Sunday, June 14, 2015


“Good morning world, opening and closing doors....right now I am going to do things differently again. Saying that as a professional author I will occasionally be giving you sneak peeks into my 5 books . So today I thought I would start by giving you a little peek a boo into my first manuscript  


Sharing this commencement novel I know in this “little tent in the desert story,” things will look familiar. Because in this books theme  we are all searching for an exit, while opening and closing the doors  of life looking inside out, then outside in once more. 


In that thought, as I am sharing a glimpse into my first novel “AT CIRCLES BEND” we will join  my leading lady guiding the pages….


Angelica like the rest of us finds herself disturbingly trapped and wedged in the revolving desert door of her time line. 

Interestingly as Angelica (a girl with angel in her name, and little bit of devil in her game) commits crimes against the heart…. in that old, new, and very familiar ensnared imprisonment…. my leading lady finds herself abruptly turned upside  down trying to get right side up . 


Therefore going in and out of many doors, 

Angelica further discovers herself transported into an entombed world of badlands surrounding her. 


Yet as her faith is growing she additionally finds beautiful gardens surrounding her as she walks in her deserts.


Subsequently sharing my thought….. 

(life is like a series of doors.... that we open and close always wondering what’s on the other side.) I also ask the question in Not knowing what's inside....

is it better.... to stay outside and not open that door at all…..

Accordingly never being sure which way to go reading 

 “At Circles Bend,” 

wondering about doors that open and close,  it will seem like you are holding a mirror in front of your face. 


And as you pray the door will not slam shut,  or that the mirror of fragility will not crack… will find your life and this novel are about facing many exhilarating celebrations, combined with grave hardships, and perceived mistakes.

 My book is jointly about dealing with traumas that turn you inside out, while handling the resulting consequences of drama applied to Lies told that baffle everybody. 


In that baffling battle the pages focus on  games, veils, abuse, rescue, faith, and shadows.

The story connectively spins around things.... we are each learning as our life lessons are painful to ascertain, yet wonderfully necessary to get us where we need to be going. 

To that beginning and gathering conclusion this unique fictional novel reflects the harrowing bends, yet glorious ends, that make up all of those  decisions. 

My story is furthermore about compromises, and celebrations, while all of those things are spiraling out of control…. guiding everyone  forward to their heavenly destiny or hellish demise.

Please keep in mind during these “book sharing days” I will be jumping around in the chapters, so to get the whole story please order my books right here. Yes they are all available internationally in most countries. 


Going to my web site listed below and above on this page….will give you a lot of information as well as taking you to the book ordering process.

To me this is a lot of fun as my blog now combines my original inspirational blog posts, personal life thoughts, and now includes my novels also children’s books. 


Because in this diverse combination of my different writings……

I love how the soul song of my heart…… for young and old…. fits right into your life.


So come back here tomorrow and I will have a sample of my book “AT CIRCLES BEND” ready to share, as we blindly…. go through yet another brick door!” Joslin Fitzgerald

Thank you for reading my blog please know that you have just been prayed for…. as I am also asking that you are praying for me.  

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