Tuesday, May 31, 2016


"Good morning world. Well Memorial day is over. 

Yet Memorial day is never done!
Saying that just because a day of celebration or remembrance is finished….just like Christmas it will never end. 
Because, Christmas is every day of the year. And so is Memorial day whether remembered far or near. 
So now talking only about the day of sad remembrance called Memorial day, while leaving the joyous sweet Christmas celebration for another day..... we all need to remember the Memorials will never be over as long as the tears are flowing.
Therefore for those who still carry the mark of war, on their body, in their heart, or deep down in their soul….. Memorial day and Veterans day will never be finished, 

Because war is never really over! Sadly pain never really goes away.
That’s why EVERYDAY we need to THANK A VET for what they are doing and for what they have done for us!
So in all of the courage that it takes to defend the United States.....I want to say Thank you to our veterans EVERY DAY.... who have seen the things we could never see, who have done the things we could never do, and who have fought the good fight for me and you! 
No! I never want to forget the ones of the red, white, and blue….who have put their hands over their chests and served our homeland so unselfishly for me and you! 
No indeed we should never forget the reason for their season of pain….. because they have given up so much every night and day. 

Sadly in deaths rest some have even given it all just so we can go to sleep peacefully dreaming.... 

Then others have given even more, as they continue to live and breathe because they are still silently frightfully screaming ! 
So whether you are near or far away, no matter what you have done and given.... I again want to say! 
Thank you to our Veterans of all branches, and all wars EVERY day!   
Yes, Thank You every hour to the ones in every way who have given freedom to us on this Forever Memorial Day! 
Because whether it’s in the hopeful silhouetted MIA glow of the moon or the missing shadow rise of the sun….. when there is something, or someone to remember….. 
a memorial day is never done.”
 Joslin Fitzgerald
In particular again I want to say Thank YOU to my Daddy, father in law, and my Two Sons who year by year, month to month, tear to tear, fear to fear, have proudly served this great country for everyone!
So for my sisters and brothers….from another mother and father….. 
My prayer today and every day is that The Lord God will continue to Bless and Protect the United States of America! 
Because Love is never done.

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