Tuesday, November 11, 2014



"Good morning world. Today I am taking a slight deviation from my other blogs, as I too want to say a special THANK YOU to our Veterans on Veterans Day. Thus starting my blog that way, I realize these kind thoughts are being written more for my American friends and family, during this remembering relay, as Veteran’s day comes to mind.


So saying  that here's a nice idea instead of saying Thank You one day out of the year…. 


let’s Thank a Veteran  ALL OF THE TIME!


Yes, let’s Thank a Veteran every day especially when we see them wearing their identification hat. 


Yes, lets Thank those who would  not run from the gun. 


Yes, let’s Thank those who are  now silently displaying their wounds one by one on the tattoo flag underneath their sleeve. Sadly those enduring injuries include mental and physical ones that we Can see, 

and other invisible damages to their heart.... that we cannot even imagine or conceive.

Yes, let’s Thank our brave ones who never ran. Yes let's Thank those who won’t ever run when  freedom is challenged and evil comes.


Yes, let’s Thank those men and women who were, and are still today strong to the core when the terrorists knock on our door. 


Yes, let’s THANK  our women and men who are wearing their signature shirts and hats to the store. Absolutely they do that for a reason, because they want us to see them. No they do not want us to forget them in their season now or before. 


Yes, let’s THANK our Veterans who have seen things we could never see. 

Yes, let’s thank the ones who have done things Valiantly we could never do. 

Yes, let’s Thank those who  have fought the good fight for us that we could not fight.


Yes, let’s....Not forget the reason that they've given up so much for us, every frightful day and screaming crying night.


Subsequently in saying that…. Yes ,let’s go up to our Hero's all the time everywhere we find them!

YES LET’S  THANK  them in person even as they are standing in the checkout line. I guarantee it will always be very touching  for everybody all of the time…. And that THANK YOU Will mean everything for any delighted family members serving with them, standing proudly in the heritage line.


Additionally on a personal note having a Daddy 

and two HERO sons… 

who are  Veterans….. one who is still serving in Afghanistan, here's another great idea 


Yes, let’s pray for our Veterans, and our country Hourly!!


Yes let’s…. say THANK YOU TO A VETERAN, all of the time, because they are the ones that have cleared, and are still clearing the way for our safety today! 


So no matter who you are,

No matter what your rank was,

No matter what you have seen,

in all areas of service one by one…. Daughter or Son...

from me to you dear Veteran...

From the bottom of my beating, free, also safely happy 

red, white, and blue heart

THANK YOU for what you have Done!"

Joslin Fitzgerald

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