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“Good morning world how many times do you feel lost in the conversations of your day. How many times do you feel like nobody is listening to what you are saying? How many times do you feel like you are in a play surrounded by many confusing characters never knowing the ending  coming, yet knowing that the end is coming soon. 

How many times do you feel like nobody is seeing you. And how many times do you feel like nobody is appreciating you too.  

In those thoughts  you will continually appreciate these parading quotes coming from my first fictional novel called “At Circles Bend” that I am sharing because that is exactly how my leading lady Angelica is feeling too.


Accordingly on this page that I have selected from my first book, we will again find that life is being sweetly told from the wife’s perspective centering on the traumas, dramas and haunted reflective memories of my young leading lady’s time line. 

Yes in Angelica's thoughts  attached to the main characters in her life as she also meditates on “How many times” things happen the way they do, she too, like the rest of us needs answers!

Jointly as she is trying to survive her “How many times” my new actress Angelica will talk directly to you like you are her best friend, confidant or therapist. To that beginning and end to order her story click on the link below. 

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As we once more hear Angelica saying…..


“ Perceptively in those horrible thoughts of “How many times” life would hurt me, were even more incapacitating old flashbacks that constantly refueled my tiered levels of apprehension about our move from the States to Saudi Arabia! 

Yes in that fear  I jointly meditated over the ill-thought out hasty decisions we made about our directional future’s frustration path in general. So my consuming tears eventually removed me to even greater steps of agitation found in Arabia that were often harassing and accompanying everybody in my family on our travels. 

In that sentence, I often wondered how I could have felt so many good, also bad things were coming, while being so lost and yet found, then lost again. Okay really "How many times" in a crowd would I feel so abandoned and alone?


Thankfully, however in my pressing premonition circling imagination of exploration, I readily refused to condemn myself to more terror. So, in spite of all my ambiguous fragile brain states teetering in between sanity and insanity, I actually relished the stressful exciting adventures of breath and travel. 

Yes, in spite of me, I enjoyed myself in all of those wild “How many times” adventures, and in that familiar inconsistency of the words “enjoyed and how many times,” I once again forced “me, myself, and I” to Chill out.


Shrewdly I told “me, myself, and of course stupid I”, that we needed to look at the best of things in life. Knowingly I instructed me to not fear what I had not known, and to have a much stronger conviction in what I had. Consequently, I promised us I would not ( have been) or be so overcome and bowled over by the bad in other things, if I had more faith!


Yes, in my ongoing cheerleader conversations to me, trying to survive the “How many times” I realized a hero died once and a coward a million more in the same line. Sensitively in that verification with what I feared might be lurking somewhere out there in my scary shipwrecked future I felt the pain a million times over.


Therefore I decided to get though the "How many times" I needed to concentrate more on Grace and the perfect peace found on Jesus’ face while getting down on my knees in a growing faith lurking somewhere inside of me. Yes  if I wanted the pain and the Payne in my last name to stop I needed to do more praying!


Accordingly in those last lingering thoughts of “how many times” I would succumb to fear , seeing nightmares as a violation of faith’s Grace, while deep in prayer (asking forgiveness for my shortcomings and sins,) my sleep and  sweet dreams in Arabia had finally come. 

Yes in that moment I once more stopped worrying and turned it all over to the Trinity that supported me even in the pitch of the darkest sky, and uplifted me in the tentacle reach of the deepest shipwreck, found in the blackest sea.” Joslin Fitzgerald


Well that was another inspirational quote from my first novel AT CIRCLES BEND. To order it and then fill in the blanks that I am leaving out please click on  the link below that will take you to Amazon.

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 I know you will enjoy being a part of Angelica’s world, and I will enjoy seeing you all back here tomorrow."


Thank you for sharing in my thoughts and writing as we are going along our way as you are a huge part of my blogs heart today!


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Thank you also for your prayers and support that you are giving me daily. Please know that all of your sweet encouraging words and sweet emails are Uplifting my life, and my writing, as I too am praying for You while going along my Mary way.

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