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Good morning world. Yes in many different ways on our paths we are all caught in storms and we are also moved by relocations. In the same way we are each agreeably content with our decisions, or we are disagreeably dissatisfied living behind the countless different dark veils in our passage.  

Concernedly in those storms and resulting relocations today we will identify with my leading lady Angelica as I again share my first novel with you called "AT CIRCLES BEND."

In that sharing  by reading my book or my quotes I know that these words will give inspiration to you, as we realize in the storms of our life we are not alone.  Then in that realization we will once more  sympathize with Angelica’s plight as she continually discovers herself disappearing behind her storms, secrets, abuse, and the Arabic black veil.

In that same disappearance  you  will agree many times that you  have hidden away from your tornados behind your closed closet doors of secrets too. Yes indeed we all go through many black storms. 

Accordingly in those turn a round’s  of our feet and heart we each have challenges in relocations….and in those challenges we all keep many secrets.

Absolutely  in our scheming with breathing we are each so alike in life and never more so as we once again hear Angelica saying….


“In that colliding thought, startled that any of us survived anything in time, I had seen that survival as a good and bad foreshadowing of destiny’s foot print. Thus in that disembarking  step the old introduction and new mutilation heat connected to the dismemberment hell I was facing in my marriage,( and the promise of healing heaven I depended on in life) once again met me.


Instantly I genuinely realized what a bad mistake I made as I prepared to wake up from my Day Dream that turned into a nightmare and to face the dreadful fact I lived in the disintegration desert. No I was not sleeping in the sweet lingering twilight of mint juleps in Alabama, or residing with the budding tulips of Amsterdam, because once again waking in the Arabia ghettos on my path trying to find home, in my crushed and crashed life, I had no choice where I waking or laying.


Nevertheless, it had not mattered. No my arrivals or departures, nightmare or dreams, schemes or screams had not ever mattered in the center stage of legacy. Yes  as I was secure, yet insecure in all of those crashes then rash decisions as Saudi, and flying taunted me (also haunted my life,) ultimately everything frightened and excited me.


Subsequently in that similar dyslectic way I felt the same about sleeping and waking like I had with delivered travel that rescued me, yet incarcerated us within breaths of insatiable lust or distrust. 

In that realization upon opening my eyes, I realized I had been trying to breath in Arabia for many months. No in my path continuing I was not in the States anymore physically or in my runaway day mentally dreaming.


Yes for all practical purposes, I was small, lost and alone with many more lessons to learn far away from home. Visibly in that confirmation I was shaken to my bones that my dream of being back in the States was not real as in that way life had gone, while every day I found myself surrounded by even more fear than fun. 

Absolutely in my journey on my path Away back home, I realized I was going to need a stronger faith and more guidance from the Son to get up in my mourning’s. 

Yes to survive the lies and the secrets I was keeping in my roaming, I was going to require more heavenly strength to face my run away days.”Joslin Fitzgerald


Happily that was another sneak peek into my first novel "AT CIRCLES BEND" to order it and fill in the blanks that I am leaving out please click here.

And then go to my web site below for more information about my other four books (two for the children in your life ) that will be releasing soon. Needless to say as you all are sharing  my writing  and my journey I pray that you  have a blessed day!

Then I will see you back here tomorrow.”


Thank you for sharing in my thoughts and writing as we are going along our way as you are a huge part of my blogs heart.


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 Thank You also for your prayers and support that you are giving me daily.Please know that all of your sweet encouraging words and sweet emails are  UP lifting my life, and my writing, as I too am praying for You while going along my Mary way.

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