Saturday, October 31, 2015


Good morning world! BOO TO YOU! Yes that BOO means it is Halloween day too!  Therefore peeking behind Halloweens door following up with my blog from yesterday.... I want to talk some more about the trick and treat Rules for Halloween. 

Yes let's talk about the Golden Rule that tells us all what NOT 

and what TO DO this evening!


So ( doing Unto others as you want them to do Unto you) 

for instance we must not meet the kids at the door  screaming bloody murder. 

We should furthermore not greet them dipping in our disgusting gangrene gauze! 

Sadly those are  horrible frightening missing head disturbing images none of us wants!


Accordingly we should remember that a friendly stabbed neighbor in a screaming crisis, 

or a nice mother, or kind of father  showing up at the door wearing bloody clothes  on somebody the kids know is terrifying!

Yes seeing somebody they know who is now sporting a witches green wart on their nose,) 

in all that terror found in an adults troubling a young one is Not amusing!

Obviously to a child that kind of warped sense of humor is very confusing!

Understandably in the same way a rope draped around a swollen neck, 

or a bloody knife sticking out of the head of a trusted neighbor, with a caved in bruised chess..... 

Or a mommy dressed as a mummy..... in reality…..

Is Not the best image for sweet dreams either!


Connectively an adult the child knows (who  is now a strange person moaning viciously strangled, or mutilated, torn apart or mashed)..... looking dead from a car crash, does Not make a child happy in the treat seeking quest.

Accordingly all that pretend misery to us is fun, 



horror could stick with the child  indefinitely and show up in a lifetime of bad frightful their  trembling fears with secretive thoughts also haunted dreams become a crippling therapy session and white coat weekly meeting!


So please remember children have a hard time knowing the difference between actuality and fantasy!


Therefore before we open up the door we must remember to be gentle around the children, 


these are little impressionable minds and very tender sweethearts.



nice to the kids as they walk...



Saying that let's all remember to put the HAPPY back in Halloween as we take the evil scheme out of the demonic screaming part! 

Yes please consider the children's best interest right from the start!

Happily let's concentrate on the Angels not the Devils in our life!


Let's offer the treat not a trick to the children going by!


Let's not traumatize our children by screaming 


bloody murder in the night.

And Instead let's set good Christian examples showing them what's  good, bad, wrong, and right.


So let's be kind!

Let's be nice! 

Yes let's take the witch 

and BOO TO YOU out of the night,

and put the happy cherub song back into Halloween's moonlight!


And Let's 

NOT scare the children this time! " Joslin Fitzgerald 


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