Friday, October 30, 2015


Good morning world!  DONT SCARE THE KIDS ! Saying that we all know it is the night before Halloween. That means it is also the night before the Horror show begins and screams become dreams!


Because sadly no matter what we do about it…. with satan in control… evil will be walking our streets. That means kids who are normally so sweet, will be dressed up to look gruesome, bloody and mean!


So tomorrow night as everybody is trying to have fun each in their own way.... we must understand there are RULES that need to be in place. 

Yes there are things we need to do and other things we must not say!


So following the Rule of "do unto others as you want them to do unto you" we must be kind to the kids 

who are sweetly saying 

Trick or Treat

because tomorrow night 

there will be many vampires with Giants and ghouls 

knocking on our door, seen out and about on our streets! 


Therefore to me in that playtime alien invasion we all need to be cautious, courteous, and caring to the little ghouls and goblins out there who we meet and greet.

Yes as the safe homes represented, and the trusted adults known, 

are being  weirdly transformed and invaded  by witches, vampires, and terrifying ghosts on their own .... much 

more is going on behind-the-scenes on Halloween, while the children are out, about looking for candy to trade, and eat.


Accordingly we all need to be aware much more is happening on this scary make-believe day, as the darling masked children also known as neat treat seeking Rockets are playing.

Yes as the kids are knocking on our door while innocently walking up to us, or sweetly  straying  into our webbed nests of horror much more is going on for sure!

So in that statement do we ever really know what mental  issues are hiding behind the children's masks? 

Do we really know how fast their little hearts are beating in their chests?


Without asking, do we know if the child has special needs?

Do we know if they are painfully shy? 

Do we know if any of the young ones hiding behind their costumes going on by are silently crying ?


Thus without knowing why they are shy… or if they are crying….  

we need to nicely ask how are they doing. 


Then asking that question as the haunted night try's to pass....thinking of the children we also need to REMOVE OUR SCARY MASKS! 


Then making Halloween SWEET, in that heavenly task we should nicely inquire if they would like a treat. 

No we should not demand them to do any tricks for us, or scream, or harass them as the sugary tempting candy is passed !


Hence in doing all of that we should NOT SCARE THE CHILDREN, or embarrass them. 


We should not lose our temper or scold them. 


We should not make fun of them, or mock them if they do not respond appropriately by saying "thank you." 


We should not  get mad if the kids do not laugh, while peeking over their see and say mask brims into our scary faces.


there are many things we should NOT do on Halloween eve.


And the number one THING  is....


because on that evil kissed night especially, we need to be reminded that our innocent Angelic children are already fearful while trick and treating!” Joslin Fitzgerald. 



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