Thursday, June 4, 2015


Good morning world this is another sneak peek day so I thought I would introduce another character coming from my new children's book called 

Remember that All of my children's books are for every child around the worlds matter their age, grade, faith, race, shape, or look on their faces!!

So since you have an in with me, and I am the books author enjoy your sweet sneak peek!

And let's meet Sherry Fairy. A cute  wingless fairy. Who by doing something great... Will one day earn her Wings!

Yes indeed knowing her...will come in very handy, because soon Sherry will be helping all children around the world remember to be nice, kind, and polite ALL OF THE TIME 
and not just nice polite and kind at special times!!

But in the meantime, as we wait for Sherry Fairy to come play...Please continue to enjoy my 5 books in distribution right now.

And Everyday you can order and find all of my books with all distributors,
in  books stores,
Also with quick ordering on my web site

And enjoying my current books please keep watching for my 2 new children's books coming soon!

Additionally know you have just been prayed for... as I am asking you will be praying for me and the messages in my writing!

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