Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Good Morning world. Thank you for the pretty emails. I am glad you liked my Mothers Day poem that I shared yesterday.

 To that  end I am now sharing the rest of it too, as Again we must always remember daily Mothers Day is just beginning! So here is the rest of...

My Mothers heart. 
"In my mother's beautiful heart and soul I discover my purpose and rest. Yes  in my mother's eyes I find my happiness....
 I can see I am the best. 

Happily  in my mother's ways of faith I have  blossomed and bloomed like a beautiful rose in her heart as I have grown. 

And  in my laughter that will always crest in our soul mates connection, I have always known there will never be sadness or unrest! No I am never alone!

Yes my mother was blessed by God, as in her prayers she has guided her child from the first cries start. 

Sweetly in gentle phrases she was adored with beauty just like a rose my mother was (and always will be ) the picture of God's perfect art!

I am glad I have seen it all and that we will never part! 

Mercifully I know I will always find my way back home through heavens  eternal love promise....found on the Cross.....and by following the song in my Mother's heart" Joslin Fitzgerald 

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