29, 2016


“Good morning world. Since Memorial day is almost here, I thought I would ask you these great questions. What are wars for? What is the purpose of war?
Bottom line. What does it take or take out of you to go to war?
So, asking you those warring questions we all know Memorial Day is one to memorialize. Because behind many closed doors there are wounds and scars some seen, many unseen that still daily remind "those of combat " what’s at the core of war. 
Therefore in the final count down knowing what wars are for…. that’s what this coming holiday is all about. 
That means behind closed doors some are celebrating our freedom.
Sadly, however that also means behind many other closed doors there are some who are still fighting a losing war.

Miserably those are the ones who  really know what wars for.
Because, those are our veterans who are still secretly bleeding.

Those are our vets who are still wondering why they are breathing?
Those are our brave ones inside and outside  who are still wounded, scared, and scarred.

Those are also the ones sitting as a flag in a dark box beside their beds held in broken hearts.
Yes those are the living and dead ones seen in pictures of loved ones lost and gone, but Never forgotten.... 
Those are also the MIA who are just a memory of a smile away attached to that “just say cheese for me Please one more time” heart breaking missing grin.

Those are all of our Vets who know what it's like to win?
That means in many families behind many closed doors somebody is crying! 

Therefore, since that’s true in so many ways everyday we all need to be Remembering Why they are still silently crying.
Because we all need to know what war was for?  
Therefore we each need to answer that question deep down in our core. 

Because we all must know what it takes and takes out of someone to go to war. 

That means every-body must know  the purpose of war.
So to find the purpose for war you need to ask any veteran, 
What's war for?

Yes ask a Vet , because they will tell you the truth!

And in that truth they will say.....they went to war for You!

Yes they will say they were fighting for their homeland,  families, and the red white and blue! 

So in wars high and lows they were fighting for people who they didn’t and still don’t even know! 
Therefore knowing that statement to be true….since we all love the red white and blue…that patriotic calling brings up the thought of the people who have fought and who are still supporting our country.
Because to show the kind of commitment, and devotion to freedom that those who have served… (and are still serving)…. have shown…. (and are still displaying every-day).....shore to shore once more that Shows what it takes and takes out of you to go to war.
Therefore in daily Memory of those who have fought for me also you (and who are still serving the red white and blue ).....
those statements let us all know… 
what Love is for too .” Joslin Fitzgerald

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