Saturday, June 20, 2015


Good morning world .Hi everybody here is another sneak peek into my creative 
children's world.

And today looking inside my writers 
mind you are getting to meet....
Mrs. Pigsfeet! 

Okay going a completely different way my 4th children's book "A NEAT SWEET TREATS DREAM"  ( also due out in September) is going to be really neat! 

Saying that 
One of the things I love about my children's books is the fact they are all so 

Happily you can not compare my Original Fairy Tales to anything you have ever read before
Or to 
each other ! 

So Get ready for a lot of coming up fun.....because very soon I can't wait to share my 2 new children's books with you in September!

To order my books and to get more information on their stories go to any book store or distributor such as Amazon or Barnes and Nobles.

Or visit my web site for information about a Free autographed book giveaway coming in December!

Thank you for your prayers and for sharing the joy inside my books
 with your kids!

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