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“Good morning world. Today is Tuesday. And on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday I am deviating slightly from my other blog posts. Accordingly due to the need I have, to find the time to continue writing my other books, I am using these days to share quotes from my first novel "AT CIRCLES BEND" that I have already written.


Therefore instead of spending the normal four to five hours writing my blog I am cutting this time down considerably by simply sharing the quotes from my first novel with no commentary from me. 

Please keep in mind during these “book sharing days” I will be jumping around in the chapters, so to get the whole story please order my book right here. Yes it is available internationally in most countries.




Then on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, my blog will go back to my original inspirational thoughts. On Sunday I will give another quote from the book, but that time (unlike today) I will be offering an author insight into how that next quote, from my leading lady Angelica, links in with your life.


Absolutely I love how the soul song of my characters indomitable spirit is seen coming through the pages as the words talk directly to those reading them.

Yes I said books as I currently have three novels written, with 2 currently out of distribution. Please see my web site 




for that explanation.. No matter, however happily the slight and unforeseen distribution interruption won't be long, as my novels are coming back within the next couple of months....but I digress.


 Therefore getting back on track the main thing that I am wanting to do today is to share my writing and thoughts with you, so on “the book sharing days”  Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I will just let you use your own imagination as you discover how these books relate to you.

 But for today we will again hear my fictional character Angelica talking directly to you, just like you are her best friend…. while she is saying……


“In that way, since the day mother died, wanting, pleading, and needing her to come back to life, I felt that “if I said it, it would have been true. Then that would have been, how it would, should and could have been too.”

 Sadly, however that was not the case, and I learned in my falls fate the hard way time after time, “what was would have been.” No nothing I said or had done could change what had to happen, or what was coming, into what I wanted it to become.”


Nevertheless I constantly declined to believe that. I always refused to see the reality of destiny that circled around me. And instead I desired to perceive the pushing baby sprouts found in the flowers of my wind mill mind, brilliantly bull dozing their sleepy heads right through the white snow. 

Yes I had seen those beginnings peeking out to the blue sky, while they were cocooned into brand new breathtaking multicolored flora in front of me. Therefore in many ways I felt like those fragile buds full of life and purpose.


No, I had not viewed those blossoms dying later in the season on the vine or worse yet in an early called time eaten alive by bugs, or worse never waking up at all. Expertly in those thoughts that I liked, yet had not liked, I felt a deep sense of belonging to them, as I too urgently wanted to break through my anchored and buried grounds below.


Yet I wondered if that was possible, and also what would happen to me if I had.


Instantly I had not liked the way my flustered mind was revolving, so I once more turned from those old disturbing revolver deliberations and concentrated on the better in the day as I dreamed my fear and problems away.


Interestingly, however thinking about so many things I was not ever able to calm my mind in that U-turn time, while redirecting my mental concerns on that hour’s shower of thoughts as I was always feeling like something very good and equally bad was coming. 

So in that traditional scene, fighting those powerful premonitions, putting those scary foreshadowing’s behind me, I had many opinions and concerns.


Yet watching my baby laughing, I discovered another designated love of mine hidden deep inside the furled flowing colorful rainbow tulip walls of the country side in my mind. In those contemplations I found another way to bury all of my new painted illustrations and hallucinations.


Subsequently I continued to divulge and cherish my ultimate contentment that was locked away inside the forever rotating pictures of my mesmerized mentalities memory, as in my baby Coby (and in my first time travel) I located an appeasement to apprehension. I additionally found a circling answer to my day dreams screams as I struggled to end my disturbing returning nightmares.


The trouble was, however nightmares never ended. And in my lack of faith, peace was getting harder to find….” Joslin Fitzgerald… To be continued


Well that was fun. Yes I love sharing my writer’s heart with you. Remember to get the full story and to keep on following my fictional characters Angelica, Conner and Coby Payne please order my first book AT CIRCLES BEND here.




And come back to my blog on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for more quotes from this inspirational and very motivational adventure packed fun book. See you soon!

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