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“Good Morning world. Summarily in this “little tent in the desert story”, today is another showering hour to share a sneaky peek into my first novel “AT CIRCLES BEND.” In saying that my lost leading lady guiding the pages of my series is still disturbingly trapped and wedged in the revolving desert doors of her life.

Interestingly as she continues to commit crimes against the heart in that ensnared imprisonment she continually finds herself abruptly transported into an entombed world of badlands surrounding her.

Therefore sharing her story (that is really ours too)  we will once again hear my fictional leading lady, Angelica ( a girl with Angel in her name and a little bit of devil in her game) talking directly to You about her abuse , like you are her best friend or therapist…

as she is saying.


In that loneliness I immediately found the Arabian heat overwhelming. Yes I realized being eaten up with perpetration was playing tricks on my mirage mind and as I reached out to nothingness seeing something I feared there were more crashes and disappointments coming in my life. 

Nevertheless knowing that a mirage was impossible to catch, I "played" like I could find something that no longer existed, as I closed my eyes praying that I was not lost and alone. Yes I prayed every hour I would not crash and burn. Pitifully I prayed I could go back home and touch the snow, then dance in the spring flowers again!


Dejectedly, however my wishes never mattered and lying to me never worked either. Sadly no matter what I wanted our circles had begun to untie, and as they cracked in my life, overseas marital blizzards, like Saudi sizzling temperatures had come nigh. 

Yes, like hot bed problems  of identification and cremating troubles of intolerance that were burning me alive inside, (trying to find insight outside) those days of mistakes and hesitations were going on by.


Understandably in that discovery channel program, focusing on the crashes of my time I was completely upset and of course shocked at the blatant contrasts between the countries, especially since the slap of reality circling around acid sweaty Arabia stunk….

 unlike the lap of luxury in America that smelled so sweet and was so very different. No Arabia, and America, had absolutely, nothing in common.


Yes in saying that, I quickly found Saudi Arabia was a secretive closed, censored, bordered, gated country, unlike America who shared more secrets than we should have, and opened our doors to all. 

So to me, Saudi was blinding, concealed, recluse, filled with strange smells and daunting demands with many more haunting hovering fears. Saudi represented hardships incased in her everyday unsettling sounds surrounding the many crashes in the years.....

And what I left behind defined love happiness, also home.

Understandably in that discovery I wanted to leave, but like so many other times in life looking for a way out I found no exit.


Therefore, day dreaming that I was once more in the land of “milk, honey, and home” as I had instead found myself lost sweating in that land of sand, I had again seen hallucinating was the only way to escape the torture that I found there. 

Accordingly to avoid my astonished crashes of life I slept all of the time and in that escape I found myself praying for relief and guidance in dreams as well as  in my awakening. Yes with eyes open or closed I was always praying. 

Yet not knowing what I should have been praying for…. I was always alone, crashing and forever lost looking for home.....”Joslin Fitzgerald 

 To be continued  


Thank you for sharing in another glimpse into my first book AT CIRCLES BEND. Please keep in mind that I am simply skimming through my first book to share my original quotes, and inspiration. Yes I am praying these quotes are imparting thoughtful questions with encouragement to your day. 

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