Thursday, August 6, 2015


"Good morning world. Well today is my BIRTHDAY!!! 

Yea! The Lord has given me another delightful day to celebrate life!

Saying that this morning I have a lot of fun things planned, as my family and friends are sending me presents, also love! Thank you everyone!
Happily they have each arranged to make my day great starting from.... 
the first peek of the sun!

So today watching the sunrise,
I am going to CELEBRATE my hard landing, on my hot August special delivery morning, when I first arrived... 
by doing something extra nice!

And just like on the hour when I caught my starting breath, 
I am going to take the day off!

Yes I am finally going to get some rest!

No I am not going to do any writing ! 
I am going to relax, 
and free my complaining  brain!

Happily today
I am just going to Eat Cake!
But I will be back tomorrow as I answer these intriguing questions....

What if things are not great on your birthday?

What if there is no reason to celebrate? 

What if there is no Happy.... 
In Happy Birthday!

What if there is no birthday present?

Oh no
What if there's never a great reason 
to eat cake!

Therefore knowing how important cake is to the whole human race, and how very upsetting it would be to not have any icing to eat....
I will meet you back here tomorrow as we investigate these concerning inquiries!

And in the meantime please know that I have just prayed for you to have a blessed day, 
I am always asking that you are praying for my happiness too, while I we are  going along our way!"

Yes indeed 
today is another  great day to 
Love to all
Joslin Fitzgerald

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