Friday, August 1, 2014


“Good morning world today my blog is going to be a little bit different. Because today I am CELEBRATING (after a hard delivery and many delays) the arrival of my brand new baby. Yes I am Celebrating with you the arrival of my First Children’s Book, ( that is only $9.99 ) containing 88 pages of fun and learning called 


So welcome to my children's series that I am calling "the Moral to the story is, 

Rules are Cool ."


In that introduction I have a great question for you. Is there anything beyond the fairy tale? 

Yes is there anything in front or behind of Once upon a time, in a land far away.... and they lived happily ever after, at the end of the day?


Hence in saying that how many times have we read those kind of nursery rhymes to our children? How many times have we told our children that they need to be beautiful or handsome, also well dressed and rich?

Yes to be merry how many times have we read them to sleep night after night, teaching our kids to make everything alright, that they need to marry a successful prince or love a perfect princess. 

How many times as their heads rested in their beds have we said that they must reside in a fancy bright castle to live happily ever after.


And in saying that from me to you.... how many times have those  fairy tales come true? Yes how is that working for you?


Okay don't get me wrong, I Love a good once upon a time ride too!


However, now my new see and say question to you is....

 Is there anything better beyond the fairy tales mist?


And my answer is "Yes there is,because now there is a "Moral to the story is Rules are Cool  “that we need to teach in life's school.


So going Way past the fairy tale, but still keeping the same magical wish, with the playful adventure twists to each of the stories, these books are for all ageless children, boys and girls, of all religions, races, shapes, faces, and sizes. 

Happily these books that I am writing are teaching all of our children valuable life lessons centered around loving their family, appreciating what they have at home, respecting and obeying the special others in their life, while treating their friends the right way They want to be treated.


These books are also showing our kids what it is like to walk awhile in somebody else's boots along the winding miles. Yes these smiling books additionally will be helping  our children learn to be responsible for their actions, and to take charge of their hard hitting mean words, because hurting somebody's feelings today, (who is already hurting from yesterday ) may be the last word heard.


Thus going Way Beyond the fairy tale, but still keeping the silly willy, rhymey chimey, gift of fun and magical Laughter in every book, there is a new Happily ever after for everyone that really will come true! 

So won't you, and your special young one come along with me where birds talk, and trees walk, while magical bugs are singing then playing, as we all learn to make this world a better place! ” 

by Joslin Fitzgerald


To order this sweet neat teaching book  go to my publishers web site below

and stay tuned for a write up that I will share from AN ESCAPING PRINCESS AND A RUNAWAY PRINCE tomorrow.



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