Tuesday, May 20, 2014


“Good morning world. Accordingly in relocation transference, facing all kinds of devastating storms and life changing adventures in our time, we all seem to be bravely staggering through our wildernesses. To that end this struggle  includes  forging through the scalding to touch deserts found in our problems. 

Miserably most of us are even stumbling through a comparable scorching barren desert called marriage. Likewise  without a doubt love, hate, and marriage bring about many new crazy, scary, and yet intriguing personalities with us. 

In saying that this is a book sharing day when I get to give you another sneak peek into my leading lady Angelica....  a woman with angel in her name and a little bit of devil in her game. Merrily these quotes will be coming from a selection  found in my first novel called “AT CIRCLES BEND”….


In doing that (on my book sharing days) my blog is truly unique as I alone can share these quotes with you since I am the author of the book. Thus in saying that you will again be able to personally identify with my leading lady, as you hear  Angelica talking about her life and marriage saying….


“Perceptively in that thought I felt during a devastating dive into my mother’s death and the in-fortuitous time I first spent  dancing the dainty snowflakes ballet I could not believe what I had gotten myself into. Tragically however in those mental escape storms, stepping bravely out into a shaky future, the ice had already fallen on the snowy liquid white coffin of my mother, as my life ended and had begun  again. 

Yes I realized moving from the States to Saudi Arabia that I was not in Kansas, oops I meant Tennessee, with the wicked witch, oh I meant esthell my step mother, and Toto.., oops I meant my husband Conner, and baby Coby.


Yes, I meant many things in life, while I accepted fate’s trial, and as I conceptually tried to leave my counterproductive thoughts of what I meant, and what I had not meant behind, departing the sanctuary of the safe States, I had never really known what I meant! 

Sadly, with that engrossing thought and encroaching fear that statement represented, I had also not known what those things were I Had meant. 

Yes indeed I repeated that, but being clueless about what I meant, and what I was meaning deserved repeating.

 Tragically my sanity and insanity always seemed to be front and center of my hours with what I was thinking, doing, and hiding away from.And all of that need constant investigation!


So on that dismal day, after surviving a crash landing in Saudi, where the front wheel failed to descend, (and another nightmare actually had come true,) life flashed across my eyes. Yes I remembered well the flames that occurred when the broken missing metal, met the heaving cracking pavement. 

Of course I recollected exactly what that hissing terror felt like when I held Coby as we braced for the latest impact in my life while the plane hit hard into the ground. Absolutely in the thought of dying I quit breathing. 

Then thinking living might have been better I forced me to breathe again as the screams roared inside. Yes as the giant body of the plane also my Skelton had Not exploded, and neither had come to a final stop I was happy  that was not our final resting place. 

Therefore in that entrance with no exit yet, I thanked the Lord loudly on that day we were not fried alive, and in that prayer of gratefulness seeing the guiding promise in a new rainbow, I faced my future as I survived another crash in my life!” Joslin Fitzgerald


Well that was another random quote from my book, AT CIRCLES BEND. To order it and fill in the  blanks that I am leaving out click on the links below. 


And I will see you all back here again tomorrow as we find more words that will make you think, to inspire you, to give reflection, to let you know you are not alone in your storms. And to also give you a reason to pray as you go on!

Ps: I am sorry my blog has been neglected lately but I am NOW working very hard to get TWO children’s books out by Christmas. Needless to say that is very time consuming but I seem to be past most of the deadlines…. So I will be back to daily blog entries. Thank you for your emails of concern that have come from around the world checking on me….your friend 



Thank you also for sharing in my thoughts and writing as we are going along our way as you are a huge part of my blogs heart.


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