Monday, May 26, 2014


"Good morning world well today (in the United States) it is Memorial Day. And that is a day to say Thank you. In that statement saying Thank You  definitely brings up a lot of different thoughts.

 Of course  the first one is saying Thank You to our Heavenly Father who has Thankfully given us the breath to breathe today. Then there is a Thank you to our friends also family for being here with us as we take a break and play! Next there is a Thank you to the same people for spending extra time together with us grilling out, because after all that is what this holiday is all about . 

Yes after all this is just another unimportant holiday isn’t it!? 

Yes after all this is just another reason not to work isn’t it? After all this is just another day like every other holiday to forget why we are celebrating isn’t it? After all this is just another holiday that means nothing Isn’t it?


Well to answer those questions No it is not! Because every holiday is important for so many reasons and Memorial day is no exception. 

Yes indeed Memorial Day is one to memorialize, because behind many doors today there are wounds and scars some seen, many unseen that remind "those of war" what this holiday is all about. 

Yes behind those closed doors there are even flags in boxes standing beside pictures of loved ones lost and gone, but Never forgotten.... who will never smile that “just say cheese for me Please one more time” heart breaking missed grin.

Yes behind many closed doors somebody is crying! And we all need to be Remembering Why!


Yes indeed that statement brings up the thought of the people who have fought for our country. 

And in thinking that way I just want to say Thank You to everyone who has ever matter what matter where you were , no matter janitor or general, man or woman. 

Yes Thank You to all of our veterans serving proudly then or now. Thank you very much for your protection of our country!

Yes absolutely I want to say thank you to the ones who did not run from the gun. Thank you to the ones who display their wounds silently in front of everyone. Thank you to the ones who have their tattoos resting underneath their sleeves or on their chest, as they Alone know what that means when they go to sleep, and try to rest! 

Yes thank you to the ones who know the injuries mental and physical that we cannot see!


Yes Thank you to our veterans who carry all of the secret damages to their hearts that we cannot even imagine or conceive.

Yes  Thank you to the Brave ones who won't ever run when freedom is challenged. And Thank you to those men and women who are strong to the core when the terrorists knock at our shores door.


Yes Thank you to every man and woman who has ever defended this country! Thank you to the ones  who are now wearing their insignia signature shirts and their hats to the store so that we won't forget them.....just so we, the unseeing public will remember what they have done, and are Still doing that for!


Absolutely in all of the YES's' that it takes to defend the United States.....I want to say Thank you to our veterans who have seen the things we could never see, who have done the things we could never do, and who have fought the good fight for me and you! 

No I do not ever want to forget the ones who have put their hands over their chests and served our homeland so unselfishly. No indeed we should never forget the reason that they have given up so much every day and night, just so we can go to sleep peacefully dreaming.... even though they may still be silently frightfully screaming. 

So whether you are near or far away, I again want to say! Thank you to our veterans EVERY hour!  Yes thank you to the ones who never coward. And Thank You to the ones in everyway who have given freedom to us on this Memorial Day!” Joslin Fitzgerald

In particular I want to say Thank YOU to my Daddy, father in law, and my Two Sons who have stood up to the gun and proudly served this great country for everyone!


May The Lord God continue to Bless the United States of America!

Thank you also for sharing in my thoughts and writing as we are going along our way as you are a huge part of my blogs heart today!


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