Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Good morning world ! Today is a day in-between for my blog. And on my laboring days in-between (when I am totally working on my stories) I am going to share some rare personal insight into my latest children's book.

Accordingly this is an insight that only comes from the author!

Saying that I am currently in labor trying to deliver a darling new book due out in September called 

And today I am finally starting to work with my illustrator. That means my new book is starting to come to life!

Therefore going behind the artists labor room door just like delivering a baby, I have tears in my eyes today, because for the first time I am getting to meet my new children.

So please greet 
Caring Carrie the Tooth Fairy!

And here is a sneak peek into what she will look like!

Tomorrow my blog will be a normal share, but on the laboring days in-between you are getting  a chance to peek into my world of childhood fantasy!

So Please continue to enjoy all of my books that are currently in distribution by ordering through my web site,
Barnes and Noble
All major distributors 
Also any of your local book stores.

Just search or ask for Joslin Fitzgerald

And please continue to pray for my 2 new books coming soon to a child near and dear to you!

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