Monday, July 7, 2014


"Good morning world! Today I'm thinking about fireworks and freedom. Of course the reason freedom and fireworks have come to mind has to do with the fact that our fine country has just celebrated our Fourth of July! 
Yes that means  in the United States we have found yet another reason with way for us to celebrate and to appreciate the great freedoms that we have.

Happily here in this country we still have the freedom of speech and the freedom to search for happiness and liberty. Yes  we still have the freedom to do pretty much whatever we want to do,and to be who we want to be, as long as we don't hurt anybody while we're doing that!

Accordingly in our red white and blue freedom  this country is very great indeed, because a lot of you out there truly can appreciate that kind of freedom.

Sadly in what is missing in your countries  regulations and censorship you may not have the same kind of liberties  that we celebrate and cherish today.

So that leads me to thinking about the way that we celebrate life. And in this country on the Fourth of July we send up beautiful things called fireworks. 

Just in case you don't know what a firework is......fireworks are gorgeous streaking bolts of ammunition that are shot out of tubes that blaze into the sky. And once those fireworks are high enough they ignite quickly, then detonate and in their blowing  up they will rapidly  disintegrate into beautiful shows of rainbow lights. 

We also have things called sparklers that can be held  in your hand and as you light  them they will blaze sparkling fire right where you stand!  Then in their sparkles  you can even write your name in the night sky on the  Fourth of July!

Yes on the Fourth of July as we get together to celebrate this wonderful independent freedom that we cherish, the skies are alive with blazing color in these fireworks displays as all of our eyes are lifted to the sky. 

Yes all eyes are looking into the sky as we watch these fireworks flying by. And as we marvel then  clap at the wonder call fireworks they blow up and then sadly they are gone in the blink of an eye!

And all of that coming and going leads me to think about freedom and what true freedom really is? Also how long freedom will actually last?

Then those thoughts lead me to wonder how do we go about finding true freedom. And further what is the reason in our season for endless fireworks!

Well as I explore each of these considerations  I guess I need to first think about what "freedom" really the dictionary defines freedom
"as the right to enjoy privileges of citizenship, the right of belonging to membership and the right to celebrate the connection to community and country " 

So in other words as we enjoy what is left of freedom RIGHT here on earth some of us are free to enjoy our life's breath as long as we follow certain rules!

But Wait is that really truly freedom? Yes is that the best that freedom offers?

And if that is freedom how long does that freedom last? And how can we get it back!

Absolutely  as a lot of us know in different countries  ( and sadly what a lot of us in this country are finding out ) freedom can be very fleeting! 

And that freedom can also be taken away very quickly.

Hence in these thoughts I'm wondering what true freedom really is and how we go about finding it and how we will truly celebrate it when we have located liberty.

Naturally in all of those thoughts  I know nothing on this earth lasts forever! And freedom is definitely one of the things that will be going away very fast!!

Yes I know I already stated that, but as we are thinking about freedom and how important fleeting liberty is to us we have to realize that freedom is very fragile! 

And just like our fragile breath, and all of the Rest of the things we enjoy....that freedom as well as everything else can all be taken away today!

Therefore opening and closing 
many doors (and jumping out of some windows)  I am always thinking more of our eternal freedom than our lifelong freedom, because Even If we live 100 years, when you think of that span of time.... that is a very short period to be alive and  to be here.

Therefore I think it's very important that we all start thinking long-term and we start thinking about what true freedom is . Yes we need to think about the beauty found in endless fireworks that will really occur as we accept Jesus Christ into our earthly and eternal life!

And as we reflect on True freedom, and breathTaking fireworks I think that's another thing that's wonderful about eternal freedom, because  it doesn't matter where you are living right now!

No it does not matter  what freedoms  have been given, then taken away ,because when we All go to heaven under the sign of the Cross none of us will be lost and we all will be eternally free!

Thus in that heavenly return there will truly be beautiful endless fireworks in the sky to be seen by our heart, and souls eye." Joslin Fitzgerald

Thank you for once again sharing in the writing from my blog.


Additionally please know that everything I write I am doing in testimony that JESUS LOVES YOU and He wants you to live for eternity,  as that witness is happily taking you to your heavenly destination found in…..  


Your Prayer of Salvation


Dear Jesus, I know I have done bad things in the past, and that I have done bad things today, and that I will continue to do bad things tomorrow as I am going along my way.  Yes that makes me a sinner, just like everyone else in the world every day, with all of the bad things I am doing and saying.


So, because I am a sinner I know I need a Savior....


Therefore my sins and my unhappiness are why I have come to you today, as I am silently praying, because I want to be eternally happy, and I need to be forever saved.


In saying that Jesus, I believe that you were born on Christmas Day.  I believe Jesus, that you lived a perfect life that is written down in the Bible to teach me what is wrong, and show me what is right. And I believe Jesus, in your love for me that you died on the Cross to save me from all of my sins day and night. Yes Jesus I believe you died, and defeated the grave as you arose from the dead on the third day. Yes I believe you are Alive forevermore and that you are living inside my heart and soul eternally night and day!


Thus in believing Jesus, you are the Son of God I am asking for your forgiveness for all my sins that I know, and those I do not know that I have committed, including the ones that I will continue to daily wallow in, as I claim in Your Eternal scriptural promise in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit that I am now going to heaven.


Yes I claim in my new faith this very Minute that I am saved, because you died for me on the Cross, and in your arising on the third day, I know I  will not go to my endless grave. In that statement that just saved my life Thank you Jesus, I am now whole since the Holy Spirit lives within my soul!


Therefore in this prayer I believe that I am born again into heavens sight, and in your Biblical Promise of salvation written in the scriptures I have received everlasting life! Thus as I am asking you to change my blind darkness to guiding light you are forever my Savior, Jesus Christ.




Absolutely I pray that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your eternal guiding light, and your Savior today. I know I may never meet you here on earth as we are roaming, but if you truly prayed your prayer, to Jesus requesting forgiveness of your sins, and asking for your salvation you are right now this second saved. And I will see you when we go Away back home!


In saying that I also thank you for sharing in my thoughts and writing as we are going along our way as you are a huge part of my blogs heart.


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