Monday, May 12, 2014


"Good morning world. Yesterday was Mothers Day. Therefore and forevermore Happy Mothers Day to all of the Mothers out there! In saying that, Absolutely I know personally how wonderful it is to be a mother.... But  I also know how sad it is to loose one too!
Thus on Mother's Day I have many feelings some that make me extasticly happy and some that make my heart black and blue!

Accordingly in those mixed emotions to handle my feelings I always write.And in writing I thought I would share a Mothers Day poem with you that came to me last night!
" My mother's heart is full of Iove. I thrive on my mother's kisses. God has sprinkled my mother with blessings he delights in her wishes. When I'm away from my Mother my heart aches, because her gentleness and reflections I  always miss.  

Yes my mother's life is and will always be full of wonderful memories. Yes indeed My life has been touched by her daily beautiful reminisce!

In my life my mother needs to say no words, because goodness has always been her silent  angelic intent. So even though she has gone away I am happy in my Mother's Day that there is an immortal heavenly  song with a life time of  sweet poetic  encouragement!

In that contentment found in a baby's breath I will always know my mother has and will eternally guide me directly with the Lords love, because my mothers lips are full of praises and promises sent to my ears on the wind from up above." Joslin Fitzgerald 


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