Monday, May 25, 2015



"Good morning world today (in the United States) is a Happy Memorial Day. Isn’t it? So that means today…. is a memorial day to say Thank you to all of you who have fought, cried, and died for the red white and blue!


And in that statement saying 

Thank You…. 

definitely has brought a lot of different "ISN’T IT, AFTER ALL"

thoughts to my minds review! 

How about you?


Saying that there should be a Thank you given to our friends also family for being with us as we take a break and play! 

Next there should be a Thank you to the same people for spending extra time with us today as we grill and chill out, because after all…… 

that’s what this Happy Memorial holiday is all about! 


Yes after all this is just another unimportant holiday, isn’t it!? 


After all this is just another reason not to work, isn’t it? 


After all this is just another day like every other holiday to forget why we celebrate, isn’t it? 


After all this is just another day to buy something on sale, Isn’t it? 


After all this is just another holiday that means nothing, Isn’t it?

Well to answer those 

“ after all.... ISN’T IT ” questions….



Because every holiday is important for so many reasons and Memorial day is no exception! 


Accordingly Memorial Day is one to memorialize, because behind many doors today there are wounds and scars from injuries some seen, many unseen that remind "those of war" what this holiday is really for. 


Yes behind many closed doors there are flags in boxes standing beside pictures of loved ones lost and gone, but Never forgotten.... 


There are also boots still on the ground, 

and other shoes too, who will never come back home and smile that “just say cheese for me Please” grin one more time!


Yes behind many closed doors today some are praying, some laughing….. but again many are crying! 


Therefore as this nation stops playing and recalls what a memorial truly is for…. in the final roll call, 


we all need to be Remembering what these Memorial hours are really all about! 

And without a doubt we each need to be aching for our country, our Hero’s and their families every second, as we daily take the “happy, After all’s, and ISN’T IT” out of Memorial Day as we stop playing  and begin Praying.”


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