Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Good morning world. Today is another busy writing day for me as I prepare to deliver my 3rd children's book due out in September. 

Accordingly, since writing my blog sometimes takes me all day....
in order to save time that I need to work on the new book...
I thought I would introduce you to my latest lead character in my coming children's story called 

Yes indeed
let's meet Polly 
a darling, nice, kind, very confused, extremely overweight young girl who is made fun of all of the time. 

Sadly in her life the only way she can find relieve from the constant mean teasing that comes from her overeating.... 
is to Sleep!

And that's why she has a neat sweet treats dream.... where she meets and greets her food up close and very personally!

So get ready to go behind Magics door once more, while enjoying another one of my Original fairy tale stories.

And together we will explore a mystical land of candy, creatures, milk shakes, cupcakes, and fun as Polly, Wally, and Dolly teach your kids  to be healthier....
also nicer to everyone!
Well I hope you enjoyed that little sneak peek into my new children's book that is coming very soon.

And for an additional update 
between me and you....
Right now I am working with my publishers artist on the story board too.

That means within the next couple of weeks I will see all ten pictures for the 
book as my story....literally  
comes to life right in front of my Eyes!!

Yes on this wild creative ride getting a book out is like giving birth to a child!
Therefore to join me in this 
delivery experience 
To order my other books....
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go to my web site at

Please know I am glad you are reading my blog, while
sharing in my writing and life!
Also know that you have just been prayed for as I am asking for your kind prayers too!

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