Tuesday, June 9, 2015


"Good morning world. As promised I am sharing Another sneak peek into my personal life.

Saying that since the storms and flooding are over for now...
 today is Another day to celebrate everything!

So I wanted to share with you.... that Yesterday I approved Another one of my characters for my upcoming children's book called....

And now I would like you to meet 
Sherry Fairy! 
Your kids will love her! And you will love how all year long she (and her brother Perry Fairy) will be teaching your young ones to be nice, kind, and polite all of the time! 

No kids should Not just be on their best behavior only during December!

Happily feeling that way realizing there needs to be something to help children around the world all year long I have a great surprise for all young and old!

Because in my new book there's now very Unique fun, combined with a sweet magical, helpful reminder for all kids to be kinder, politer, and nicer All of the time!

So let's meet Sherry Fairy 
a helpful, cute, mystical friend....
Coming soon to a child near and dear to you around Septembers bend....

To enter my reader appreciation gratitude contest... so you can win one of my  autographed books FREE....  just follow the easy instructions.....right to my heart
and go to....


Please know I have just prayed for you... as I am asking you are praying for me also! 
And I will see you back here tomorrow as we discuss Another side to life's highs and lows!" Joslin Fitzgerald 

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