Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Good morning world. Well guess what? Today it is Hot as Hell. Saying that with temperatures in our country reaching from 100, 105, 110 over 115 degrees,

Yes indeed it is 

hot as hell even with a breeze in the trees!


And saying that figuratively and literally as we hear that "hot as hell" phrase every 

day I started thinking about what 

hot as hell actually means to you and 

me in our work and play.


Okay what does it mean when somebody says it is "hot as hell today!"

And exactly how hot can hell really be? 

What is the temperature registering way down there underneath our feet?

And how hot will you really be if you go to hell and find your soul sizzling?

Well the first question is easy. 

Because when we say it is "hot as hell", what we are really saying is there is no way to express the Painful degree of suffocating agony that kind of 

"hot as hell" heat provides, that we are experiencing!

No, you can't understand that misery without comparing that smothering heat to the one thing we perceive is the hottest thing we know below.


And, since hell is roasting so many confused souls, 

when we say it is "hot as hell".... 

Fearing where you might be going,

in that hot as hell heat…we are really saying "the place where we are standing is just too darn hot for you and me!"


Of course 

the last questions about How Hot Hell Will be, ( for those unsaved souls leaving) are scary inquiries 

that we really cannot perceive,.... 

since nobody has actually come back from hell after frying.

No nobody has come back from hellish  eternity to tell us what numbers are actually  contained in those hideous hellish degrees. 


Even so without anybody really knowing….how hot hell can really be....

after seeing many pictures of hell with people frying and screaming below 

knowing that radiating 

heat is too darn hot.....

I can easily see that 

"hot as hell heat" 

is just too darn hot to handle for me!

And saying that hell is hot....

I know that is too darn hot!

So saying that I can't take the heat found in Hell's Kitchen,  I  know it is hot as hell….for those here on earth and down there below who are Not saved as well. 

Because if you do not know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior it is going to be 

hot as hell for your soul, in hades afterlife where you are going day after disintegrating night!


So knowing how 

“hot as hell” 

you are right now….

in your city or town....

I have to wonder looking around, 


Oh no is frying alive really something that you what to be doing for the rest of your life!?

And if your answer is 


And if you're wanting to get out of the 

"hot as hell" heat 

you have to know that the only way to escape the eternal flames, is to 

meet and greet Jesus Christ, as you touch His refreshingly sweet hands and follow His Holly eternal water of life, feet. 


Yes indeed in review 

you must realize sooner than 

later morning, night, to noon

having Jesus Christ in your life when we go to heaven up there in the blue sky

it's going to be very cool and nice! 

Happily in the SON's rising 

it will not be

Hot as HELL

in paradise! 


On the other hand if you do not make the wise choice and you turn your 

back on Jesus free gift of salvation,  

You are Right 

living down there in the all-consuming incineration fire....

Hades is going to be Hot as Hell in the summertime and every day after that in your woeful coffin enclosed hours.


Therefore picking your afterlife door, knowing that "hot as hell" heat to be true.... we each need to realize 

even though it is "too darn hot" in our summertime heat around the globe....

that you have Not seen anything yet!

Sadly earthly "Hot as Hell Heat"

is Not going to be anything compared to what you will experience, as you rot in hells doomed gloomy tomb.

No summertime heat will be nothing compared to what you will feel when you are roasting alive speared in your thigh on

a rotisserie stick standing by the devils side.


So to avoid the 

Hot as Hell heat of an eternal to 

"darn hot to handle" unkind, infernal

summer like a beautiful, blooming, bright


who already found the light,

you too must come to Jesus Christ!

Yes to keep from frying alive in an eternal summertime that Will be…. 

hot as hell all of the time....

Jesus Christ will show you the way to find cool, nice, forever relief in your life! Mercifully Jesus will forgive you of your sins day and night, 

as he puts out the fire"

Joslin Fitzgerald

Thank you for reading my blog please know that you have just been prayed for( as I am also asking that you are praying for me. ) In that prayer please additionally know that every word I am writing is Spirit sent in its heavenly direction leading you to....


Your Prayer of Salvation


Dear Jesus, I know I have done bad things in the past, and that I have done bad things today, and that I will continue to do bad things tomorrow as I am going along my way.  Yes that makes me a sinner, just like everyone else in the world every day, with all of the bad things I am doing and saying.


So, because I am a sinner I know I need a Savior....


Therefore my sins and my unhappiness are why I have come to you today, as I am silently praying, because I want to be eternally happy, and I need to be forever saved.


In saying that Jesus, I believe that you were born on Christmas Day.  I believe Jesus, that you lived a perfect life that is written down in the Bible to teach me what is wrong, and show me what is right. And I believe Jesus, in your love for me that you died on the Cross to save me from all of my sins day and night. Yes Jesus I believe you died, and defeated the grave as you arose from the dead on the third day. Yes I believe you are Alive forevermore and that you are living inside my heart and soul eternally night and day!


Thus in believing Jesus, you are the Son of God I am asking for your forgiveness for all my sins that I know, and those I do not know that I have committed, including the ones that I will continue to daily wallow in, as I claim in Your Eternal scriptural promise in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that I am now going to heaven.


Yes I claim in my new faith this very Minute that I am saved, because you died for me on the Cross, and in your arising on the third day, I know I  will not go to my endless grave. In that statement that just saved my life Thank you Jesus, I am now whole since the Holy Spirit lives within my soul!


Therefore in this prayer I believe that I am born again into heavens sight, and in your Biblical Promise of salvation written in the scriptures I have received everlasting life! Thus as I am asking you to change my blind darkness to guiding light you are forever my Savior, Jesus Christ.




Absolutely I pray that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your eternal guiding light, and your Savior today. I know I may never meet you here on earth as we are roaming, but if you truly prayed your prayer, to Jesus requesting forgiveness of your sins, and asking for your salvation you are right now this second saved. And I will see you when we go Away back home! 


In saying that I also thank you for sharing in my prayers, thoughts and writing as we are going along our way as you are a huge part of my blogs heart.And  I hope that you check out my web site highlighting information for Children and Adults that will give you  your chance to win some FREE BOOKS! Yes I am giving some of my books away for FREE! 


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