Wednesday, May 27, 2015



Good morning world Memorial day is over. Hummm, or has it just started. In saying that I think it is important to realize that a holiday is Every-day .

Yes a holiday is  more than just one day. No holidays do not  just begin and end one day. And Memorial day did not stop either, since people are still picking up the pieces!

Accordingly all days that are important are important EVERY DAY. 


So saying that “it is over” is like saying it never began in the first place. Therefore I feel it is critical to keep saying Thank You to all of our veterans for serving proudly then and now EVERY DAY! 


Thank you very much for protecting our country!


Thank you again and again….to the ones who did not run from the gun. 

Thank you to the ones who always display their wounds silently in front of everyone. 

Thank you to the ones who have their memories of grief resting underneath their sleeves or tattooed on their chest, as they Alone know what that means when they go to bed! 

Thank you to the ones who know the injuries mental and physical that we cannot see!


Thank you to our veterans who carry all of the secret damages in their hearts that we cannot even imagine or conceive.


Thank you to the Brave ones who won't ever run when freedom is challenged sea to sea. 

Thank you to those men and women who are strong to the core when the terrorists knock at our shores door.


Thank you to every man and woman who has ever defended this country! 


Thank you to the ones  who are now wearing their insignia signature shirts and their hats to the store so that we won't forget them....

.just so we, the unseeing public will remember what they have done, and are Still doing!


Absolutely Every Day in every way Thank you to everybody who defended (or who still is defending) the United States.....


Thank you to our Brave veterans who have seen the things we could never see, who have done the things we could never do, and who have fought the good fight for me and you! 


No I do not ever want to forget the ones who have put their hands over their chests, and who are still serving our homeland so unselfishly. 

No indeed we should never forget the reason that they have given up so much every day and night, just so we can go to sleep peacefully dreaming.... even though they are still silently, frightfully screaming. 

So EVERY DAY whether you are near or far away, I again want to say! THANK YOU to our veterans EVERY hour! 


Yes THANK YOU to the ones who never coward. 


Therefore In everyWay let’s say THANK YOU 

to the ones who have given us freedom EVERY DAY! 

God Bless the USA!

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