Sunday, May 24, 2015



"Good morning world. It is still May and that means another holiday is coming. Yes that means Hat wearing Memorial day..... is this coming Monday!  

And when we say that another holiday is coming, I wonder if we really understand what wearing the Hat seriously represents!

 Okay what would it be like to wear a Vets hat thats full of blood, tears, sweat and memories. 

What does being a Veteran seriously mean!?

So not knowing the answer to that inquiry I question if any civilian will ever totally be able to comprehend what a Memorial Day memory is !


And in thinking about memory, memorials, and Hats what does that truly 

mean to you and me?

In that thought what does it mean when we look out at a sea of pain represented by the Service Hats we see worn in public every day!


So thinking of memorials and memories as we look around have you ever noticed.... that there are Service Hats being worn by brave hearts everywhere! Yes there are memories and memorials to be found just by looking around!

And in that looking have you ever considered....that those Hats are still representing lives and hearts broken apart.


Therefore looking behind wars door we have to know every hour that Hat we see....

 is still telling us a private horrific story!

And in that memory of a quiet story no matter how somebody served, or where they were serving, we need to look around and see what those Hats are really saying. 


Accordingly in that silent conversation being relayed to all of us every day in so many different ways.... have you ever noticed (out in public) how many Veterans are wearing their Hats showing us their status and what war they were....

 and are still in.

In doing that our Vets are wearing those Hats to let us know what they did... and what that service did to their family and friends, and what that duty truly meant to them. 


No our wounded Veterans with the visible and invisible scars, are not carrying those Hats of service recognition just because they have nothing else to wear!

Instead our Vets are wanting us to see them clearly. 


Yes our Vets are wanting us to say and to Show them we care! 

So in our caring.... I feel every day should be Veterans and Memorial day! 


And I feel like every day we should say to  A Veteran ( who never ran) Thank you….Thank you for protecting and serving our country so bravely and gladly!


Thank you for doing something that I could never do! 


I already know if somebody was yelling at me at three o clock in the morning taking me through basic training...and they asked me to drop and give them 150! 


My first instinct would be to say 150 what?


Then when they said 150 sit ups,

 and 150 squats, with 150 push-ups....drowning  in a river of tears I would have been a complete angry very  cross  washout! 


And if for some Weird reason I got through that hellish nightmare of basic training and ended up in a war I can guarantee you....

 I would have broken into a million little tiny pieces that’s for sure, as soon as I heard a gunshot roar by, or a bomb go off over my head as I prepared to cry also die!


Hence in the memory and memorials of the Service Hats.... seen in the stores and restaurants daily… thats  just a little bit of what these brave, strong, loving men and women have done (and are still doing) for us.... as they daily walk in the red footsteps of war.... and stare at deaths memorial !

So since we can only image what they have gone through  let's take a look at the Service Hats that we see every day.... and 

when we see their Hat,...let's tip ours, as we go up to our women and men and say 

Thank You!!

Because in seeing them clearly…. 

Reliving those memories....

every day should be Memorial day!


Yes Every-day we should be saying Thank You to a happy sad 

Vet for your service!



So from me to you 

THANK YOU All… no matter what branch, no matter what war....

Thank You... 

No matter your race or age, 

big or small, short or tall, one and for all 



And in that THANK YOU….Please know I SEE YOU

and in reading your Hats daily, I never miss a chance to say THANK YOU... And PRAY for you...


I know you are also fighting a private war

as the rest of us pass your Hat by shore to shore....

and ignore you on the street, 

restaurants, or in the stores!

Subsequently in that HERO recognition that you should be given...

I extend the same invitation to my family and friends... To shake your hand

as we all continue to 








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