Saturday, May 9, 2015




Good morning world. No I have not forgotten how to write my blog. But in the same train of thought I have not found time to write it this week as I am very tight on time. 

Yes due to the two new books, I am writing and getting ready for distribution (that will be out sometime in September) I do not have enough hours in the day.


Needless to say being in high production right now my publisher has me very busy! 

 Accordingly in the busy excitement surrounding two new children’s books coming soon called……..



I thought I would share the first paragraphs of....


WITH YOU today!


So here is a sneak peak and the first preview too….to this darling coming soon kids book featuring.....

two wingless, jobless, song-less fairies who each teach all children around the world.....the SECRET…. of staying on Santa Claus’ Nice List every day of  every kind year!  


So here is 


By Joslin Fitzgerald


“Hi, everybody, young and old. I would like you to meet Sherry Bell, the sharing fairy whose laughter dances like floating butterflies on twilight’s gold. 

In my nice story being told, as Sherry carries a sparkling scarf of flowers covered in pearls from a star’s heart, I would also like you to greet neat Perry Dell, a smart fellow fairy wearing sparkling sun-shower clothes that he borrowed from the yellow glow of a towering rainbow. 


Yes, let’s get to know Perry as well, while we wait to hear his spellbinding tale to tell about these friendly cousins sharing their silver bells all in a row and the bold boy running in periwinkle dells close-by his rolling meadow home. 

Let’s also get to know both fairies who smell like dewy roses as they play on the moon-hugged hills of Hello, while they show us their cute raindrop-shaped noses and new sunlit-kissed toes. 


Absolutely let’s get to know them both, because in that sweet meeting, with neat greeting hand in hand, each of the littlest fairies have a brand-new story to tell that will joyfully take you right into their grand, light-bright, magical Glad Land! 

Yes, indeed in that plan, dear sweet reader friends, Perry Dell and Sherry Bell have a happy new tale to share. And if you listen very closely, looking around, you might even see them landing right next to you on the ground!".......

More will be coming soon so stayed tuned…..

and in the meantime enjoy some more information on the other 5 books seen in the picture above...that I do have selling right now around the world !


You can also go to my web site listed below…where you can join the contest to win one of my BOOKS FOR FREE


And to find out more information on how you too can join in the fun.


Thank you for your prayers and support that you give me daily. 

Please know that all of your sweet encouraging words and sweet emails are Uplifting my life, and my writing, as I too am praying for  You daily,  while going along my Mary way.

WHOO HOO as a bonus for being my friend I  am also sharing a first view of the cover too!


  1. You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going. Put blinders on and plow right ahead. See the link below for mor info.


  2. I accidentally viewed your blog and I was so amazed with your work that it touched the deepness of my heart and it made me sentimental. Thanks for posting. Visit my site too.