Friday, July 31, 2015


Good morning world have you ever felt like something was missing? Well in that missing thought.... guess what.,... it is still summer time! And in that sight it is still hot as hell all of the time. 


But painting a different picture, while cooling things way down getting away from the too darn hot thoughts of flaming hades….. 

today I am thinking about delightful summertime, as many pleasing things are still coming to my mind! 


And in that picture ( even though something is missing) one of the delightful things coming to my mind about sweet summertime, 

centers around all the things I remember seeing that remind me of summer as a child. 


Saying that I know you too like going back in time. 

So after reading my blog, lets close our eyes and envision all of the things that we are still seeing in our minds 

that make up our missing summer days. 

Yes let's reminisce and about what we remember and what's missing, while we  bring back our sweet memories of summertime!


Accordingly thinking about many delightful sights that remind me of summertime, 

and thinking about having sight while not being blind....

I have to say I love seeing the things of summer as they light up my smile. 


So being a professional artist of kind…..

trying to capture life on canvas and in words following the spirit....


I have decided to get out my paints of both pigment and letters….

and paint you a picture that I am going to call 



And painting that summertime picture,  

the first color I will add to my canvas, circles around the blue of the summer sky. 

Yes a blue sky will always be a particularly favorite sight of mine. 


The next color I will add to the painting in my head, is yellow.

Because I love to see the yellow sun hanging in the sky during the summertime. 


Then adding green to my summer memories I am additionally pleased when I see children running wild and free while playing in the green leaves of the cotton wood trees even as they wheeze sneeze. 


Next adding white into the sight of summer I also love seeing people taking it easy, as they rest underneath the white fluffy clouds day dreaming.


Jointly adding in all of the colors of the rainbow, that I will have hanging over the red roses and bright golden sunflowers below….

to me summertime paints quite a delightful rosy picture!

Yet in that showy picture something is missing! 

And in that something missing I wonder is the same something missing in the picture of your life that you are painting too?

And if so what can that missing something be?

Well to find out what is missing in my picture that I will soon really be painting....

Come back here tomorrow.

And as I am finishing the painting attached to my story that I am calling "Summertime"

I will actually 

show you my painting!

And in midst of that artistic reveling I will also share with you what that friendly colorful important missing  

thing always will be!" 

Joslin Fitzgerald 


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