Thursday, June 11, 2015


Good morning world. This is a personal share day so I thought I would share with you something new and exciting I am doing!

Happily due to the popularity of my first cute children's story.... I have just condensed my first children's book "AN ESCAPING PRINCESS AND A RUNAWAY PRINCE" down from 15,000 words to 1,500 words!
That means it has gone from being a chapter book to a picture book. 

That means it will be much easier for very young children to enjoy. 

Happily it will also take less time, and will  be easier for me to read during my children hours at the Barnes and Noble stores! 

In doing this I am now thinking of calling the new shorter book 
"ALOT OF BUGS AND TEACUPS" I would then put this book out in a revised format having all the pictures in COLOR!
Stay tuned for more information on another  one of my new books coming to a child near and dear to you!

Please know that you have just been prayed for.... as I am also asking that your praying for me too! 

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